Flat Earths Worst Argument Yet!!
Dissecting a bizarre Flat Earthers video

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Welcome to another Episode of Flat Earth Friday, where today we are looking at Orphan Red's wild accusation that NASA don't actually take any photos of anything!! Her reasoning is quite something... This video was voted for by my patrons. If you'd like to get involved with that the link is here: https://www.patreon.com/scimandan Here is Oprnan Red's original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3j1Eu0Qje0&t=717s If you'd like to see some more photos I thoroughly recommend Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA. Some beautiful images here: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html Disclaimer: This video is for critique purposes only and does not serve to personally attack the video creator. All clips used are done so under fair use.


David Underhill : when she looks into a mirror, there is no conscious observer

Alexander Kerr : DAMN! All those security cameras people installed are useless unless we sit and monitor them 24/7 😯

Marcus Green : I just got DUMBER by watching this, but no one saw me so I guess it didn't happen?!?!??!!!

MrChrisnrali : First, someone take the camera away from this person. second and most important, sterilize this woman, stat! This world cannot afford more of her genes wandering around unsupervised.

djaxup : @15:05 his face. This made me laugh so hard. That's exactly how I looked the entire time when she was rambling. 😂😂😂

Klaus Arkakin : you should've just let her talk, no commentary or anything, it's self-destructing enough

Phineas The Great : My father is retired USAF and he’s been the navigator in a plane that could go to 70k feet...it had cameras. I actually have a photo of my dad in that plane at that altitude. So I asked him one time if he could see the curve of the earth. He said yes he could and he could also the blackness of space. But according to flat earthers...he’s lying to me. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Diego2112Gaming : I can debunk this without even going into science. Game Trail Camera. No observer, yet hunters can see images of deer. Idiot.

eddievision : If I stop watching her video does she cease to exist?.....I hope so!🤣

TerraHv1 : My head hurt so much trying to figure out what the hell she was trying to say that I literally, not figuratively, got a bloody nose. Her mind is a bowl of mush.

Boson D ́ Higgs : Wow man !! I dont't know wether to laught or cry... I mean ...C'MON !!!!

Patrik Dahlström : That explains the flat earth model. The picture you are seeing depends on your intelligence.

job done : I can't help but laugh when i hear flat earthers mention the Van Allen radiation belt . The hypocrisy is too much .

Austin Pickett : By her logic, security cameras would not record overnight without someone watching. WTF

NooB Garage : Every time she talks I hear the Benny Hill theme song.

Andrew Jones : And I'm sorry I DID witness Orphan Red's "logic" in her video. I will have problems sleeping tonight because I will be snickering to myself at least until 2 AM. 🤣

Clint Howell : I personally can't wait to hear Orphan Red's TEDX talk on the subject!

albbeaner0316 : I'm sorry, I love your channel, and what you do. But I couldn't finish this vid...I was losing too many IQ points.

Soundly : Let me paraphrase. "I don't understand quantum mechanics, therefore the Earth is flat"... brilliant

Christian Herzog : In all of her video descriptions, it's listed as comedy. If that's the case, she is a very dedicated comedian that is devoid of comedy. Not a great business model I would say.

Nathan Sederholm : I think she's delusional for real. Why does she talk like that? I think she debunks flat earth with that argument too.

1DaTJo : SciManDan - the look on your face when she said that the consciousness went back in time is priceless.

Максим Хеймиц : Haaaaa! 😆 The only thing: what does it have to do with the flat earth?

Brittney Heatherington : Something about her makes me incredibly angry. She’s irritating. ......I want to feed her to fire ants.

Jeffrey Dovel : I'm a paid by NASA we are not lying to you ;)

Gnasher : It’s like trying to watch an ice skater skate uphill. You want to tell her to stop but the hole she’s digging just gets deeper and deeper 🤣🤣🤣

patkawasaki : This might be a defence used by a pervert who leaves a camera in a changing room or toilet. "Those images....."

TheSwiftFalcon : Well...I could point out how she could very easily test her argument by putting a camera with a timer in a room devoid of other conscious life, leaving it, and returning another day to see if the pictures produced contain real images or not. However, since this is the funniest application of quantum physics I have seen, I'm just going to run with it, and claim that the Cassini images are definitive proof that there is conscious life on Saturn.

doobiescoo1 : She has got to be trolling us,...seriously,...is she really like this?

John Dunn : In another universe, her description is perfectly correct. However, in this universe and the fact that so many of us are observing her, her wave function has collapsed to such a degree that although we know where she is, we haven't a clue where she is going!

djblack1204 : My IQ just dropped 60% just by listening to her!

John Neal : I simply cannot believe her video... it is appalling anyone listens to someone like her. "The magnetic fields coupled with a flux capacitor obviousely counteracts the neural network of passive semiconductors. This fact alone breaks the sound barrier and permutates the ionic frequency of photons. So, as you can see, NASA is not telling the truth." Hows my go at saying big words to try and debunk the images? More believable than her I'd say.

Sam Bishara : Wasn't even a debunking. Her video debunked itself.

eXSe Gaming : Well then, next mission NASA/ESA does, we should strap her on to the vehicle and voilá, problem solved.

Ryuji Takayama : "And that fact... of obesrvation... by NASA president... goes back in time..." -watafak mazafaka? #Rofling-#Chocking-#Dying

Songs for Hymn : I always hated Science in school and cut class as often as possible, but watching this program I find it actually pretty enjoyable and quite entertaining, I am now subscribed..... Well done SciManDan!!

Arthur van den Bergh : That’s the most stupid intrepetation of quantum mechanics I’ve ever heard 😂

Bullwinkle : When most of us were kids, we thought if we covered our eyes nobody could see us. I think she is still there.

Belvedere Bailey : She may have been more convincing with less clothes on. Hmmmmm.

8lack0racl3 : I can't take no more of this being! Sound's like she has no knowledge whatsoever! 🤣🤣😂😂😆😆 Whoever taught this woman, I feel sorry for you! She looks like something out of a kiddies TV programme, I am assuming she is dressed up for the camera! 😆😆😆

Mike UK 1970 : her video is listed correctly under 'comedy' lol, what a crackpot

אור סוויסה : Excitement for the lady: Take your camera to an empty room, put it on timer mode, get out of the room and see if it take a picture without a conscious being or not.

Recon.777 : I don't believe this woman is real. All I see are pixels derived from data. Prove me wrong.

Ali Akbar : say "photon probability distribution wave" one more time...lmfao i have a headache now.

Blu3 D3viL : Its just genious. Obvious truth. NASA changes the past whenever they wish to. And also u cannot take s picture If Ur not looking at your screen.

Hope Dondiog : The topic has gone from an image to quantum theory (Pure stupidity at play)

Jason Baker : Then how do security cameras capture images overnight when no one is observing objects, consciously? Or a wildlife camera?

Shrerd_Inc : It's extremely painful to watch her speak.

buffsheeri : your look at 15:05 priceless....