Old vice Restoration

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my mechanics : Very nice to see someone actually uses the right oil to loosen stuck parts, not like all the other idiots spraying WD-40 like crazy 😆 Good job man, it came out very nice. Btw i loved that part with the bug 😍

TysyTube Restoration : Hey guys i really appreciate your interest for my video, i want to know if you like the birds 🐦 song combined with the sounds of the tools 🛠 ? Thank you so much 😊

Garaz Potworny : many thanks from Poland for the second life of this vise.

FirstDagger : 1:29 Pyrrhocoris apterus aka Common Fire Bug 7:32 White balance issue

Mark Booket : For some reason, "Poland Vice" never went over as well as "Miami Vice".

Captain Dog : from restoration to saving a bug life

Maxcriger : Depuis que je suis petit j'ai toujours entendu le nom de "Gendarmes" pour ce genre d'insectes...

Andrewjcm : If you ever notice your camera goes orange, hold a piece of white paper in front of it. It's a white balance issue since you most likely have Auto White Balance turned on, it's referencing something blue, probably your gloves, as white. So use a white sheet of paper to fix the orange color.

John JeiJei : Bird song, definitely. You can overlay the grinder at a much lower volume, just so it won't be that quiet. I love hearing the clickety-clack of the tools, it brings a new layer of reality to the work you're doing, but if the sound is too harsh or loud, it's annoying, and it detracts from the quality of the video. As for your camera, sounds like a white balancing issue. Try setting WB manually to fluorescent/LED or whatever type of light you have in your shop, and see if it happens again. If you shoot in fully automatic mode, take an hour or so and play with the settings to find a programmed mode (or even fully manual) that works for you.

robot797 : maybe do bird sound with grinder WAY WAY in the background

Nacho Franc : you and my mechanics are probably the best restorators on YouTube.

MarciN Rychlik : Porządne polskie imadła!

Habelschwerdt : Gratulacje! Dobra robota! Pozdrowienia z Polski!!!

JadeStrawberry : Great job! You breathed new life into the old vise.

TakiJedenKoleś : Made in Poland ❤️

Aurélien Le Cardinal : Un gendarme? 🤔

Martin J. SLOVAKIA : grinder sound is horrible , kurwa :)

jackie bholat : I like the birds and I sincerely hope that you are using some noise protection so you don’t damage your hearing🤔. I also wanted to say thanks for being nice to the little 🐛

Friday Harlowe : Next time... "bug restoration" ? (fallait bien que je dise un truc débile... 🤣 )

Tomasz Baran : Dobra robota. :)

tierfuehrer2 : I think the name of the bug is Joe.

Zło piekielne z Niemiec : 1:29 I know This bug is Pyrrhocoris apterus

Daëmon : Poland vice is extra strong vice....

Dan E. : I think that bugs name is Karl. 😂😂😂

Sam Tillinghast : Wish the plaque was remounted nicer

정기윤 : I like grinder sound. because somehow i feel comfortable with this sound.

Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada : Waited the whole video to hear the Mazurek Dąbrowskiego. May be next time.

Hubert Judeaux : nice job but next use drill bit to take off rivets it s funny because i was restored few bench vise and c clamp with same jade green

demolishedman50 : bird song

James Shramek : Have you tried calling the bug Semore? Or tried calling him by another name?

Archean : Oh yeah his name is Terry.

loxxxton poxxxton : Great resto amazing what you can do with just hand tools! Did the lady bug make it? Bird song better than machine noise. Cant wait for the next one. Thank you

Zoronoa Roro : 5:51 - Bird singing is pleasant, but the grinder is far too loud. BTW. Greetings from Poland :D

ЛЮТЫЙ ВЯТИЧ : хуйня , переделывай!

Сергей Бондарик : Где реставрация ? Губки в отличном состоянии .эти тиски практически не работали.

TJ'S WOODWORKING SHOP : Hey my brother awesome project it's like new good job :)

jannanos : In Germany we call these bugs "Feuerwanzen"

Maxwell : Great job

Ru Dee : The camera problem is White Balance settings, try to use other setting than AWB (Auto White Balance) one

Game Liuetenant : The only vice I know is the very bad journalism one

TJ'S WOODWORKING SHOP : Hey my brother I support you and I hit that bell to, I like your videos they are so awesome later I will bee watching ok :)

Arnoldo Lorenzo : I like the birds

Christopher F : I have this same bison vise in garage 😀

Mohamed Mimed : the bird song are better than de grinder noise , specially when i use headphones

Filipe Silva : I have that same exact vise. Awesome work!

Rhetorical Oracle : The name of that bug is J.S. Herbert Finkelstein Jr. III.

OO O : The sound off birds is better. Thanks

Allx : <3

The Snake In The Garden : am i the only one that doesn’t just love the videos’ content but also the guy that makes them? 😍

ты мой Ангел : Отлично forever