The New Roommate

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Gus Johnson : My god, these sketches are gold.

Kerzid : The way he says "what the hell is that" is so satisfying.

0SharkGuy : I was sold the instant it focused on his face when Randall first came out

Jack Hall : Dude should be on SNL

Troy Pavlek : I don't understand, but I FEEL

Matthew Narea : I am very happy you exist

StereoTypo : It's just like that Black Mirror episode with the dead boyfriend, only infinitely more awkward.

Tyler Markowitz : Two vids so close together? Nice!

Jordan Downey : lol awesome Bridge

Ben Gabrielson : Everybody has there own Randall’s. Thanks again Brodge.

Lunch Time : Your video's are so consistently excellent man. Great stuff! x

huh968 : Too relatable.

Geoffrey Eggleston : Your videos are incredible!

RecIPiesorTed : Sure, Ted and Jane are 'fun' but we still don't know why the heck Brian's locked out.

Romain - Sn0wiss : that's so awesome man, you deserve way more subscribers !

Ander Chisholm : You deserve to be trending every time

Dustin Hahn : awesome! Bridge, you've done it again

Simonas Lu : youre the best man

Spycrabs : wow this is wonderfully put together.


LeonidasSthlm : Surreal and funny! The ending could have been better though. Maybe a callback to the crane-accident could have been appropriate?

Tristonn Halé : i get my mail

diegox1994 : holy shit this is great

ronald broersma : One of the greatest secrets of the internet is why this video has only 6686 views. Prolly something with C.I.A. covering up newspapers.

Caleb Eliason : I've never flexed from awkwardness so hard in my life.

Joshua Koitzsch : Thank you for existing.

Danny Bradford : Everything on this channel is amazing. It's deserves to more popular than it is.

Based Bidoof : 2:37 LUL

Connor Duffy : is it me or does this dude look like a young jason slater?

David Gallo : Honestly not sure why you aren't a big youtuber by now, these are all absolutely hilarious!

Brandon Reda : Wait whaaa.... uhsuh!

Peter Billings : “I’m sorry, it seems like guys need this.. or something.” (4:00)