Sam visits his brother at Windsor Castle guarding the Queen!

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For all of you loving “If I could go back”, here’s a clip from our series "The Specials"! In this clip from Episode 2 of Season 2, Sam visits his younger brother Jack who is at Windsor Castle guarding the Queen... Watch the entire series now at

Comments from Youtube

Marty Mahem : How absolutely adorable.

Dark Night : That must of be hell not being able to talk to him

Jeenius IAMa : That was sooooo cool! Love it

Olli Smith : Awwwwww... He is so adorable, especially when he got scared, and ran to hug his brother

You are Da poop : This warmed my hart

Glive123 : Very touching video

Sarah Brennan : Ah.. so sweet it brought a tear to my eye ❤️😍❤️

John Walsh : Proud brother meets proud brother.

Jim LOFTS : Bless you, Sam!

eath nowen : Who ever put thumbs down go die

TheShmarny : This video is a proof that brothers are better then sisters -.-

Mark Miller : when they talk about queen and country , this is what they are talking about. long live the empire.

kai corfield : The bit we're he ran to Jack made my day

Nightwing. : We have similar guards in Denmark.

Yetty Betty : We need more of this kind of stuff in the world xx

Rich Reynolds : If that didnt put a tear in your eye, your not human.

davyjones68 : Best video on YouTube, lump to the throat stuff.

Walter White : Too short. But very sweet.

Wilhelm lll : Lovely brothers. Their parents must be proud. Regards from Germany. 😊

John Rose : I don't know how I stumbled across this video but it's very awesome and super sweet. Made me chuckle when he jumped after taking the photo.

Tranquil Tarquin : Refreshing having things like this popping into a usually horrendous Youtube feed.....Very heart warming indeed! :-)

The warior of Cheat in MCPE : Brother meeting older brother

ben osowski : I just love when military members allow these moments for these people with disabilities it was really nice seeing his fellow service men being able to help his brother out

Jay Faye : He is soo cute i cant😢💟❣💙

googleisshittoss : Fab stuff!...made my day that :)

Triggers : Sometimes i wish i had a brother :( but i dont

ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual : love british people

Suga Blossom : It must’ve taken everything he had not to smile or hug his brother on duty. At least he got the hug in the end! 🖤

Menwan Cellos : Brings tears to my eyes. So much respect. What professionalism from Her Majesty's service members. Chapeau! Allowing such reunion is amazing. Love from France.

Mike Palacios : So cool

Tom Murphy : From smiles and “Aw’ at 12 seconds, to big grin and tears at 1min 30 seconds. Cockles heartily warmed 😀

Clank & Ratchet : That is REAL love right there. Brotherly love.... My god, brought tears to my eyes...

Alan07881 : This really is the best video on youtube, no grater bond than brothers in this world.

Clarissa Perez : All Hail Britannia🤗

Anouk Aelbrecht : Ugh my cheeks hurt from smiling!! Xxx loved this

Street Spitzley : I love London! It is my favourite city in the world! I love England! I love the UK, and I love the British! God save the Queen! Respect to the guards! Love their fuzzy bearskins. I see London, I see France, I see my UK flag underpants. 😂

Andy K : Thank you guys for that. BIG THANKS !!!!

AintDat SomeShit : I almost made it through without crying then the hug. . . . It got me

DeSoto392Hemi : Lovely clip. Very heartwarming.❤😉

Tommy Blur : Wow, I loved this nothing better than a bond of two brothers. Made me laugh a little when he stamped his foot and shit him up a little 😂❤️😂❤️

Aluxnder : Damn, they make the guards sleep in a dirty billet outside a bloody palace. Disrespectful

Rhone Illinez : Respect guys!!

David Harrison : good lad Sam , your doing a fantastic job looking after your brother . keep up the great work .

bens1045 : Aww so nice

Alasdair Mcgavin : Fantastic, excellent, first class, champion.

Diana Williams : That was so sweet. So much love between two brothers.

CardinalKaos : That was EXACTLY the eye-bleach I needed just now; thank you so much. Those are just good brothers, to each other.

British Republican Party : God bless him

futuristic 87 : This was one of the best videos ive ever seen on youtube the bond of brothers is something special for sure !!