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Michael Bolton listening to raps hes name dropped in

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Tyler, the Creator, Mac Miller, the Lonely Island, and more have all name dropped Michael Bolton in their songs. In the first episode of our new series Name Dropped, we played him some of these tracks to see what he thought. ------ SUBSCRIBE to Pitchfork.tv: http://bit.ly/yK2Fbp ------ FOLLOW Pitchfork.tv on Twitter: http://bit.ly/KJ2PhP ------ For more videos from Pitchfork TV: http://bit.ly/M1lvs8 Like Pitchfork on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pitchforkmedia Check out Pitchfork on Tumblr: http://pitchfork.tumblr.com/ Michael Bolton Reacts to Songs He's Mentioned in | Name Dropped | Pitchfork


fossilmusictv : *He's so cool.* lol

Harrison Wilson : Fantastic idea for a series!

Jackson Wolfe : Is this actually hilarious or is it just because I'm stoned?

Isaí Ruiz : misunderstood the guero lyric completely. It refers to Beck Hansen being so white in a Latino hood they call him Michael Bolton.

shoelace : This should be a series

Snack Guy : so many coke references

Borja Gonzalo Muñoz : why does he laugh like Tommy Wiseau?

Cory Y. : Why do 80% of the songs with Michael Bolton references also involve cocaine? Lol

Guitarkid 1991 : hahaha love his laugh.

SambaSunnySideUp : güero Is white guy in Spanish

Lyset : Wow Peeping Tom! I bet Mike Patton is thrilled.

James Anti : And Michael Bolton was like WOW That's where Beck got the idea

Sylvia Doughty : LOL...love it and "they said a bad word!!!"

Daria Fernandez : We need one with Ric Flair immediately

Ian Turnbow : Love how they opened with Mac Miller's Faces... if only it was bootlegged on vinyl already!

Dylan Veniece : This is genius pitchfork!! Molly Ringwald needs to be next.

austin hubbard : i thought he was joking about the "bad word" but he looked dead serious

Ivon Barzaga : I totally love this man😍 not only does he have a fabulous voice he is very handsome 🤤and I love all his songs and last but not least he has a great sense of humor he is super funny😂😘

Dab Savage : thats an underrated ass Mac Miller song right there

Saba Farrukh : He's so gentle and funny 😅

We are already dead Fam : Do this with Mick Jaggar please! I want to hear the word swagger 68 times.

Juan Pablo Torres : had on idea they said Michael Bolton on Guero jajajaja

Eugene Tumusiime : Damn, I was hoping for his reaction to Danny Brown's Today, but this was ok. He has a nice laugh.

DANIEL GOT HITS : This is so good haha definitely need a whole series of this

Omid H : Poor Michael Bolton! haha

filomena lagilevu : Omg his laugh is so beautiful 😂😍

Corei Wilson : there's a really good Danny Brown song called "Today" in which he mentions Michael Bolton. Should've had him react to that one.

Simon C : Is it just me or does he remind you of a younger Harrison Ford? His earring supports my theory

polypolypolypoly : Am I the only one who hadn't realised that Beck said Michael Bolton?

Geraldine Mitchell : I love this guy

s c : need ric flair on this next

Black Minimalist : Harrison Ford, Scott Bakula and Michael Bolton, same person

Joyce Hu : who pitched this series this is brilliant

Nathan Kluwak : i was so excited to see that faces track!!! super underrated mixtape, one of my all time faves

Khadijah Torres : I honestly love the Jack Sparrow Ballad that he did for the Big Sexy Valentine's Day Special

IStealJokes : This video is AMAZING!! You should make more of these videos with other celebrities that get name dropped if you can!

Shavone Granville : Yes more of these!

DEATH WISH CHRIS Reilly : Michael Bolton cooler than you ever f****** thought!! I think John Oliver started his new career! Props Johnny! :-)

Rob Vee : came for the Mac name drop lol that's my favorite line on that track

Mr. Vaughn : I was hype af cause I thought faces got pressed on vinyl finally. nah must be cardboard cutouts or something. hilarious concept tho

Tim Smith : His laugh is everything.

jackwoodie : i spat out my drink when he said que onda guero, i love that song

Deus : it just doesn't matter is an amazing track

emcbb 527 : more

Warzywa : i'm watching this while drunk 100% recommend

Taesu : I'm happy he has seen office space

Amber Veiqaravi : 2:47 -2:49 was very clever. A Michael Bolton Clapback 😂

Jordon Lees : damn this music is awful

Born to ride : Well, he is a great singer, love him or hate him. Definitely did an amazing rendition of the Bee Gee's "To love Somebody"