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my mechanics : Very nice to see someone actually uses the right oil to loosen stuck parts, not like all the other idiots spraying WD-40 like crazy 😆 Good job man, it came out very nice. Btw i loved that part with the bug 😍

TysyTube Restoration : Hey guys i really appreciate your interest for my video, i want to know if you like the birds 🐦 song combined with the sounds of the tools 🛠 ? Thank you so much 😊

FirstDagger : 1:29 Pyrrhocoris apterus aka Common Fire Bug 7:32 White balance issue

mac1980ification : many thanks from Poland for the second life of this vise.

Maxcriger : Depuis que je suis petit j'ai toujours entendu le nom de "Gendarmes" pour ce genre d'insectes...

robot797 : maybe do bird sound with grinder WAY WAY in the background

Andrewjcm : If you ever notice your camera goes orange, hold a piece of white paper in front of it. It's a white balance issue since you most likely have Auto White Balance turned on, it's referencing something blue, probably your gloves, as white. So use a white sheet of paper to fix the orange color.

Martin J. SLOVAKIA : grinder sound is horrible , kurwa :)

MegaGamer PvP : from restoration to saving a bug life

JadeStrawberry : Great job! You breathed new life into the old vise.

Aurélien Le Cardinal : Un gendarme? 🤔

TakiJedenKoleś 1 : Made in Poland ❤️

Nacho Franc : you and my mechanics are probably the best restorators on YouTube.

TJ'S WOODWORKING SHOP : Hey my brother awesome project it's like new good job :)

John JeiJei : Bird song, definitely. You can overlay the grinder at a much lower volume, just so it won't be that quiet. I love hearing the clickety-clack of the tools, it brings a new layer of reality to the work you're doing, but if the sound is too harsh or loud, it's annoying, and it detracts from the quality of the video. As for your camera, sounds like a white balancing issue. Try setting WB manually to fluorescent/LED or whatever type of light you have in your shop, and see if it happens again. If you shoot in fully automatic mode, take an hour or so and play with the settings to find a programmed mode (or even fully manual) that works for you.

James Shramek : Have you tried calling the bug Semore? Or tried calling him by another name?

MarciN Rychlik : Porządne polskie imadła!

Habelschwerdt : Gratulacje! Dobra robota! Pozdrowienia z Polski!!!

Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada : Waited the whole video to hear the Mazurek Dąbrowskiego. May be next time.

TJ'S WOODWORKING SHOP : Hey my brother I support you and I hit that bell to, I like your videos they are so awesome later I will bee watching ok :)

Zło piekielne z Niemiec : 1:29 I know This bug is Pyrrhocoris apterus

Mohamed Mimed : the bird song are better than de grinder noise , specially when i use headphones

정기윤 : I like grinder sound. because somehow i feel comfortable with this sound.

Rhetorical Oracle : The name of that bug is J.S. Herbert Finkelstein Jr. III.

Hubert Judeaux : nice job but next use drill bit to take off rivets it s funny because i was restored few bench vise and c clamp with same jade green

Rich H : Beautiful job! Question: The metal handle seemed a little pitted. Would you ever sand those pits out? Also, on the metal handle like that, have you ever used any type of clear-coat to protect the metal and keep it from rising? Obviously you wouldn’t use a clear coat finish on steel parts that you would hammer on, and you wouldn’t use it on the jaws; but, on the handle like that, it might be useful. Just wondering if you’ve ever used something like that to protect an exposed metal surface. And, if you have used a clear coat, what brand that is durable enough?

Koks09 : I have this same bison vise in garage 😀

loxxxton poxxxton : Great resto amazing what you can do with just hand tools! Did the lady bug make it? Bird song better than machine noise. Cant wait for the next one. Thank you

Filipe Silva : I have that same exact vise. Awesome work!

Tomasz Baran : Dobra robota. :)

RM 72 : 1:31 it is a pyrrhocore in french, I don't know how we call its in english but I think it's the same name

The Snake In The Garden : am i the only one that doesn’t just love the videos’ content but also the guy that makes them? 😍

notxarb21 : Very entertaining video, and excellent results! I enjoy watching your videos--you do very nice work, and I like your sense of humor!

Аноним : А ты можешь хотя бы музыку вставлять

Thomas Ravenscraft : I see you took my advice and stayed as close to original as possible on the color.. Vise looks good nice work!!

Archean : Oh yeah his name is Terry.

Raw Bacon : What's the reason for not painting the whole bottom? Is that a grounding thing for welding?

Nincadalop : I like watching yours and my mechanics videos. Shows how you can restore tools in multiple ways.

Ru Dee : The camera problem is White Balance settings, try to use other setting than AWB (Auto White Balance) one

Gone Zapatero : Looks really nice now, Thank Great video

Allx : <3

Sam Tillinghast : Wish the plaque was remounted nicer

Alexander Springer : Might be the white balance setting on your camera that makes everything seem more orange. You can try and switch to auto or if it is in auto try one of the other options, like indoor. You can also color grade your video footage afterwards.

Leoni van Eeden : It's a little pumpkin beetle xx

demolishedman50 : bird song

Vampira : Awsome job! I will honestly thank You for editing out the grinder sound, most other channels just left it as it is wich result in a realy, realy loud and unpleasnt sound when those macines turns on if i tune in my speakers to normal talking levels... ha ha

FordyBuh1234 : The orange is caused by your camera trying to compensate for the blue from your latex gloves

Le'Jackal Creations : Looks a lot like what is called a cucumber beetle in the states, but as far as I know those are native only to the U.S. and Canada not sure where your located but yeah,

Виктор Васильев : Не забыл наверное переселить паучка в новые тиски.

reap62 : Thats a really nice workbench, if you have the real estate maybe restoring an all metal work station to use with these dirtier and more heavy duty restorations would be a good idea