Who remembers watching Childish Gambino on youtube back in 2006 before he was Childish Gambino 108

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masterchief413 : HE DIDN'T RESPECT THE POUCH!!!!!!

BlackWhiteAznPanda : Wow they would not have gotten away with this in 2016

Debbie Dixon : i hate this video... a whole CapriSun got wasted... like what?

dudeyeahawesome : donald pushes mongo

YourCommonLoser : Isn't that Brian? The one who likes to skateboard and does not poop his pants?

Xiristatos : I seriously do not know if it is a bad thing that I laughed my ass out of this... I guess one could call this "dark humor"? Whatevehs... my actual question is: Does anyone know what this music is called or where I can find it? It sounds really catchy.

KrustyKat : This brings back such nostalgia, I use to watch these back when they were new, now that feels like so long ago, I'm glad to see Donald glover got really far

36ChambersOfArkham : Probably my favorite KP right behind Kim Possible

Volcomintality : i watched this when it originally came out but i was too young to understand what KP meant, now i do. Fucked up but still hilarious, derrick comedy were on a new level

Matty G : funny thing is the first 25 30 might've actually worked as a tv show intro

the week : Anybody still die at this 2017?

XuRpUsACID : My initials are KP so this video is extra awesome for me haha

Troll Execution : Kid Parkinson. When I started ballin I was young. You gonna think about me when I'm gone. I need that miner like the ring i never won. I'm saucin I'm saucin I'm saucin

OKTOTYRONE : The ending is sad I can't even laugh at it.

Ihasface : this is why i cant see him as a rapper

Tyrese Spruill : WHATS THE NAME OF THE BEAT!!!???

Perris Avallon : It's been 10 years, and I still don't entirely understand this video.

Marcus Wong : GAMBINO

1202 Program Alarm : That looks nothing like Parkinson's. it looked more like you were having a reaction to nerve gas or something.

E Ka : honestly thought he was reaching in his pocket for something to bite down on lol shame about that capri sun

Jack Keating : I Can't fucking believe this is 7 years old.

John Doe : i feel horrible fpr laughing

Fiqhting : fucking funny.

JesusIzAPunkRocker : im kp! I like to skateboard!

WhacknessTV : will he be on michael j fox's new show?

MaddoxOfficialMusic : I.feel actually sorry for kp wen he ent real

Joe Manning : I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. I should be ashamed

systemofachemicalnir : This is definitely an "im going to hell for laughing" video

Sleepless Giant : I almost cried that ending gave me some feels Q.Q

earlid1912 : come on guys, its terrible to make fun offsdioasjfaiusdfhasduifsdhfadsuiuhdsauifahfudau huauhi dhfid wvgdf ihfu

Asjah McGuire : That is absolutely terrible

earlid1912 : come on guys, its terrible to make fun of parkkkosiaisjdifdajiodsijfaiojjiodipipjjifjiafijdasifdjfaiadijfijoaifi adfsif dasd i afshi

SofaKingOsmo : Michael J. Fox approves

PKPump : He hates hippies.

JasonTheHuman : why am I laughing so hard?! xD haha

Max Cooperman : Donald should win an award for the acting in this video lol

Monohtoen : Hilarious. It makes me depressed but still, hilarious

Joseph O : Lol this raw but fucking funny

Nebroheroplays - : Poor KP, he just couldn't maintain wrist control

Spencer Pearson : There was a Kaiser Permanente add before this video...

Garrett Saunders : So dark compared to all their other stuff, fucking hilarious but so unexpected.

djscott112 : For the people who don't get it he has Parkinson's disease

cgswim13 : oh my gosh. that's amazing.

Matt Robertson : Clearly he didn't respect the pouch!

jackinthevoxyt : I have never laughed so hard at Parkinson's

Draggzilla : This is one of the greatest videos of all time.

Doug Muir : this is one of the funniest ones donald glover did haha love it

eric : my grandpa had debilitating parkinsons and my father is showing signs of it now. i found this funny as hell because i need to laugh at what scares the shit out of me

DcharISmatic : I am running this bitch, y'all just a dog walker