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Music video for the Guy Pearce’s debut single, “Storm”, directed by Melbourne-based filmmaker Michael Shanks (LateNite Films). “The clip is a rather literal interpretation of the Storm motif,” says Shanks. “From gale force winds to lurid multi-coloured lightning, it follows Guy on a private exodus; traversing a swelling storm of surreal destruction.” Says Guy, “After meeting Michael Shanks in 2013 and seeing the videos he’d directed for his own songs, “Towards The Sun” and “On The Borderline” (under the moniker, Roadgeek), I knew he’d bring a fascinating perspective to my songs visually. After many discussions, we decided ‘Storm’ would be a good place to start. Michael’s use of visual effects is highly compelling and just what I wanted to magnify the melodrama of the song’s core theme. He’s a natural filmmaker with a unique style. The shoot was quite the task, particularly as we built the set ourselves, but we got it all done in a day, thanks to our hardworking production designers, Rennie and Elissa and all the crew. I love this clip!” Producer Nicholas Colla says, “The clip came about after a discussion between Michael (director) and Guy whilst over in Cannes for The Rover. With only a small window to be able to shoot before Guy had to head back off to the states for a film commitment, the production team in Melbourne had seven days to throw the clip together. It was all hands on deck with Guy helping build the set with our Production Designers Rennie Watson and Elissa Hullah. The most difficult thing about the clip was working out (in a very short space of time) how to create all of the elements of a storm inside a studio. It was a long and epic task but the production crew and Guy were amazing in all pitching in to get the clip over the line.” CREDITS (Full list here: ) - PERFORMER - Guy Pearce - DIRECTOR - Michael Shanks - PRODUCER - Nicholas Colla - CO-PRODUCER - Lucy Hayes - POST PRODUCER - Chris Hocking - 1ST AD - Daniel Daperis - PRODUCTION DESIGN - Rennie Watson & Elissa Hullah - WARDROBE & MAKE-UP - Gursel Ali - DOP - Ed Goldner - PHANTOM OPERATOR - James MacGregor


Mike Cowap : Holy crap - this is really good! Music & video!

Dean McThinberg : Love this song!!! Guy Pearce is really talented!

Rebecca Gray : What can't this guy do? Smart, sexy and talented. Keep up the good work.

Johnya : I love this. Can't wait for the album. Guy Pearce is obviously multi-talented.

Александр Скрид : Потрясающая композиция) От безумно талантливого человека) Мистер Пирс не забывайте про кинематограф пожалуйста)

J. Agudelo : I like it. It's nice to see an actor actually put something out that plays well and doesn't sound like some version of what a musician "would" do. He is confirming how cool he is once again.

Junkhead in purpleland : He has a grunge voice between Chris Cornell and Bonjovi ! I love him so much,but now more :)))

Nina : If you heard that loud 'BOOM', it was my ovaries exploding!

TJ McKnight : Got me to purchase the song off Amazon, great videos as always =)

Pat Cassar : Already listened to this 3 times today. Been a while since I've heard a song that makes me come back, The video clip does help.

Kelda Kellie : you can run but can't hide from yourself but where have you been hiding your this musical talent all these years GUY PEARCE. :)

nichoyeah : this video reminds me of a dream I had once. I used to live with my aunt and uncle in a huge villa on the side of a hill close to the sea. In my dream the tides suddenly arose and flooded the basement of the house (which is where my room was). Kind of makes me nostalgic to watch this video now, because I had that dream many years ago, and I had completely forgotten it, until now.

thelonious monk : i didn't think it was possible to like him more. so glad he decided to release his music and the cinematography in vids is brilliant.

55batmanandjoker : i had no idea makes music too, just rewatched memento and then thought ,why not watch some Interviews of him on youtube and then i found this 🙉

Evolve XNS : Top stuff Mr Pearce... Great song

Giuli Bowie : This is amazing. you're my favorite artist forever <3

GidySound : 2 awesome guys in one, it rocks ! Great job ! Now I'm Ravenous of mooooooore songs ;)

Steven Levine : Sounds much like Grizzly Bear

55batmanandjoker : but defenently an interesting guy ,great actor had symphatie for him eversince i saw him in " the timemachine" as a kid


Lana S. : Wow, had no idea Guy Pearce can sing. Beautiful song!

kuiam1 : the track and video are just amazing...... #aussietalent

sean hughes : Great song you are the next wolverine

marg clark : Love your song and awesome video clip :) Can't wait to hear the full album :)

Bekahh : I love his voice who knew ..but always knew he was cool! Video is awesomely made

Roberto contreras : Wow, he´s one of my favorite actors, and now he´s singing very well. Great actor, great musician. What else, dear Guy Pearce?

H3kler : Dig it.

Tuberculosis : Holy shit,,,,,,, never knew he sang

cannedhuntssuck : Excellent!!!! I can hardly wait for the album to be released.

Hannah Schneider : Great clip, great song!

Angel Rice : This is my new favorite obsession! Loving Guy Pearce's music, and this song in particular.

natastephanie1 : amazing! <3 great song, awesome video

StyxNyx1 : Awesome!! 💜💜

titmusspaultpaul5 : Wow.... love it

Ray Matthews : awesome!

Wendy Brown : initial bass sound is very Mick Karn (sadly departed). interesting sound.

Some One : A really fascinating video. I like the song too.

Luix Ferx : ¡Mi actor favorito, ahora con un disco, GRANDIOSO!

Diamond Dale : the blokes talented... wheres Jason!!

YB Ch : love it!! people should know Guy's music talent!

Damian Sliwinski : Couldn't get any better than this. What a song, what a video.

cannedhuntssuck : My copy of Broken Bones arrived in today's post.  I am so excited to listen to all of the tracks. :)

CHAES HOUSE Film : i love guy pearce


Mylar : That was brilliant!

TheRubberStudiosASMR : Amazing, I didn't know Guy Pearce did music too. Beautiful- I'm seeing him perform at the art gallery of wa. should be a great setting to see live music in.

Myr Juhl : Beautiful vocal harmonies in the background.

Sarah Gould : Love this funky ditty, and the clips cool too...…….

tehpwningdude : Film clip and song go great together. Bangin' video, good to see Shanks getting to put his talent on display with such a big name