Your car is on fire.

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Gallifrey-Holmes : "Mountie on the roof and a deaf wolf staring at me like I was an appetizer" that's probably the ONLY line I could remember when I was younger.

pizza3330 : 1:25 he steers left and the car goes right

Nick Quut : the best scene

Boleniana : And voila, it exploded.

ArcAngelQueen : @NancyK97 actually Callum Keith Rennie is British...he was born in the UK and raised in Alberta Canada

TheCanadiangirl4 : He had a cdn accent?! I never noticed

delacro84 : but the car is gotta blow! No it is not. It is very very very rare that a car ever actually explodes...BOOOOM!!!! :D

apatheticempathy : what a waste of a classic Buick Boat Tail Rivera. Should have used a damn newer Mustang

patrick wood : Oh no. There goes my Buick!!

looneyngilo2 : "Do not touch my inner thigh!" LOL at Ray actually stopping! Anyone else wouldn't have listened to Fraser! God, that whole scene is so perfect and funny. :)

Robert Schumann : the most stupid way to destruct a beautiful car.

John Smith : All those spares I could have done with for mine!!