Skyrim: The Dragonborn Comes - Female Cover by Malukah
The Dragonborn Comes Cover by Malukah

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If the Skyrim theme already gave you chills, wait until you hear this live cover of the music from the game by the talented fan Malukah. Try not to get too lost in her beautiful voice: there are dragons that need slaying! Special thanks to Malukah for the video. Check out her channel here! Be sure to visit Malukah's various websites to see more of her work: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:


Devanshi Handa : I used to be a singer like you.. then I took an arrow in the knee.

Hoàng Nguyên : Bethesda should recruit her for making Elder Scroll 6

Jtalatorre 89 : 5.2K milk drinkers disliked this video

Kaan Dogan : One handed increased to 70.. One handed increased to 71.. One handed increased to 72.. One handed increased to 73..

Ali K. : Perfect woman doesn't exi- ...

FliddyFace : Why can't Lydia sing like this?

Pigeon : I cried when Skyrim was announced. I cried when TES 6 was announced. It took 7 years, but it comes full circle

GrimGamer Official : Her voice has the power of the ancient nord arts!

Dr. Virus 129 : Better than the whole Bards' College.

💎Nazariy.RICH💎 : Oh...2011...I'm so old.

Victorprvt : The Elder Scrolls 6 is confirmed

Keltic Nord : Anyone in 2018 remembering the first days of skyrim?

SonsOfLothar : I got nerd chills at the end.,

Xcho : Who automatically wanted to play skyrim after watching this

Snow : This makes my vodka turn into skooma

Nastia Rizik : I am watching thise masterpiece in 2019

Canal Pimba : Qualé pessoal kd os BR?

Ashwathram Shetty : I think this lady graduated from Bards College

Gökhan Ö : Damn... I had commented 6 years ago. Time flies 😭

Adam Szakal : Skyrim never die! Long life to You my Malukah!

Guardian_7714 : After eight years this is still the best cover made on Skyrim, compared to everything that is available on the net !!!!

dev iyer : She must be a graduate of the Bards College.

Roberto Riquelme : Who hears in 2018 ❤️

Олег Подмосковный : I am from the future. Hallo from Russia-20!9

Emirhan ÇİRMENCİK : My budgerigar listened to this now it is a dragon.

Devil Kookie : I’m playing this for my future wedding 😂

Vargo3033 Dan : 2k18. Still no better skyrim voice at this planet. Greetings from Kharkov.

REDCOW34 : Me and my cat listened to this... My cat is now addicted to skooma and moon sugar.

Marcia Valentim : Vc canta muitoooooo eu assisti isto 40 vezes juro só em. 2019 :]

Vlad Podruchnui : It's 2019 already but I'm still here. Who else?)

It’s Nate : The Memories 😢 2018 💥

Rixius Shade : I miss everything about TESV

Victor Appelqvist : Gooosebumps <3. What an epic game, songs, lore... @Malukah, you are so great <3


My name is Shrek, What's your name? : by ysmir, even the great Ysgramor would've shed a tear with proud and conquer the whole tamriel after hearing this beauty.

Piotr : 1500 hours of playing Skyrim and still I want more!

Areeb : Its 2018, im still watching fam. Skyrim wont die Skyrim is Forever

AmaxD Edgeman : Skyrim and Witcher 3 undoubtedly the best games I've ever played and experienced

Gimli Le Nain : The best voice and the best game of the world !

Michelle : I love this, and goodness, you are so beautiful. I love your smile!

Martha Cain : How long have we known us~ ask the stars my lost love~ but do not cry

solidsnakeisme : The dislikes are the surviving Miraak cultists.

Tunga D : When I leave my controller and get the pillow as a shield and the butter knife as my sword then swing it around the air and try to be in the game as much as I can. I sleep then I really am awoken in the real skyrim. Damnn it was only a dream starting to see a psychiatrist about it can't get over this game so I popped some valume and still playing skyrim for the past 14 hours

Hunter Calhoun : Well done, she did great job on the song.

Madruguinha : Salve para Brazil ;)

BerZerK : Listening 01.01.2019, 00:00 (CET) SKYRIM should be knighted by the UNESCO as world heritage. Happy new year!

TY279545 : I used to sing like her, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

4L Le gamer : it's really too beautiful, every time I listen to it I'm crying

Blake Stogdill : Comin' at you from 2019, still in love with this!!