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Naturalist David Attenborough debated Professor of Obstetrics Harvey Carey on the theory of #evolution for the ABC on 6 June 1980. #science For more from ABC News, click here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/abcnews Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/abcnews.au Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://ab.co/1svxLVE Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/abcnews_au


Discoloured Buttflaps : evolution is too complex to happen by itself. therefore i introduce "god", an infinitely complex and inexplicable being to explain how life came to be. bow to my flawless logic you peasants.

Dan Mckimm : David Attenborough for the win!

TheAdultChild187 : lol love it! David Attenborough destroying the fossil thinking ppl of the world for decades with hard hitting facts. aaaannnnddd the magic cloud man believers back up there claims with "lalalala not listening not listening Im right your wrong i believe in a magic man in a book lalalalalala'

AngelOne11 : That was a one-sided argument and doesn't explain much. You can see evolution in fruit flies, bacteria, plants, and the such within weeks. Fossils we only pointers to the facts but not the whole reality.

anotherchanceful : Easy answer,yes,can't believe in this time of period we are worried about hurting people's feelings,especially on the matter of religious beliefs way back to the barberian time ,funny thing is there enjoying the technology and living conditions to this day in western society but still believe in a ridiculous ideology.

East Ender : If I wear a white coat I will look more informative than you.

Tony Mak : This was in 1980. Very simplistic arguments. Now we have DNA and the code it contains. Is random genetic mutation and "natural selection " capable of producing the complex cell structure and organisms we see today ? The top genetics expert Craig Venter declared 10 years ago that all life is not related. Therefore we are not the result of mutations from simple cells. QED.

Kers1 : Nearly 40 years ago David debunked points that "geniuses" of today are still bringing up.

Bumplicker : we tend to think we are somehow separate from nature wich I think is filled with awful consequences if we really do believe that. that's probably the most important thing he said during that

Pablo M : An embarrassment to the term "professor"

Ioan Iestyn : Attenborough would not debate kent hofind, and I can see why now!

movieklump : This why everyone has heard of Attenborough and not the creationist.

General Lee N Knass /knot retired/ : So, yes? Yep, I thought that was old news.

JoefromNJ1 : I've heard some people say religion is really a disease or sickness of the brain. I don't really think that. But the guy on the right doesn't exactly help.

Jericho : Lol its like the brexit argument

carpo719 : And 40 years later, the arguments against Evolution have not gotten any better. People are so quick to hang on to their beliefs

lot maakchos : "Look the front fell off of the ammonite and that's why evolution is a bunch of bollocks."

Janie Barker : ! ❤

barlart : I know for certain that I would never trust a member of my family to so egregiously stupid a medical doctor. David Attenborough at his imperturbably polite best.

MrLunithy : There must be a designer .... lol existential dread gets every one differently .

mybackpocket : Look how time ravages the body. Professor has been dead for 29 years.

Ashley Thompson : owned

Xt : this other dude was a doctor????


Phoenix Swooping : Great to see the latest breaking news from the ABC. Attenborough is looking very good for his age.

Authentic Person : Very important to understand our place within nature.

S&DH : Prof. Carey shows clearly the leaps in logic and faith that David Attenborough must assume to posit his Darwinian faith.

Organisation XIV : Everyone knows that this is a done deal, right? I will never believe there is a creator. The idea (to me) is ridiculous. Evolution isn't a theory O.o It's fact (given our understanding of the word 'fact').

Dreamer 1 : I call this the power of brainwashing by Christian or Western MYTHOLOGY, not less stupid tgan the other religions we now call MYTHOLOGY

FBI : What is professor Carey a professor of?

