Flat Earths Worst Argument Yet!!

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Jae Johnson : everything "sci"man dan says is understood by all.. but what he doesnt know is that the probability that all humanity knows is a lie.. is 100%.. go on Dan you paid idiot. idiotit to the enth degree.. and 20% of his followers

TheBurritoLord : By her logic, everytime she blinked her video should be black

Vilela One : So... Security cams cannot work. There's no conscious observer while the image is being recorded so it records only interference patterns. Sounds about right.

MarcusT : I despise you, SciManDan. I would never have known about people like this . Youtube never gave me recommendations for people like this. Now, I am aware of total idiots on my planet and want to castrate them all

Sam bo : That may have been the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

Theblade64 : I lost brain cells watching her...

MetalCanyon : Joke's on her. What she didn't know is that NASA was one step ahead of her and put a small hamster with a few months' worth of salad in the probe so the interference patterns could be properly chewed up and vomited onto the interplanetary sensor and create the high-speed plasma shield image that had not, in fact, required an artistically-inclined digital NASA scientist to actually make a quantum image... that goes backwards in times with collapsed photons that orbit the image's interference light patterns... What... the... actual... flying... spaghetti... monster... did I just watch... That was genuinely amazing. I was intrigued at her weird explanations at first, and even more so on edge at the big cliffhanger she refused to explain for the longest time, but then it just went into a whole different dimension. I want to see the whole thing. I NEED to see where these interference patterns are going to go. An alternate reality? A higher plane of existence? The bin? Yeah... That last one. That said, this HAS to be an act. A parody. It HAS to be. Dan, I love your videos. They're very entertaining.

jakobm1000 : I want to hit her with a Quantum Mechanics book.

thunderbird002 : I figured her out, she has Trump's speech writer making her videos

Sera-Marie Capaldi : I think she has spent more time on her hair and make up for this video than she has studying anything scientific. And what is with her cadence and intonation, maybe she comes from the bit of America where all the Disney princesses were 'discovered'. Very creepy. Talk like an adult!

USERNAMEfieldempty : Come on..... she's trolling.

TheSwiftFalcon : Well...I could point out how she could very easily test her argument by putting a camera with a timer in a room devoid of other conscious life, leaving it, and returning another day to see if the pictures produced contain real images or not. However, since this is the funniest application of quantum physics I have seen, I'm just going to run with it, and claim that the Cassini images are definitive proof that there is conscious life on Saturn.

Adam Laning : She is so stupid, it makes my brain hurt.

Quasar TG : you'd think theyd learn when shown a couple centuries worth of research

Strategic Thinker : I'm convinced that woman is doing performance theater.

Frederik Steinmetz : What I think she is like tryan' to saay is: When I want to take a picture of a bowl of fruit, set the camera on a timer, leave the room and come back, the image formed either because dust mites were watching or the banana became self-aware. I actually enjoyed watching her eyes dart when she tried to say big words.

T.C. K : Dan, this girl is certified insane. Known about her for A while. Professor Stick did a video on her. Love you man. Cheers from America.

Thesurvivorproject I : Atleast she did her research she just didn't understand it

Miguel Suarez-solis : Why do so many flat Earthers seem so idiotic when they talk... Oh right

Pitus Pete : Well, I tried to find anyone in the comments who might say that she is onto something, almost right actually ... haven't found any such comment ... So, let me say this - she may be actually right about the process of taking photos and how this process works - the only thing she's missing is that in the end, there IS a conscious observer looking at these photos, otherwise the point is mute and who cares if the photo is a bunch of interference patterns. She's most likely referring to the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment from 1999 which was/is considered a paradox where the information must travel back in time in order to collapse the probability wave into actual reality ... however, the collapsing doesn't have to happen at the source, it might as well happen at the point where the conscious observer is introduced and everything still works well without any paradoxes. So the camera takes a photo of ... well, of the definition how the object looks like, using probability waves ... transfers that info to the Earth, again, because there's no conscious observer, only the probability info is transferred (not the interference patterns as she said, although it doesn't matter what we call that stage) and finally, when the computer is trying to interpret the data and produce an image for a conscious observer to see, the wave collapses and specific color/brightness is observed at each pixel (be it a printed photo or a digital representation)... Most likely, that's how all of our reality works - until we observe it, it exists only as a probability wave, ready to be observed, collapsed... She may have missed a simple detail, however - that there's really no difference between taking a digital photo of a distant planet and taking a photo of a sunset on Earth, until we look at the photo, there's no conscious observer so the camera is not really taking a photo, just applying some 'take photo' transformation of the probability waves describing the sunset and only when we decide to look at the photo, these transformations collapse into actual image. There's really no difference between the two cameras other than the need to transfer digital info - which we can do as well with a camera that has a WiFi and sends the photo to our computer so we don't look at the viewfinder of the camera... If our reality is a simulation then this is easily explained as - until the user needs to see the final result on his 'monitor', everything is just simulated using 'probability waves' as data and all actions, physics... are just transformations of that data description, which remains as data / probability wave. If the user is not using the 'monitor' (unconscious) then there's no need to use up the power of the 'graphics card' to produce the final representation of reality, but all the actions taken within the simulation are taken / applied as transformations that cause the final data to change according to physics & actions taken... Please let me know if you actually had the patience to read through all this and if you agree that she may be actually right, except for the part where she says it's impossible to see these photos ;)

