Full-face snorkel masks raise safety concerns

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Robb's Homemade Life : This was designed for snorkeling on top of the water, not for diving. It is difficult to submerge as there is so much air in the mask. Second, it is not designed for vigorous activity. For people who stay on top and do not exert themselves too much it works fine.

Steven Larratt : I do free diving and snorkel regularly, with a nomal snorkel i dont get any co2 fatigue, i tried one of these in a recent event and after 2 minutes my respiration and heart rate had increased at rest...

Thomas Luna : I have one that I bought off Amazon. It works well, but sometimes it clogs when I breathe in. Apparently, you're supposed to breathe out if it gets stuck. If someone panics, then they could be in trouble.

Rob Ki : My assumption it is more inexperienced and scared snorkelers are using these masks because it makes them feel safer leading to more inexperienced and scared snorkelers getting into the water. It’s most likely not the mask but overconfidence of skill level.

MRTN13 : I tried this device with my wife and we ended up with 22 children. Not safe at all, I do not recommend

Bacon Brad : I use these as bondage gear. Never had a problem even when master is choking me out.

Simon Hayter : Sadly she broke rule number 1. Never swim, dive or snorkel on your own.

Sea Lemon : I rented this type of mask on my last trip to Hawaii and I can say that it doesn't allow as much air flow as a typical snorkel setup. People that loved it seemed to only be snorkeling for quick spans of time, but when I used it for about 1/2 hour I felt nasious from lack of oxygen. Sure it's easier to put on, but I'd rather breathe so I'll never use the full face snorkel mask again.

Lillian : I wear one all of the time when I do laps in my gym's pool. If they saw this video, they'd probably ban it. I use it for hours. The only reason I limited my use of it is because after a while it feels heavy. Otherwise, I love mine.

Vegaspsycho : Why not just make them expel the used air into the water with a valve?

Unknown Blogger : Huh, I've never had any problem with mine.

zongivila : So technically a granny died after diving on her own and now the snorkel is to blame?

Steven Bulfer : None of this showed real evidence for this snorkel causing issues.

I Wear A Fez Now : its cause these people dont know how to use a snorkel, if they dont know the proper technique they WILL get co2 buildup no matter what

kevinsoffice : This news reporting sounds bias to me. In the beginning they say there has been 10 deaths since January, however only 4 of those deaths are related to full face mask. Sounds like snorkelers die and *sometimes* they happen to be wearing one of those full face mask.

ther1rida ther1rida : BAN ASSAULT SNORKELS

Shop Picks : If it is faulty, it is probably best to sue

heh lawf : if you cant function a normal snorkel, you shouldnt be snorkeling

Apex Predator : Never had issue on my full face snorkel.

agent481989 : 1:50 good thorough reporting "some say the experts say" lol

slabby rider : I totally back this. My wife and I used one last year. Initially I found it worked fine and my wife had no issues either. However the second day I used it I was really struggling to breath. Withing a few minutes I was finding it hard to breath and had to remove it to gasp for air. A percentage of air remains in n the small pocket your nose and mouth sit it and the mask doesn't expell all air. This is enhanced when holding your breath to dive down which these masks are really just surface masks. When you start to breath when you resurface you breath harder thus causing you to pant harder and possibly hyperventilating

Robb403 : I don't think the mask failed to do what it was designed to in most cases. The problem is the user. Like any other snorkeling equipment, the user has to know how to use it safely. There is a valve to keep water out that closes when you dive. But, mask acts like a small compartment where you can still inhale and exhale. So, people aren't paying attention to the CO2 build up and get confused and lose consciousness after stay under to long The other problem is the full face mask makes snorkeling far easier and more comfortable and so many amateurs who don't know the slightest thing about how to dive are using them and staying down to long. Someone needs to develop a mask with a CO2 alarm and maybe a flotation bag that inflates and forces people to ascend to the surface when the CO2 level in the mask gets to high or the user stays under to long. But, it's hard to fix stupid. So, there will always be those people.

Tango Plays : Why are they talking to all the old unfit people haha snorkeling is a physical hobby

John Doe : I added the full face mask to my Amazon shopping cart and after 10min of browsing I felt lightheaded and dizzy like I was going to pass out. I immediately removed the full face mask from my shopping cart and instantly felt better. Thanks for the warning & advice.

Ivee Abrera : I've tried the mask, and personally i felt more uncomfortable using it than the traditional one. I once tried diving using it reaching a 12ft bottom and i felt dizzy, my eyes felt like popping out of its socket. Maybe it was just me but everytime i pull it off my face, i felt a suction. I guess, i'm more cautious 'cause after i felt all those i stopped using the fullface mask, never took the risk of using it again. i'm an avid fan of snorkeling, and i highly say there's not much difference using a traditional one.

Gilberto Domingo : The whole video is based on the testimony of an "opinion" of a person who wasn't even there at the time of the event...wao, how poorly investigated is this report. Too bad for the widower, but he is byas and have no fundaments more than his opinion.