General Grievous : Evolution takes millions of years to create significant changes to a species. Throughout that time, millions of lives should come and go, leaving behind traces of their existence and the subtle changes that occur as time continues, right? Therefore, there should be as many bones and fossils of each evolutionary step as the next, counting into the millions, right? Where are they? Let's take the large and easy target of apes to humans, just like in the famous picture, there were several steps for ape's to become Neanderthals, then on to humans, but not enough proof has been found, if there had been, why is this still an argument today? Lets take the raptor to the hawk, where are the variations in between the two, when raptors began developing beaks, and when did hawks lose their teeth? Does this just happen? Did raptors lay eggs that spawn toothless raptors with beaks? Did apes give birth to apes that were smarter? Even Charles Darwin contradicted his own studies by stating that if no evidence can be found, then the while theory of evolution is false.

Cyrus Manuel Gonzalez : Scroll down for even more blind experts on the nature of light...

S&DH : Fable: Man is Not The great fable of our time which almost immediately energized those who rejected the revelation of God the Creator in Christ, is the myth known as Darwinism / Evolutionism. Darwinism is the unfalsifiable philosophical myth, a labyrinth which, under the pretext of being "science," vacuumbed practically the entire modern world of thought almost overnight through a successful concerted effort in the schools, first in the West, then spreading by means of Western money and help way beyond. It is an ancient philosophy going back in many forms to the presocratic philosophers, a philosophy which exchanges the very essence of God, which is to exist (Exo. 3:14, Jn. 8: 58), and His creation of the cosmos, for a different model, namely a model of "becoming", according to which literally everything, including man, is "in process" towards an unknown end or terminus (if there can be said to be any such end or terminus at all). Accordingly, man as history and we know him is not, does not exist, and cannot be, because he is always in process, ever changing, even from one thing to another. This of course makes all philosophy and thought always tentative, always unstable, always on route to the unknown, incomplete if not obsolete. Which is why many thinkers and academies today do not take any particular philosophical system or stage of thought particularly seriously [except as history], preferring a schematic analytical approach wherein all knowledge is reduced to stages in the process of becoming. So students today, often in their Freshman year in College are introduced to reductionist schematics such as The Age of Philosophy, The Age of Faith, The Age of Enlightenment, The Age of Science, and so on... Philosophical inquiry for the new thinkers can still be meaningful but only as another tentative observation post in the process of becoming. Even nature according to this evolutionism is a process subject to constant change as man changes, through the never-ending mutual interdependence and reciprocal symbiotic influences which is inevitable since man and nature here are said to be one, indistinguishable in any essential way. Man is merely another of a plethora of animals in process within nature. This is why not a few new thinkers subscribe to the opinions of Enlightenment "philosophers" like David Hume who in the 18th century denied the reality of even [until him] scientific premises like Cause and Effect, since to speak of any stable and final cause or effect presupposes a supposedly outdated ontology and cosmology. Cause and Effect for Hume and his disciples was simply a habit of connecting things or events which will likely not always remain as they appear. Process, becoming, and relativity swallow everything without meaningful exceptions. This is also why the Enlightenment philosopher, Immanuel Kant drew a profound distinction between Phenomena and Noumena. Phenomena are the appearances, how things appear to us, which constitute our experience; and noumena are the things themselves, which constitute reality, which elude us in a world of becoming. Both Hume and Kant rejected the Christian understanding of being, the beginnings and ends of Creation in favor of becoming. One could go on almost endlessly citing examples of the implications of the new fable as applied across all disciplines of human knowledge, all the way to today's Transhumanist projections and the laboratory editing of human and other species of genes, all of which presupposes the newer concept of men seeing themselves not merely as products of the new evolutionism, but as active participatory agents in evolution itself with some theoretical means of possibly steering it by means of his interactions with technological analysis and problem-solving. Needless to say, all of this is the consequence of modern Western man's rejection of God's Word in Genesis 1:1 and the revelation of the essence of God's Being in Exodus 3:14, and opting for alternative versions of "reality," always in process. Models But Darwinism can never be more than an alternative model of interpretation or way of seeing, a theoretical and conceptual revolution; but in this instance a particularly pernicious one, since it is totalistic and seeks to interpret ALL data (cosmological, anthropological, even sociological) through its theoretical lens. [Cf. philosophers of science like Karl Popper, Paul Feyerabend, and Wolfgang Smith, et al for more on aspects related to this.] Darwinian evolution is clearly philosophy, not demonstrable and falsifiable science, like, say, chemistry is. Darwin's grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, bequeathed his esoteric alternative to Creation to his grandson. It was a family narrative stretching in various forms all the way back to Anaximander, Heraclitus and beyond. The fact is Darwin never intended to see anything *but* "evidence" for the family philosophy when he went out to the Galapagos. He came back in a short time with no proof at all but a myth, a metatheory he called "natural selection" as the alleged mechanism of it all. Thomas Huxley (known as Darwin's bulldog) got to work in the Lodges and schools to propagate the new counter theory. And in a few years every discipline on earth from the cosmological to the, yes, sociological "sciences" were interpreted through this new magic lens or way of seeing. And because it is an unfalsifiable counter-faith, its adepts have never for a moment doubted what they could never understand or explain. They simply transferred the attributes of God to this amorphous "science" magik. And needless to say, "science" itself is the most philosophically-loaded concept in language today as it was for Francis Bacon, but far more so today. G.K. Chesterton said there are two kinds of people: those who accept dogmas and know it, and those who accept dogmas but don't know it. Evolution is a powerful totalistic myth imposed like a religion, interpreting all the data in the universe that is, and conveniently unfalsifiable. That it has infected even Christian schools today is especially regrettable --- Stephen Hand

