Flat Earths Worst Argument Yet!!

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Jae Johnson : everything "sci"man dan says is understood by all.. but what he doesnt know is that the probability that all humanity knows is a lie.. is 100%.. go on Dan you paid idiot. idiotit to the enth degree.. and 20% of his followers

TheBurritoLord : By her logic, everytime she blinked her video should be black

Definately Krell : "In order for a camera to take a picture it has to be observed by a conscious being" That is genuinely the most ridiculous one I've heard to date...

Austin Pickett : By her logic, security cameras would not record overnight without someone watching. WTF

hellokristel : She's conflating photons with quantum particles...

Doug Schoenhut : I think what she was saying in a NUTshell was: If a tree falls in space and there is no sound it proves humans don't exist.

MetalCanyon : Joke's on her. What she didn't know is that NASA was one step ahead of her and put a small hamster with a few months' worth of salad in the probe so the interference patterns could be properly chewed up and vomited onto the interplanetary sensor and create the high-speed plasma shield image that had not, in fact, required an artistically-inclined digital NASA scientist to actually make a quantum image... that goes backwards in times with collapsed photons that orbit the image's interference light patterns... What... the... actual... flying... spaghetti... monster... did I just watch... That was genuinely amazing. I was intrigued at her weird explanations at first, and even more so on edge at the big cliffhanger she refused to explain for the longest time, but then it just went into a whole different dimension. I want to see the whole thing. I NEED to see where these interference patterns are going to go. An alternate reality? A higher plane of existence? The bin? Yeah... That last one. That said, this HAS to be an act. A parody. It HAS to be. Dan, I love your videos. They're very entertaining.

Jared Poth : If a person takes a picture in the woods. But no one watches the camera, does it take a photo? 😂

Kage Shi : " The Nasa Sciencers "?!!!! This is why i want off of this rock...... To many persons are wasting my oxygen.......

Zeke Pendeman : I have officially pissed myself laughing. "You need a person to be consciously observing to capture an image." I hunt deer. As such, I use a "Trail cam" that captures images of my hunting grounds while I'm away. There is alot of images where no conscious beings of any kind or present, but the images still generate and are real. She just got Debunked by redneck technology.

Oscar Jacobo : I cringed watching and listening to her talk. I had to stop. It was painful.

TheSwiftFalcon : Well...I could point out how she could very easily test her argument by putting a camera with a timer in a room devoid of other conscious life, leaving it, and returning another day to see if the pictures produced contain real images or not. However, since this is the funniest application of quantum physics I have seen, I'm just going to run with it, and claim that the Cassini images are definitive proof that there is conscious life on Saturn.

swirlie21 : Anyone who says the earth is flat because they cant see the curvature of the earth from the surface of earth, or even an airplane needs to pick up a ball. Any ball. The bigger the better. Hold the ball up as close to their eye as possible. All that will be seen is a flat plane. Then pull the ball away slowly to reveal the curvature of the ball...

PhilosophicalFowl : This is why a "thinning" event is needed. In more than one way. Antibiotics only available to people who have an IQ in the triple digits. I'm not asking for much.

Sunsetter Six : The look on your face at 15:04 was the same look on my face at that exact moment. And even though there was no conscious observer, photons still reflected off my face and a photograph of that look could have been taken.

csforlife440 : her theory could be disproved by setting a timer on a camera and walking out of the room. Then looking at the picture stored in the memory card. lol

prowokator : she can't be serious.. her channel has to be some sort of an experiment.

Victor Stålbo : I have so much to say but no words to say it with, my jaw is dropped by the amount of....well her complete lack of understandment of basic phisics, she just throws in science words without context trying to make a point. This sort of ignorance angers me.

Master Hypnos : She looks and sounds like she's making up science fiction technobabble on the spot.

Christopher otto : Ms. Red, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

bloemundude : All you need to do is tell her to take a picture of a doorknob with her eyes open and then one with her eyes closed. Is one impossible? No? Okay. Debate settled.

