The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET
The Game the NFL doesnt want anyone to remember Horrible referee screw job

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Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video. Go to for a free trial and when you’re ready to launch, go to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. In 2001, the Browns played the Jaguars in the infamous game known as "bottlegate". After a shocking decision made by the referees, the stadium erupted and began throwing bottles at anyone and everyone on the field. This video gives the full story on what exactly took place on this fateful day. Check me out on Twitter: Welcome to my channel! My videos are all things football. Hypothetical scenarios, game and player breakdowns, predictions, and football stories. If you like my videos be sure to subscribe and let me know what you think down below! Music by: Epidemic Sound


Uno Reverse Card : 2001 Was the year America wants you to forget.

Cystic :D : Janitor: am I a joke to you?

Bullet House : I don’t even know anything about Football but this is hella entertaining, keep up the work 👍

Jordan Amrhein : I’d be throwing the people next too me on the field

Tylersaurand : A game so badly handled it's crushed Cleveland's postseason hopes for the rest of the century.

Joseph Moore : "We just saw a guy get his head split open..." footage whatsoever.... works for major news network....

Robert H : If the NFL wanted the players and wraps to come back on the field they should have reversed the call. Once a play has been played you can't go back and look at a play before. The referees are lucky they didn't get lynched

King B Topps : This video talks about a game in 2001 and the video itself is 9 mins 11 seconds long (9:11). The coincidence tho.

PoopyHead 69 : Of all the stupid refs that should be fired, only the ones in the Saints-Rams game deserve it more than these ones.

DeadTownManifesto1985 : Oh so that's why they don't sell beer in bottles at stadiums anymore.

Johnny Roberts : Gross incompetence by NFL officials

iron life : If we reacted that way in Detroit over bad calls , we'd have to riot ever game! Lol good for the browns fans,I'd have done the same thing!

Luc Lee : "You're only hurting yourself by throwing stuff on the field." Who would have thought they had a canned response to this

Lucas Baxter : Wow, the "America Online" Backdrop of the interviews makes me feel old lol

John Mailand : The Browns fans throw better than a lot of Browns quarter backs over the years

Cody Eble : What the fans did wasn't right but at the same time you are professional officials at the highest level.. there's no excuse for the fans knowing the rules better than you..

Infinity 58 : possibly the single worst official call in history not only did that go back 2 plays which isnt allowed but on top of that ruled a clearly complete pass as incomplete

Karl Kristopher : The refs should have been forced to clean up the stadium while the fans all chanted “Shame!... Shame!... Shame!” the whole time. 🤣😂😜

Michael Harrison : "Respectable 6-6 record" In terms of Cleveland sports, I guess

RickyPro : Why you don’t sell glass bottles at sports games

Jason Schneider : Officials got what they deserved. Lucky fans didn’t rush field

Scotty P : This was a total mess all the refs should have been fired..the common fan knows once another play is run you can’t go back to another what a joke

James Barnes : Still not as bad as 10 cent beer night at the indians game hahaha

Kull Guy : 0:32 when they run into the tunnel at the top left there are two guys fighting

Kasen Hurst : The NFL is a complete joke. Now. And forever

OriginalGrasshopper : Cleveland also hosted the infamous “10 cent beer night” at an Indians game in 1974!

Jaret Davis : My dad and brother went to that game, what's scary is my brothers a jags fan

shawnda mccormick : .26 dude in the blue about did the limbo. Idky but th@ tickled me. That's the BROWN'S for ya!

Big Chungus : Legends say they’re still throwing bottles till this day Thanks for 490 likes

Muscle Man : You know what else the NFL wants you to forget? mY MoM

TheSurgePhoenix : It should have been ruled a no-contest due to interference

Chocolate Blunt Boy : And the game is still corrupt as ever all these years later ......

Jeffery Panman : It took 18 years more to prove the NFL is fixed. Any doubt? Watch Saints vs. Rams 2019.

Positive Leonine : They forced the players to go back out to a crazy mob? 10/10 showing that they care about employees

Spooky : I don't even know a single thing about football and yet I love this channel.

Sad Boi : When ur asian and dont know tf going on

Smithers712 : That's messed up. The NFL broke the number one rule

Cliff Diving Monkeys : The ironic thing is the TV graphic above the score that said "Happy Holidays" :-)

Lets get to 1500 subs with 1 video : The game the NFL wants you to forget *gets 9.9M views*

Matt Barker : This shows how stupid a lot of the NFL refs are.

shawnda mccormick : That was such a bad idea to move the Brown's. There's such a rivalry in Ohio between Bengals and the Browns and taking Browns away only leaves one home team. So yeah, they totally lost their ish! WHO DEY btw! 🐯

Charlie Baker : With all the controversial situations and Terrible behind the scenes stuff that goes on I can't find myself watching NFL I guess it's cool until you see beyond the "Fun sport"

Someone : Well I'm sure NFL isn't happy with this video going viral

watchgoose : and this was back in the days before players started kneeling during the National Anthem!

evan Metz : Owners: Nobody got hurt The announcers: somebody got hit, down, and head split open

Viewer : One day the NFL will hire good officials

Bill Blass : lol i always forget that the Ravens used to be the Browns. And that they won that Super Bowl just 3 years after leaving Cleveland. Browns fans have it tough

Ron Echols : I watched this game live. They screwed Cleveland royally

mdsaxc02 : U screwed a bunch of drunk sport fans what did u expect? Them to sing Kumbaya and hold hands? If u going blame fans then FIRE that sorry excuse of a referee.