Full-face snorkel masks raise safety concerns

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Robb's Homemade Life : This was designed for snorkeling on top of the water, not for diving. It is difficult to submerge as there is so much air in the mask. Second, it is not designed for vigorous activity. For people who stay on top and do not exert themselves too much it works fine.

Spintechfilms : Arent you suppose to snorkle like... right near the surface of the water?

im_ugly_ass_bleep : ( 3:32 ) Reporter:have you tried one of these. Life guard:yes. Reporter:what do you think about them. Life guard:no comment You know the life guard likes it

Rickyfyied : It makes you winded when you breathe out of it but you have to practice using it before going out.

Razorboss : Just fix it with flex tape

Sea Lemon : I rented this type of mask on my last trip to Hawaii and I can say that it doesn't allow as much air flow as a typical snorkel setup. People that loved it seemed to only be snorkeling for quick spans of time, but when I used it for about 1/2 hour I felt nasious from lack of oxygen. Sure it's easier to put on, but I'd rather breathe so I'll never use the full face snorkel mask again.

M_Meg : This is made for snorkelling not diving! It can not take the pressure

Carlos Alejandro Alvarenga : Just buy goggles and hold your breath.....it's that simple

Qufox : Instead of bashing the face mask, why not improve upon it

Charles Bareng : Who dives using a snorkel!? Thats supposed to be used for shallow waters!

Simon Hayter : Sadly she broke rule number 1. Never swim, dive or snorkel on your own.

Demon50 : It looks ridiculous.... I would hate to die with one of those on, it would be a really silly looking death.

Berkcam : These full-face snorkel masks work very well for what they should be limited to - slow, relaxed surface snorkelling. If you wish to perform breath-hold dives then you are best to use a regular mask and snorkel. Here's some of the issues for and against on these items; * If you do a duck-dive and submerge then the water pressure on the mask will increase and it will become tighter on your face. With a regular mask this pressure is relieved by letting some air into the mask from your nose, however, this isn't possible with these FF masks as any air expelled into them while underwater simply goes straight up and out of the snorkel. The fact that you cannot equalise the masks pressure will limit your diver to 2.5 to 3 meters as it will be too uncomfortable to go much deeper. * Technically there is a potential for more CO2 in the mask than with a regular snorkel. But in reality there will be little difference if you do not over-exert yourself. I have tried to cause CO2 built in the mask and can achieve this but it requires a lot of physical work and heavy, fast swimming, so don't worry about CO2 - its not an issue. Even with a regular snorkel tube you have 'dead space' where some of the air you expelled is drawn back into your lungs with the next breath. This even happens in normal breathing as your wind-pipe from lungs to your nose/mouth can never be cleared of 'used' air no matter how hard you exhale. * Don't fit the mask too tight out of the water, it only needs to be a snug fit as once your face hits the water the increasing pressure will push the mask tighter (as in point 1 above). I have one of these masks and use it almost every day in the pool for swim training and exercise and I like it. If you get one then start in the pool and find out what you can and can't do in one before taking to the sea... and you'll have fun.

Fluff Muffin Games : The mask is NOT for diving. Even the company says that.

Brad R : I could make a sweet bong out of that

Vincent Verschuren : the thing is perfectly safe. Just don't go underwater with it, dive with it. It can cause a vacuum. And yes..we are still not fish we cannot breathe underwater.

Alex Matsumoto : As a dive expert I instantly saw several flaws with this mask as soon as i heard of it. 1. It hugely increases dead space. The amount of gas exchange is decreased due to increased volume in air passage. Less fresh air per breath 2. It prevents ear equalization 3. It is difficult to remove in an emergency in case of flooding I strongly recommended to my friends who ask me about the mask not to use it.

Svenn Dhert : Yes, the straps make it a bit more difficult to remove from your head, and if other factors (age, inexperience, ...) also are involved it could be more dangerous, as with normal snorkeling, if you panic you will open your mouth to suck in air and lose the tuba. Here this is not the case, but CO2 buildup, I don't think so, unless you hyperventilate, at which point ask yourself why you are even in the water at all.

