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republicfalcon : to this day, I still think this is Donald Glover's best work to date.

BlackWhiteAznPanda : Wow they would not have gotten away with this in 2016

Debbie Dixon : i hate this video... a whole CapriSun got wasted... like what?

masterchief413 : HE DIDN'T RESPECT THE POUCH!!!!!!

Volcomintality : i watched this when it originally came out but i was too young to understand what KP meant, now i do. Fucked up but still hilarious, derrick comedy were on a new level

YourCommonLoser : Isn't that Brian? The one who likes to skateboard and does not poop his pants?

OKTOTYRONE : The ending is sad I can't even laugh at it.

Xiristatos : I seriously do not know if it is a bad thing that I laughed my ass out of this... I guess one could call this "dark humor"? Whatevehs... my actual question is: Does anyone know what this music is called or where I can find it? It sounds really catchy.

dudeyeahawesome : donald pushes mongo

the week : Anybody still die at this 2017?

KrustyKat : This brings back such nostalgia, I use to watch these back when they were new, now that feels like so long ago, I'm glad to see Donald glover got really far

josh yaa : The amout of dislikes makes this even funnier lmaoooo

Ihasface : this is why i cant see him as a rapper

ryan50ryan : If you laughed I'll see you in hell. I know I did.

Troll Execution : Kid Parkinson. When I started ballin I was young. You gonna think about me when I'm gone. I need that miner like the ring i never won. I'm saucin I'm saucin I'm saucin

36ChambersOfArkham : Probably my favorite KP right behind Kim Possible

JD Frank : Holy shit all these years and i never knew this was Gambino the whole time lmao

Matty G : funny thing is the first 25 30 might've actually worked as a tv show intro

XuRpUsACID : My initials are KP so this video is extra awesome for me haha

SeanMcG : still better than the Lazarus effect

yggiz06 : Doesn't this guy rap now?

Perris Avallon : It's been 10 years, and I still don't entirely understand this video.

Tanner Neal : Right after my girlfriend and I watched this, she took her shirt off.

░KenLinx░ : I remember when I used to watch this and didn't know what Parkinson's disease was. I didn't understand this video at all until now. XD

First name Last name : I think Parkinson's is funny

ZyxthePest : I'm glad these don't have the Mystery Team thumbnails anymore. Possible reunion sketches/shows coming up?

Marcus Wong : GAMBINO

iRONSiTH : Not only did I see this for the first time 12 years ago, I also secured my first class ticket to Hell.

Herman Cardenas : I shouldn’t laugh, but I did.

Tyrese Spruill : WHATS THE NAME OF THE BEAT!!!???

Safe, Healthy, and Happy : I kinda felt bad

syllas x : 0:48 is the sound of someone busting a nut

space unicorn : Ok at the end its not funny anymore..... Its just..... Sad. Poor kp

Not Sure : I remember when this came out, I thought it was the funniest thing and showed my friend, and of fucking course her uncle had Parkinson’s and KILLED HIMSELF BECAUSE OF IT. So yeah. She uh... she didn’t like it. At all.

AJ : Now hes in Star Wars lol

pomegranate : just found this and I love it

lopezanator : this is america

Jarrick Williams : He was so Happy before the Parkisons kicked in. ;(

Gan : Im going to hell for laughing at all of this

JadonVGaming : THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!!

diamond derp : is that actually donald glover?

Julian Briseno : In the community movie we're gonna find out this was a troy and ahbed production

cucumbercool88 : "this is america"

sama flame : This is America

The Golden Waffle : Did he mongo push

William McGinnis Whetten : Is this America???

TheThatoneguy12121 : The power is in the pouch. Respect it!


Blake Cooper : DAT MOOG

MultiMonologue : I love how everything was deliciously borderline offensive 10 years ago. It's still so goddamn funny haha!