Dwight's Survival Food Plan - The Office US

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Nasim Khan : Kevin's line is so underrated hahahah

Demetrius Prince : Meredith will do okay!lol

Dhruv Bhatnagar : sometimes Jim gets so invested in pranking Dwight that he also pranks himself 😉

Nathan Chilton : Pam knew where that was going.

Derek Silk : The Office > The Big Bang Theory

Jack Roscoe : 496 months, can you imagine

saantinoo : "Your skull will be made a soup bowl"

Mr. Hardcore : I love how Pam just leaves!

Hadi Sharif : It's always about the small small things in the office. like this one, Pam smiled, kissed Jim's cheek and got up. Made my day 😊

Suplee : "11 months" , "perhaps" lmao I love Dwight

Xian : the bloopers for this are amazing. they cut out creed's line probably because they couldn't stop laughing


Euseff Yap : " Meredith will do ok "

Brian : True fans of the show know that the real office romance is between Jim and Dwight.

FunkManB : pam got hotter with age

Kevin Kimani : because of the sign that says no pounding no begging, haha jim is the best

Anthony Smith : Kevin will be eaten Pam will be taken as a slave Jim will become the warlord's jester Meredith will be ok Creed might find a way to kill the wolves and escape

Roy Orbit : The Meredith line always makes me chuckle.

The Drunken Coward : "That's a realistic timeline."

Bethany Earl : What if all this time, Dwight has been the one pranking Jim?

Aaron Jacobs : As highly rated as this show ever becomes if will forever be underrated.

William Rositzke : "Pam will be taken slave!" Wow Dwight, we didn't need to know that about you

SISKO : Meredith will do okay... hahahaha

Kittypurry : That's why he didn't survive in the quiet place coz he laughed at Dwight! Haha

Nullll1111 : 0:30 I really thought he was gonna say 'dick cheese'

weirdshibainu : Say what you will, but Dwight would do okay in a zombie apocalypse

Boxlogo Supreme : Why did they cut out creed?!?! Your skull will be made a soup bowl

Mark Ryan : Legend says Jim and Dwight are still going to this day

Igor Machado : Now I need a spinoff about a post-apocaliptic Office crew with Dwight as the lead

Akshat Mehrotra : 2046 months?

Hiv Aidz : Slave Pam doesn't sound bad at all......

Anonymous Luffy : Creed will be the war lord.

Vandelay Industries : "495 months, that's just..." This line gets me every time.

Insane Jason : Dwight was right! “A quite place(2018)”

Jumbo Cat Studios : Kevin will be eaten. Pam dragged off as slave. Jim will be a warlord’s jester. Meredith will do ok.😹😹😹

Derptrollz : I never liked Jim's attitude as a character. Everyone else had a genuine expressiveness about their emotions and feelings however Jim was always an apathetic douchebag. Truthfully he reminds me of myself.

Julian Potter Music : "Pam will be enslaved, Jim will become warlord's jester, Meredith will do ok"

SweelFor : Am I only one thinking that Meredith is totally useless to the show ? I do not understand why this character exists.

NameBigg : In a way I feel like Dwight and Jim are like Batman and Joker in Dark Knight. They need each other. And it's apparent that they can hold a conversation and keep it interesting for both of them even though it's just jim counting up the time. Both Jim and Dwight are perfectly fine with this conversation of counting lol

Deadswert34 : Dwight reminds me of Sheldon from the big bang theory

enticingmuffin : what if dwight was just messing with jim at the end. i could see that happening

sam yoo : The plot to the quiet place

BranJohn98 : How did warlords and slavery factor into this

ISHKA : Jim is spirit animal

weirdshibainu : Ever get the feeling that pam really liked Jim in real life?

悲しいFiji : 0: 38 John Krasinski is thinking about to write A Quiet Place ^_^

Peter Vasz : "pam sill be taken slave" damn dwight

WickedVick : The only asmr I listen to

tmanepic : 495 months, so the apocalypse may happen when Dwight is around 80.

Aury Naranjo : "meredith will do ok"