Qufox : Instead of bashing the face mask, why not improve upon it

TheHumanNacho : The problem here, obviously, is that the mask has a relatively large volume of air in it. If you breathe shallowly, you will mostly be rebreathing rather than actually taking in fresh air. Of course, anybody with a milligram of logic can understand that, but never expect Yanks to be that logical. Hard to think that these people are the descendants of the same people who once put a man on the Moon...

Tom Ashton : Snorkle Bob is behind trying to get these banned because he sells traditional snorkle masks, he is biased and of course he is going to say they are dangerous! Scare tactics that apparently seem to be effective to tourists!

NightclubPegasus : Holy, this mask is so dumb. It's imposable to clear it when needed. In scuba diving, we use snorkels along with our air tanks just so we can look below the surface without waisting air to get a good look before we descend. Sometimes the waves go overhead and we need to clear our snorkel and we can do so with a swift exhale or just opening our mouth to let it go and drip. Some even come with one way valves, they're pretty cool. These masks however, you get water in the top from an overhead wave, and you're wearing a personal drowning device that is strapped around your entire head, and you have no way to clear it in case of emergency because you have a large chamber on your face, not a one way tube that can actually use air pressure to be cleared. These masks make a simple procedure into an emergency, how stupid!

Tad Ka : The title says "snorkel mask safety" but why am I watching an old man talk about his wife?

Texray1 : I love mine. I bought a more expensive one from the company that invented them. No issues whatsoever. But just to be safe, every 15 or 20 minutes I'll break the seal for a few seconds and take some deep fresh breaths.

Jon Kentucky : 4 out 10 and it's the problem ? or swimming alone........you can't get good info, guy said wife was a good swimmer, but looking at body shape, she wasn't in top peak condition and a cramp could have killed her. It's an elastic band, if you can't pull that off, you shouldn't be in the water.

Daniel Terestenyi : Brought to you by CBS sponsors that are in competition with full face snorkel masks.

Darius Villa : As someone who is interested in snorkeling, this kinda surprises me. These full face masks are supposed to allow easy breathing. But I'm not too surprised because they are cheaply made models out there, particularly those made in China. I like the idea of being able to breathe underwater like I do on land. But the other issue is, you can't freedive with those masks because you can't equalize with them. One brand of the full face snorkel mask that I know, is the Triboroid Easybreathe mask. That's also the first full face snorkel mask I have ever heard of. Triboroid is known for making genuine designs, so the Triboroid and the Ninja H2O, another carefully designed mask, are the only full face masks Ill trust, though they're expensive. I still like the traditional mask and snorkel because I like freediving.

siberwolf33 : Sounds like irresponsible journalism to me. All speculation and few facts

Ian Hay : Oh, my, I'm terribly frightened and I want to sue. I'm afraid I don't own one of these, but I can buy one. Is there a class action lawsuit I can join?

Zelada212 : I feel sad for this guy

onee : Typical fear mongering news.

Justin Smith : I bought one of these for my son who was 5 at the time and LOVES swimming under water. The first time he used it, dove down under and came up totally freaking out. (If he were in open water, I could see how that could lead to trouble.) He never used it again. I love to snorkel and free dive so, curious, I tried it. It was fine until I dove under. The problem I found was the pressure was so great against your face underwater that even diving at 5 ft was extremely uncomfortable and claustrophobic. I wouldn’t recommend this design for those who like to dive under the surface.

Joe Bolling : We’ve used our full-faced masks on our snorkeling trips for several years now, never a problem.

Henry Echemendia : I have one of these in black and red and i took it to the pool once. My mother was using it (my face is too small for it) and i saw her struggling to take it off. I swam across the pool and saw that it had filled with water (once it fills with water the pressure wont let you take it off). I eventually took it off struggling and she had fainted. I saved her life that day and i hope that i never have to save anyones life again.

Charles Bareng : Who dives using a snorkel!? Thats supposed to be used for shallow waters!

Shotaru jin : fake news

MLG Jordan : Just wear a normal mask, that way you can equalize.

TheOneOfCrows : I been snorkelling for years... This is best mask i did ever had... If u r panicking than well not a mask design fault... She as a amateur shouldn't go there by herself... And that carbon dioxide is crap... Its even better than classic snorkell that have a pipe that feel up with water every time u dive a bit... thats more dangerous... to breathe in water from pipe...

hothmandon : How the h*** does carbon dioxide build-up inside this mask? Every time you breathe out your breathing all the carbon dioxide And and hail fresh oxygen.

whynottalklikeapirat : As a dive instructor I have always felt like these masks had a bad potential for many reasons ...

Courdney Bell : Wow I literally won one of these from Amazon last year for one of their little giveaways... haven't used it yet.. man.. scary.

MLG TURTLE : She bought it off Amazon... Oh that's what I was wondering.