Michael Bolton Reacts to Songs He's Mentioned in | Name Dropped | Pitchfork

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Jackson Wolfe : Is this actually hilarious or is it just because I'm stoned?

Isaí Ruiz : misunderstood the guero lyric completely. It refers to Beck Hansen being so white in a Latino hood they call him Michael Bolton.

Borja Gonzalo Muñoz : why does he laugh like Tommy Wiseau?

Harrison Wilson : Fantastic idea for a series!

Cory Y. : Why do 80% of the songs with Michael Bolton references also involve cocaine? Lol

watercolors : This should be a series

Kolby Pham : "I know that song. Because it's pure genius." I love this man.

austin hubbard : i thought he was joking about the "bad word" but he looked dead serious

Lyset : Wow Peeping Tom! I bet Mike Patton is thrilled.

Snack Guy : so many coke references

fossilmusictv : *He's so cool.* lol

SambaSunnySideUp : güero Is white guy in Spanish

Guitarkid 1991 : hahaha love his laugh.

Jordon Lees : damn this music is awful

Dburnage : Nacho Picasso is fire.

Ian Turnbow : Love how they opened with Mac Miller's Faces... if only it was bootlegged on vinyl already!

Saba Farrukh : He's so gentle and funny 😅

James Anti : And Michael Bolton was like WOW That's where Beck got the idea

Dylan Veniece : This is genius pitchfork!! Molly Ringwald needs to be next.

We are already dead Fam : Do this with Mick Jaggar please! I want to hear the word swagger 68 times.

Omid H : Poor Michael Bolton! haha

Sylvia Doughty : LOL...love it and "they said a bad word!!!"

Ivon Barzaga : I totally love this man😍 not only does he have a fabulous voice he is very handsome 🤤and I love all his songs and last but not least he has a great sense of humor he is super funny😂😘

polypolypolypoly : Am I the only one who hadn't realised that Beck said Michael Bolton?

Eugene Tumusiime : Damn, I was hoping for his reaction to Danny Brown's Today, but this was ok. He has a nice laugh.

Juan Pablo Torres : had on idea they said Michael Bolton on Guero jajajaja

Dab Savage : thats an underrated ass Mac Miller song right there

Mo Cheetany : Can Peter Gabriel be next? He's named dropped in so many songs.

Daria Fernandez : We need one with Ric Flair immediately

Nathan Kluwak : i was so excited to see that faces track!!! super underrated mixtape, one of my all time faves

Simon C : Is it just me or does he remind you of a younger Harrison Ford? His earring supports my theory

hfanti : Do one with Andy Warh... nevermind. :/

IStealJokes : This video is AMAZING!! You should make more of these videos with other celebrities that get name dropped if you can!

Geraldine Mitchell : I love this guy

Santiago S : These songs are not really good. Actually Bolton sings so much better. How humble this guy...

Shavone Granville : Yes more of these!

nottheswimmer : Can't wait for the Michael Phelps playlist. Been waiting for a comprehensive list of songs with my name for a while.

Anne C : That laugh

That Guy : Who's Micheal Bolton?

WoWplyr19 : Wow. Nacho Picasso in a Pitchfork video.

Tim Smith : His laugh is everything.

Khadijah Torres : I honestly love the Jack Sparrow Ballad that he did for the Big Sexy Valentine's Day Special

Corei Wilson : there's a really good Danny Brown song called "Today" in which he mentions Michael Bolton. Should've had him react to that one.

s c : need ric flair on this next

Joyce Hu : who pitched this series this is brilliant

Tee Bee : I'm happy he has seen office space

Daniel Maraist : Beck had the only good song

emcbb 527 : more

LetterNumber : Michael Bolton seems like a really boring person.

Rockk : "he's Name Dropped"? I think Pitchfork meant "his name is dropped". A surprisingly illiterate title for music journalism.