DIY MAN : What if she just had a heart attack. You can't just simply blame the mask stupid American fake news

ther1rida ther1rida : BAN ASSAULT SNORKELS

David Sherbert : this is what happens when GOVT agencies like OSHA doesn't do it's job and inspect/ regulate/ terminate unsafe products. Personally, I've snorkel the 7 seas in my 23 year career. I once snorkeled around the entire Grande Island, Philippines. using what might be considered to some as antigue equipment.....why "fix it" if it ain't broke.?

onee : Typical fear mongering news.

Kayla Cork : *StIcK A StrAw In YoUr MoUth*

Ryan Taylor : Major Hippie street cred for the Handle Bar Eyebrows, sorry about the wife Dude.

TheHighHorse : If it aint broke dont fix it. Ill stick to the original snorkels.

Marviello Maximillian : *I B L A M E T H E W A T E R*

Jin Sato : What's wrong with regular masks and snorkels? The traditional gear is a lot cheaper than these fancy and bulky masks, and it works great both for snorkeling and diving.

RisenNation : Fake story. Those concerns are there with regular mask more so. The new full face mask is so much easier to breath and put on and off.

kyliemou : I've used these plenty of times and never had any issues, and I was an inexperienced snorkeler. This is for snorkeling, not diving.

Deon Van der Westhuizen : Maybe we should remove all warning labels on everything. I am sure smart people will sort things out.

justfly2525 : I loved my full face mask. CO2 build up is total BS. Its design is incredibly thoughtful. Air flow is superior to regular snorkel. When you dip your head under the water line it prevents you from breathing in water. The only bad thing I can say about these masks is that sometimes the mechanism that keeps water out sticks. At first it makes you panic, but you quickly get used to it. Pulling the mask off is always a quick easy fix. I'm sorry that this man lost his wife but unfortunately he's jumping to conclusions about how his wife died.

r a l i ' i x a v i e r o : Free diving is a lot more fun you guys

Alex 0474 : Whoah! I finnaly found a snorkel review by Putin!

Bray : It's even says don't go underwater,these are the results.

Honky Tonk : lol not smart enough to take the mask off.

peachh : I almost used one of these... I was at aulani and you can snorkel, they have them for full on snorkeling. I used just the normal ones for snorkeling, and I’m so happy

ZantaShock : The Problem is that it is a Design which is also used in German Firefighter Masks. But Firefighters are trained to breath slow and heavy because if you breathe lightly, like most women and some men do, the air out of the lungs is not out of the snorkle so they breath the air again and again. After three breaths they will get unconcious. It is called the anatomical dead room which almost doubles with masks like these.

creepypasta girl 35 : If u get water in it and ur drowning ur so shocked and scared u can't get it of..... lol my theory haven't watched vid yet who else doses this....? Edit:OMG I GOT IT RIGHT YAY

PolarisShadow : The thumbnail looks like she's wearing a pink tennis racket 😂

Grackle FPV : Ok you don’t need to go to Hawaii to use a mask in the water....

Dboukam : wtf is hanna lolo !! toto fofo kiki nono

The Random Waffle : I have one of these, and when I used it in the water for the first time, it did not help me at all. I'm not a very good swimmer, but I remember pulling it off and gasping for air when I got out of the water.

Cake Walk 315 : Thats what you get when you buy from a company named head

Inventing Eagle : I actually had to make a decision between a Snorkel that you can dive with or one of those masks. Happy to took the right one.

Abigail Bickerdike : I saw these on Zanzibar and I thought I wanted one but they are like 10 dollars per mask for an hour!!

JT G : why the life gaurd like no comment on the mask

Willham : Sadly for me I’m too afraid to use a full face mask but I gag using the mouth guard type kind

Megan Sanders : I see the place where I stayed a few weeks ago while that guy said good morning

Coffee Bagel : I’m watching this video, and to the right I see an ad for a snorkel mask. Wow.

prankstergangster 14 : I feel so sorry for your wife :(