Sam visits his brother at Windsor Castle guarding the Queen!

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Jeenius IAMa : That was sooooo cool! Love it

You are Da poop : This warmed my hart

Olli Smith : Awwwwww... He is so adorable, especially when he got scared, and ran to hug his brother

Marty Mahem : How absolutely adorable.

Glive123 : Very touching video

Billy bobby Rissy Rossy : That must of be hell not being able to talk to him

Sarah Brennan : Ah.. so sweet it brought a tear to my eye ❤️😍❤️

Siobhan Parker : So good this young man was allowed to visit & film this! Soldiers didn't talk down to him& he's really proud of his brother

Mark Miller : when they talk about queen and country , this is what they are talking about. long live the empire.

Jim LOFTS : Bless you, Sam!

eath nowen : Who ever put thumbs down go die

Nightwing. : We have similar guards in Denmark.

John Walsh : Proud brother meets proud brother.

Anouk Aelbrecht : Ugh my cheeks hurt from smiling!! Xxx loved this

Walter White : Too short. But very sweet.

Yetty Betty : We need more of this kind of stuff in the world xx

ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual : love british people

Wilhelm lll : Lovely brothers. Their parents must be proud. Regards from Germany. 😊

The warior of Cheat in MCPE : Brother meeting older brother

Street Spitzley : I love London! It is my favourite city in the world! I love England! I love the UK, and I love the British! God save the Queen! Respect to the guards! Love their fuzzy bearskins. I see London, I see France, I see my UK flag underpants. 😂

Aluxnder : Damn, they make the guards sleep in a dirty billet outside a bloody palace. Disrespectful

kai corfield : The bit we're he ran to Jack made my day

Clarissa Montalban : All Hail Britannia🤗

John Rose : I don't know how I stumbled across this video but it's very awesome and super sweet. Made me chuckle when he jumped after taking the photo.

TheShmarny : This video is a proof that brothers are better then sisters -.-

Makayla Palacios : So cool

KeeRBLX : Sometimes i wish i had a brother :( but i dont

bens1045 : Aww so nice

Elizabeth Hardesty and Jessica Reborcom Rivercome : Wow so hart warming 😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍

Captain John : When almost every comment is hearted

Jack W : This is so nice ❤️

googleisshittoss : Fab stuff!...made my day that :)

futuristic 87 : This was one of the best videos ive ever seen on youtube the bond of brothers is something special for sure !!

TheHBP : Is there a full video of this

Doodle Dino : It must’ve taken everything he had not to smile or hug his brother on duty. At least he got the hug in the end! 🖤

John Dowd : Absolutely MAGIC well done everyone crying like a baby.

Kushy224 : How does this have dislikes???

Clank & Ratchet : That is REAL love right there. Brotherly love.... My god, brought tears to my eyes...

Empire of Lanzantonia : God bless him

Alex lee : Lovely video but I think the name of the show just labels the "people" in it as something different.

Dodders : Why does this vid have dislikes

Darius Molnar : Why did I cray good bless you sam

Jay Faye : He is soo cute i cant😢💟❣💙

Diana Williams : That was so sweet. So much love between two brothers.

ronald leydic : What a blessing to see this God has blessed us with these children and we should be so lucky to have been blessed by God Thank you Lord

Stussy H : Brother in arms . Beautiful

Adelaide Dupont : You lot are a highlight of #31for21 / #dsam. #thespecials #coldstreamguards #ificouldgoback

Charlotte : Awe so touching

Tom Murphy : From smiles and “Aw’ at 12 seconds, to big grin and tears at 1min 30 seconds. Cockles heartily warmed 😀

BLADE : that was sweet thing to do