Youth seen carrying suspicious plant during live news report - Daily Mail

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Richard Albert : My guess is a couple guys saw the tv crew and decided to play a prank. That's not weed.

Cameron Leaney : Fake

Dominic Madden : That's definitely not a weed plant haha

Th3Gam3925 : It's Daily Mail. That automatically makes it fake clickbait trash.

Buzz ard : That was funny 🤣😂

silenc3x : Doesnt look like cannabis...

Harsh Toke : Oh look at the weed experts come out.

ScuffedComedy : Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddddddddddd that pot plant is gone, smoked, roasted and toasted.

3PiecesOfBread : Why is the house wearing a wizard's hat?

Finton Stack : Lads pranking the tv crew.

קמרוןSnipethemapplesקמרון : Fake news

John Jeffries : What about the plant is suspicious?

THINK KINK : This was an excellent PRANK!!!

Thomas Davis : Lol daily mail will say weed starts ww3


Michael T : Little did the neighbours know that in this quiet little corner of the countryside people were secretly growing plants. The horror.

Alfie John : Yes it is fake that’s harry

Stuart Law : Looks like its git white flowers on it

me him : Msm up to the fake assed reporting again? CNN and BBC are kings of fake followed by this channel too!.

Virdeo : Its daily mail so it can't be jk

KinDeL : That is not weed at all. That looks like an old lettuce plant

Amithrius : Whoever wrote the video summary probably bought some off him.

Jay Davies : Utter bollox.

Razster : Maple tree much.

CHUCKY 576 : The guy had a "Hemp plant" , he makes rope for a hobby.

Dariah Wilson : Staged hard. Getting desperate?

Mazda Ricer : Hahaha love it, fake or not.

Ben Felgate : so fake

alex : Fake as hell. Shame on you

Lockonnow Nightstars : of couse it is weed plant why will he run with it he think i will not share my weed this day

ilovebrandnewcarpets : Not funny and not real. Honestly the biggest giveaway was that no reporter UHMS that much