Full Metal Jacket Drill Sergent's Rant

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Scsigs : You can see Vincent D'onofrio trying not to laugh when the sargent's talking to him.

Old Cyril The Gaming Grandpa : The greatest 6 mins in cinema history

ejl423 : R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey

Lazy : "Because here you are all equally worthless"

Mark Andrew : What makes this great is that Ermey made it up on the spot.

KingpinPasta : "There is no racial bigotry here" "They don't serve fried chicken and watermelon on a daily basis in my mess hall"

TwilightVixen : best improvised scene in movie history

Kyle McFarland : This scene was improvised as f$#^. Shout-out to Gunny R. Lee Ermey for his unapologetic repertoire of motivating, foul-language littered rants. He probably could have turned every actor in that squad bay into a Marine in real life, like he did in the movie.

FilmFan E : I know that movie is quite serious but this scene makes me laugh every time.

loldozer : This man, who has been an actual sergeant, completely improvised this speech. That's some skill right there.

Dion Van Der Loo : ''Here you are all equally worthless'', Love it.

Super Saiyan Machoke : I bet in real life he is one of the nicest people

kl316 : The Drill Sergent passed away. Now he is telling Jesus to choke himself.

antonchieka m : HOW TALL ARE YOU PRIVATE?! ''5 FOOT 9 SIR! 5 FOOT 9? I DIDNT KNOW THAT THEY STACKED SHIT THAT HIGH! best fucking drill sergeant scene

Juan Gil : Can you imagine this scene begin shot today with all this PC culture BS??? Half the shit he said would have cause a shit storm.

Zydrake Shogun : RIP Drill Sgt.

TRIPPY VISIONS : this is really true .discipline would make you strong

SkuntSauce : after the drill sargeant gets shot the movie blows

Liam the Marching Band Guy : 1:49-1:51 “the fairy fucking godmother said it” lol

John Wayne Patterson : Who disliked this video?? Private pile, Coronel Sanders, Private snowball and lawrence of Arabia

Fluffy Bunny : Sir! Rest in Peace! Sir!

Nostalgic Maggot : 0:57 My view on life.

Ben noneofyourbeeswax : no matter how many times i watch this scene it's still funny

Big Game Shane : RIP Sergeant Hartman 😔

JumpinJackFlash1989 : 13 thumbs down? Must be the SJW's triggered by the gay jokes and ethnic slurs

Thischannelisdead : I WANT TO JOIN THE ARMY ! *watches this scene* Never mind...

drandomvideocritic : Sarge from Toy Story in his prime

Kristoff Bjorgman : Why does this Drill Sergeant sound like the Soldier from TF2?

Ken Dergan : The United States Marine Corps has Drill Instructors, not Drill Sergeants.

Humbers : Anyone rewatching this after seeing Hacksaw Ridge? :D

AequitasSaints : R. I. P Gunny. You will be missed.

Gamer Catolico : Private Leonard had a grin on his face because of the outstanding acting of the Sargeant.

squirmythedawg11 : man, this movie was amazing XD

erccool : It's funny how he says there's no racism, yet proceeds to say racial slurs and says Fried Chicken and Watermelon is not served in the mess hall. lol

RedBelle Mage : Am I wrong that Sergeant Hartmann was one of my favorite characters? In his own way he did his bit for racial equality. He considered them equally worthless and insulted them equally.

Nightwing 22 : Try not to laugh. IMPOSSIBLE EDITION!!!!!

runrunshaw33 : Rip gunny

Bombee : 2:58 when you step on a lego.

Stealthbomb : When real life meets the big screen.

I Slunse : Rip R. Lee Ermey

DeltaWarrior : I will unscrew your head and s*it down your neck.. 😂😂😂

Joe Mama : Rip gunny.

wam bam : RIP

ravn87 : What's the big deal about "sargeant" v. "instructor"? tomato, tomahto. They punch, yell, scream, insult, torture, and build kids into grown-arse country-defenders. They're war-survival trainers.

Charlie Speth : always makes me smirk

Kill Switch : 4:32 Lmao my friend lawrence and i were watching this 😂

Dave Mata : If this sergeant is in the NBA, he will be a better trash talker than MJ, Bird and Reggie combined.

Manny Flicek : What a great script

brian griffin : Im sure this has been posted before but he did this off script, he just went with it no scripts just went with it How i know is i have a Senior VP at work that was in the marines and a drill sergeant, that told me about it, that is pretty awesome. And he remembers that island, no way out no way in as he stated, just wanted to share that piece of info, i found it pretty kewl to know about the island.

Bestn8ivealive : “You’re the lowest form on earth. You’re not even human fuckin beings.” RIP Gunny