Old vice Restoration
This weekend i finished this beautiful vice found at flea market I give a new life to it was very rusty now shine with his new Green Jad paint

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Do you like the sound of birds combined with the sound of the tools? This is a Heavy Duty bench vise made by BISON-SIAL S.A in Poland. I found this rusty vise at flea market and cost me 10 euro, a very good price, because on ebay i found in much bad shape for 180$. This one was in very bad shape, very rusted and blocked. After appling penetrating oil this vise start to moove litle by litle but very hard. To remoove paint from it i utilize some paint stripper ,a plastic tool and a metal brush.To make the same almost original lock i chose to utilize a high quality paint from Hammerite, the color was Green Jad, this color is so beautiful and very strong, i think i will make more tools with it. I hope you like this restoration! Index of operation and materials: 00:01 presentation 01:57 disassembly 02:31 start cleaning 02:47 removing the jaw 03:35 cleaning with soapy water 04:39 removing the paint 05:46 buffing the parts with metal wire wheal 06:29 removing rust from sensible parts 07:22 cleaning the jaws 08:02 degreasing 08:16 appling the HAMMERITE paint 09:53 second coat of paint 10:26 start assembling the vise 13:03 the result If you like this restoration please share and subscribe Disclaimer: I am no professional. I am completely self taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or constructive criticism and suggestions . #RESTORATION #Vise #Bison


Garaz Potworny : many thanks from Poland for the second life of this vise.

TysyTube Restoration : Hey guys i really appreciate your interest for my video, i want to know if you like the birds 🐦 song combined with the sounds of the tools 🛠 ? Thank you so much 😊

Mark Booket : For some reason, "Poland Vice" never went over as well as "Miami Vice".

robot797 : maybe do bird sound with grinder WAY WAY in the background

John JeiJei : Bird song, definitely. You can overlay the grinder at a much lower volume, just so it won't be that quiet. I love hearing the clickety-clack of the tools, it brings a new layer of reality to the work you're doing, but if the sound is too harsh or loud, it's annoying, and it detracts from the quality of the video. As for your camera, sounds like a white balancing issue. Try setting WB manually to fluorescent/LED or whatever type of light you have in your shop, and see if it happens again. If you shoot in fully automatic mode, take an hour or so and play with the settings to find a programmed mode (or even fully manual) that works for you.

Captain Dog : from restoration to saving a bug life

Andrewjcm : If you ever notice your camera goes orange, hold a piece of white paper in front of it. It's a white balance issue since you most likely have Auto White Balance turned on, it's referencing something blue, probably your gloves, as white. So use a white sheet of paper to fix the orange color.

Zło piekielne z Niemiec : 1:29 I know This bug is Pyrrhocoris apterus

MarciN Rychlik : Porządne polskie imadła!

Slawomir Wroblewski : I like these twitting birds, as background sounds ;)

ArcanoID : Во время съемок этого видео не один клоп-солдатик не пострадал))

Бесконечность Вечности : Отлично forever

Dominik : 🇵🇱 POLAND 🇵🇱 is my country. I LOVE ❤️

FirstDagger : 1:29 Pyrrhocoris apterus aka Common Fire Bug 7:32 White balance issue

WoulfShadowGaming : My grandpa always called those Box Elder Beetles. He had a bush or a tree that they would flock to by the millions Edit: oh wait I forgot you were in Europe, it couldn't be that type of bug.

Hubert Judeaux : nice job but next use drill bit to take off rivets it s funny because i was restored few bench vise and c clamp with same jade green

정기윤 : I like grinder sound. because somehow i feel comfortable with this sound.

Martin Murphy : That is just so satisfying to watch. I love the birds...thank you for your work!

сергей данилов : прикольный жучок

Анатолий Снежань-Бабай : Уважаю таких трудяжек!

