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republicfalcon : to this day, I still think this is Donald Glover's best work to date.

BlackWhiteAznPanda : Wow they would not have gotten away with this in 2016

Debbie Dixon : i hate this video... a whole CapriSun got wasted... like what?

Volcomintality : i watched this when it originally came out but i was too young to understand what KP meant, now i do. Fucked up but still hilarious, derrick comedy were on a new level

masterchief413 : HE DIDN'T RESPECT THE POUCH!!!!!!

Xiristatos : I seriously do not know if it is a bad thing that I laughed my ass out of this... I guess one could call this "dark humor"? Whatevehs... my actual question is: Does anyone know what this music is called or where I can find it? It sounds really catchy.

dudeyeahawesome : donald pushes mongo

KrustyKat : This brings back such nostalgia, I use to watch these back when they were new, now that feels like so long ago, I'm glad to see Donald glover got really far

the week : Anybody still die at this 2017?

OKTOTYRONE : The ending is sad I can't even laugh at it.

THE CUNT IS HERE TO HATE : Isn't that Brian? The one who likes to skateboard and does not poop his pants?

Troll Execution : Kid Parkinson. When I started ballin I was young. You gonna think about me when I'm gone. I need that miner like the ring i never won. I'm saucin I'm saucin I'm saucin

Ihasface : this is why i cant see him as a rapper

ryan50ryan : If you laughed I'll see you in hell. I know I did.

36ChambersOfArkham : Probably my favorite KP right behind Kim Possible

JD Frank : Holy shit all these years and i never knew this was Gambino the whole time lmao

SeanMcG : still better than the Lazarus effect

josh yaa : The amout of dislikes makes this even funnier lmaoooo

Tanner Neal : Right after my girlfriend and I watched this, she took her shirt off.

First name Last name : I think Parkinson's is funny

░KenLinx░ : I remember when I used to watch this and didn't know what Parkinson's disease was. I didn't understand this video at all until now. XD

Matty G : funny thing is the first 25 30 might've actually worked as a tv show intro

yggiz06 : Doesn't this guy rap now?

Herman Cardenas : I shouldn’t laugh, but I did.

Perris Avallon : It's been 10 years, and I still don't entirely understand this video.

ZyxthePest : I'm glad these don't have the Mystery Team thumbnails anymore. Possible reunion sketches/shows coming up?

Marcus Wong : GAMBINO

iRONSiTH : Not only did I see this for the first time 12 years ago, I also secured my first class ticket to Hell.

XuRpUsACID : My initials are KP so this video is extra awesome for me haha

Tyrese Spruill : WHATS THE NAME OF THE BEAT!!!???

Safe, Healthy, and Happy : I kinda felt bad

syllas x : 0:48 is the sound of someone busting a nut

space unicorn : Ok at the end its not funny anymore..... Its just..... Sad. Poor kp

Julian Briseno : In the community movie we're gonna find out this was a troy and ahbed production

pomegranate : just found this and I love it

Gan : Im going to hell for laughing at all of this

The Golden Waffle : Did he mongo push

Jarrick Williams : He was so Happy before the Parkisons kicked in. ;(

TheThatoneguy12121 : The power is in the pouch. Respect it!

Blake Cooper : DAT MOOG


sama flame : This is America

JadonVGaming HD : THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!!

William McGinnis Whetten : Is this America???

cucumbercool88 : "this is america"

lopezanator : this is america

what did you expect you idiot : my teacher didnt suspect a thing muahhahahahaha

MultiMonologue : I love how everything was deliciously borderline offensive 10 years ago. It's still so goddamn funny haha!

LuCiDoMeN : why have the mystery team logo on every video? gross.

Dustin Clark : Jesus