Terry K : Dan, this girl is certified insane. Known about her for A while. Professor Stick did a video on her. Love you man. Cheers from America.

xlar54 : tell her to take her little iphone camera, hold it above her head, and take a picture behind her. will it be an interference pattern or the past that she sees? gawd.

Damien Gregory : Presumably she shot this alone, which means, based on her intelligence level, there was no conscious observer...so how are we watching her drivel?

Nazor : Seriously? Did you seriously not address the main issue? Did you just let that stupid assertion slip by?! The core issue is that the there's nothing in quantum mechanics about observer having to be conscious.

WORLDS VIDEOS : is she aware that she can close her eyes and press the button on her camera and there will be a photo taken. If common sense doesn't make her wrong enough then this experiment should help.

Soundly : Let me paraphrase. "I don't understand quantum mechanics, therefore the Earth is flat"... brilliant

Ricardo Pratas : As you know, in this modern society, high IQ people are not mating. They're busy with their cosmopolitan workaholic life style, so the low IQs are the ones mating, that's why more and more we have the regressives taking over, whether it's libtard antifas teaching gender studies or right wing zealots preaching creationism. Western countries' average IQ is in decline. And all this benefits the plutocrats, who have zero interest in civilizational progress, as long as they have their tax cattle entertained with the latest smartphone posting pictures of their food on social network, all is good. We need to do something urgently because we are being dragged into a cybernetic Dark Age of Reason.

Road Rash : I couldn't even finish this one. It was just too painful.

Darksun Copper : What what ???????? If Einstein was alive he would smack this lady in the head .

Andrew Benge : ah yes, cameras only work if someone is there. That's why those security cameras only show garbled nonsense until a burglar shows up to steal your shit.

kadin thomas : I think sometimes she uses words she doesn’t understand to make herself sound more photosynthesis

y2joolz : She sounds sooooooo confused as she’s making it up

Chris Frederick : The pictures on my deer camera are a LIE!!!!

ExBroSeeYou : Plottwist: She is blonde

Kenji87 : Flat Earthers are living proof that humanity is still a primitive race whose brain has yet to fully mature. Seriously, listening to this stupid bimbo act smart hurts my brain. If you don't know how anything works, don't pretend you do, cuz people can tell.

Mark Schwarz : If the pope takes a shit in the woods, does that mean bears are catholic?

Kohlob : Can't believe we have to explain how cameras work to these people. God save us.

Posi Cat : Amazing, she used Quantum Physics to actually become stupider. The wave function of my OMG face has collapsed into an OMG face.

The Visitor : Well 507 flat earthers watch this video

Sole Pompano4660 : I stopped watching after she explained how you can’t take a picture without conscious life...

James McCormick : Poor thing. It looks like thinking hurts her.

Michael D Mingo : NASA said Man walked on the Moon, I'm like Moon don't even exist Stupid.

BASSCODE PROJECT : Its funny how not everyone is on the same level of intelligence, and so we get to roam earth with highly intelligent geniusses and... these brainless special needs meatholes. who wants to bet that she has the mental capacity of a 12 year old. And who is she? because wel yeah you know uhmmmm, I have a thing for crazy girls, so Daaaaamn I could be having fun doing dirty things with her.

I. Zweyrohn : I have never seen... someone just swallowing so much misinformation and half-correct information about Quantum physics... and vomiting it up in this horrible way... How can someone be so literate and so dumb at the same time?! And at the same time... her voice is so damn irritating!

Rob A : Someone needs to just tell this chick that Schroedinger says you need to *measure* the photons, not *consciously observe* them. In this case the CCD measures them.

eddievision : If I stop watching her video does she cease to exist?.....I hope so!🤣

david hollyfield : What a word salad hodge podge of science and nonsense! She even uses some actual facts to preface her totally bogus argument. This is a case of having read too many books and only half understanding them. Shame really, she seems quite bright other than her embracing a totally spurious belief system...

Dalevisor : "Schrodinger's Photon"

Large Vessel : Holyshit a brit that is funny. Like this is some kinda paradox or something. Usually english people think they have to dress up like a lady for a laugh. And there isnt even a costume. Well done i actually laughed at the starting bit.