w p : Darwin was at least half right …. look at Maxine Waters !

Mikko Ainasoja : Will evolution give the rain which Australia need now? Think about this.

Herbal Shaman : Were told that cutaneous albinoid humans "evolved" -- since when is non-syndromic oculocutaneous albinism or ocular albinism aka blue eyes an act of evolution? It's not posited as the reason why we have albinoid plants and animals. Then you have the albinoid Africans and Melanesians and Australians with blonde or red hair or reddish brown skin ( a type of OCA type 3). There are lots of holes in the theory.

jamsamuel1 : Aah ...evolution, mans answer our existence without a creator. Man ...designed with inherent laws without a designer. Regulated body temperature, a built in defense system. I have often wondered about just how brilliant it is that I can eat, and that my stomach just know what to do with, my food. Cos' I haven't the faintest idea, what to do after I have enjoyed , and swallowed it. My body just gets on with the job of being a body without any mental input from me. Takes a lot of faith to believe that this all happened without a designer. But I suppose if you don;t want to have some higher designer being telling us what to do and how to live, we will just have to believe the stupid evolution primeval soup theory.

George Zee : The rock became alive, Lizards grew wings to fly, the trex turned into a chicken. Why? Because of chance and mutations. Now laugh at the 'god' believers.

Henry : So there were apes, and some of them started slowly evolving into humans over thousands of years, and others just kept giving birth to apes. The ape-human hybrids all kept evolving until eventually becoming humans, none of them stopped evolving at any stage and remained in an ape-human hybrid form. Yet the apes that didn't evolve remain millions of years later. Why do we still have apes from the first stage of evolution and humans from the last stage, but nothing from the intermediate stages? Evolutionists cannot answer this question. The fact is that the lack of modern ape-human hybrids who might have stopped evolving midway through the evolutionary process in the same way that many apes never evolved into humans is just way too convenient for evolutionists so it's hard to give the theory any credit.

nitdiver5 : If evolution was true you would have every animal at every stage all the time. Their model of evolution is it occurred once and stopped.

Mikko Ainasoja : If you are prone to believe in evolution you might see evolution happening, but also you will cast the holy truth out of your life. But if you are prone to see God's creation you may find God and true meaning of life. You can't pray help from evolution, but God will help you if you really wan't walk his way and learn his holy truth. Jesus Christ is the way.