George Dennison : I discovered something a number of years ago, when I was researching vises in a new catalog from an industrial supplier. More expensive vises, both bench and milling type use a Torrington thrust bearing between then handle knob and the pressure point on the vise. What do I mean? At 12:30, when he replaces the Acme shaft into the vise, a Torrington would be placed on the shaft, before insertion. Then, when tightening the vise, you will never have to use a hammer on the handle to get it tight enough. You will also never have to use something to hammer it loose, and for all of us old timers with aching, painful wrists, that is a blessing. For you young guys, it might keep you from crying when your wrists hurt so bad, you want to scream. I spent almost ten bucks for all the Torrington bearing I needed to install them in every vise I own. Even the cheap little red vise which had permently became a doorstop, (we all have one, they're always such a good deal, 0.50 at a garage sale, you can't resist. Then you use it, and it gets repurposed. The Torrington upgrade even turned the doorstop back into a usable vise. The difference is astounding. I recommend everyone upgrade their vises. I guarantee you WILL feel good about the expense, and time.

Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada : Waited the whole video to hear the Mazurek Dąbrowskiego. May be next time.

Вяча : тебе необходим пескоструйный аппарат

Tomasz Baran : Dobra robota. :)

Tom Kullmann : ist ein feuerkäfer

JadeStrawberry : Great job! You breathed new life into the old vise.

Zoronoa Roro : 5:51 - Bird singing is pleasant, but the grinder is far too loud. BTW. Greetings from Poland :D

Maxcriger : Depuis que je suis petit j'ai toujours entendu le nom de "Gendarmes" pour ce genre d'insectes...

James Shramek : Have you tried calling the bug Semore? Or tried calling him by another name?

sam VS Wild67 : Hello, ton insecte est un gendarme (ou pyrrhocore). Merci pour le partage!

MENWORLD2000 : For the first time i finished watching this video in hardly 2 mins. I didnt enjoyed. Try doing something different. Something antique. I will not give u a thumbs down but i will not give you a thumbs up also. I know your caliber. Good luck with your next project (NO LANTERNS OR VISE).

jackie bholat : I like the birds and I sincerely hope that you are using some noise protection so you don’t damage your hearing🤔. I also wanted to say thanks for being nice to the little 🐛

Hey You : They say that you should let go of old vices, but I’m glad you didn’t. Great video as always. The grinder

Tina Mdot : The bug is an european firebug, Pyrrhocoris apterus

Martin J. SLOVAKIA : grinder sound is horrible , kurwa :)

Philippe Constantin : Good job. The Bug: binomial name: "Pyrrhocoris apterus", in french: "gendarme", "diable" or "cherche-midi". ;)

Eduardo Oliver : Ficou ótimo! Eu tenho um aqui em casa e vou restaurá-lo também, se bem que o modelo que eu tenho aqui é maior e com mais peças e está bem mais danificado pelo tempo do que esse que voce restaurou, mas espero que fique tão bom como esse! Um grande abraço do Brasil!

Anastasios Pappas : The little bug you found, in Greece we call it paschalitsa, which means easter-bug.

Archean : Oh yeah his name is Terry.

William Lane : If you invest in a media blast cabinet this video would be over in 5 minutes.....just sayin

TakiJedenKoleś : Made in Poland ❤️

Sanket Gawankar : Hey How do you decide when to use MC-51 or to use wire grinder? :D I was thinking you will use MC-51.

510. Jon : Blood Cuhz Bug 😎

His Masters Voice : That was 6/10. Very nice. My mechanics vice restoration was a 10/10. But I subscribe anyway!

W Jankess : If you want the vise to come back to Poland, let me know. Nice job. Pozdrawiam z Polski 😋🇵🇱

Lorene Hughes : Wonderfully satisfying to see it sliding in so smoothly at the end! I think the sound of the grinder is just fine but keep it quieter... This all takes me back to watching my grandad fixing things on the farm... Thank you!

Violet Freund : I like the grinder sound personally. The birds are a nice touch tho. I find your restoration videos soothing and inspiring. Keep up the great work! I look forward to all your videos

Stricken174 : it seams that peugeot makes great cars, pepper grinders and grinding machines)))

scoobysnax : definitely prefer the grinder. it's very relaxing. if it's issue, maybe you could sort of muffle the sound on those parts so it's not as harsh?