Philip West : The fact that this woman is allowed to vote has to be the single biggest flaw in democracy.

arthouse films : Yeah, "a camera won't work without a conscious observer". Ok, now I understand why my automatic infrared nature camera never got a picture of a deer.

Manny legend : 15:05 my brain cells trying to listen every time she talks.

nineoclockhero : I was going to buy a wild life trail camera, but there doesn't seem to be any point now since all the images will be lies, painted by artist.

Average American : Can someone really be as stupid as this woman? I really hope she is a troll looking for clicks.

C MIKE RACK : i approve this video because i’m a conscious observer dan hence your videos are now real imagery

Lernova Shaemoor : Geez. I can take a decent photo of Saturn from here, even if there's nobody conscious or anywhere near the camera. It's called a remote shutter. Click it down, go to sleep, get pictures. Cassini just takes *better* photos because it's closer and has more expensive, higher quality gear than I do.

andy stokes : So a camera is incapable of taking a photo unless there is a conscious observer directing it. I wonder how she explains CCTV cameras or roadside speed cameras?

Mushroom MIDI : what if you take a picture and don't look in the same direction as the camera lense? pretty sure it leaves the light very confused whether to be photons or waves...

DivideByZero : It looks like she watch one youtube video of particle-wave duality and thought she completely understood all of physics.

kadin thomas : I think sometimes she uses words she doesn’t understand to make herself sound more photosynthesis

Rai Win : Flat earthers tackle quantum physics (and get massacred in the process)

General Kenobi : The Earth is a cube! Duh, look at Minecraft 😏😂

Craig Huggins : By her 'logic' then a person can never ever observe an interference pattern.

awesomeperson : This is genius levels of stupidity

prowokator : she can't be serious.. her channel has to be some sort of an experiment.

Mr. Boma's Balloons : NASA actually does enhance images, but they include information about how they have enhanced the images, such as false color, composite, or the filters used. And NASA does use artists to draw pictures, but again, they also clearly label them as an artist's rendering or artist's conception. I know an artist who works at JPL making such images. NASA also makes animations which they distribute to news outlets and post online. But again, these are not presented as real videos, but as animations.

Lorecrafty : I don't think you argue your side enough. Yes, it can be assumed that 90% of the viewers here are already 100% on your side of the argument, so it's tempting to go "lol, check out what this weird person believes. That's not true". But that's not going to convince her or those on her side. It wouldn't have been hard to argue that radio signals, just like light, can reach us on earth. Or our satellites would be pretty useless. Also that my digital camera can still make pictures if I am not looking at it.

Andrew Read : If the camera that she filmed herself with could talk, I bet it would tell us that it wanted to slap that woman silly. It should have caught itself on fire in protest.

Caionnech : WOW double-slit experiment done so horrible wrong!

Soundly : Let me paraphrase. "I don't understand quantum mechanics, therefore the Earth is flat"... brilliant

Bobby Jones : WOW! At first I thought she was just an elaborate troll, but she really is this stupid.

The Fox : Even if she is absolutely right, that camera taking a photo still counts as measurement. Hell, the double slit experiment was performed using electrons, which are too small to see. They had to be detected using some unconscious objects.

Shaun Shuey : You don't even need to look to space, but here on Earth to know that this chick is daft. Hunting and/or Game Tracking camera's take images with no "conscious being" observing the light.

438samwill : Can't we just walk all these people that believe the earth is flat right off the edge?

eddievision : If I stop watching her video does she cease to exist?.....I hope so!🤣

Brad Gibson : So, I guess that means security cameras don’t work when nobody is around?

GolpePicado : Methinks that Orphan Red has a bright future ahead in politics... When was the last time you heard of a politician who let facts get in the way of a ridiculous argument???

GrowTech : Damn, those people can’t even solve or know one physics formula and they compare themselves with the scientists!!!!!!!!!

mtrublu : Conscious observer? Interference pattern? So she's applying a poor understanding of quantum physics gained from youtube videos. Brilliant. Oi.