The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET

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Mexican Andy : Who else is watching with no socks on?

David Jett : The NFL wants you to forget it because it highlights just how stupid many of their officials are.

Jack Lowe : Of all the stupid refs that should be fired, only the ones in the Saints-Rams game deserve it more than these ones.

William Yeager : Watching this after the screw job in New Orleans earlier today.

Big Chungus : Legends say they’re still throwing bottles till this day

RickyPro : Why you don’t sell glass bottles at sports games

Romeo : If I was the refs I woulda changed shirts and dipped

tuskerasdf : A dude got cracked in the head with a bottle! Anyways guys, wanna make a website? Well your in luck because this video is sponsored by Skillshare. Omg...

Haley B : And the red cup was born

Charles Kappel : Who’s watching this after the Rams Saints game Edit thx for 49 likes!!!

Gadget Inspector : I remember this game. I couldn't believe it and never saw that before. How do you go back and review a play that happened before another play? The refs were screwing the Browns all year....kind of like this year. After this game the stadium only served beer in plastic bottles.

idontgivetkachuk : I feel bad for the person that had to clean all of this up ...........

Kylene Marie : I was there that day. I had just turned 22 and it was my first Browns game EVER and in the new stadium and I froze my tail off. As Browns fans, (even then), we had been through so many “almosts,” but still carried hope. We were finally starting to - what we thought - get things turned around and get back at Art by getting OUR team to the playoffs. This was such a disgraceful day on so many levels. I chose not to drink during the game, and plastic beer bottles were relatively new then, so when they started flying through the stands, there was a moment of increased fear that ripped through the crowd, thinking they were glass. I was sitting next to a man with a small, maybe 5 year old little boy, and he put him under his seat to protect him. It broke my heart seeing that child’s face. We left the stands afraid of what would happen. I remember being scared in the parking garage as people were running through and chanting and yelling...and then the shock as we were driving away when we found out by screaming fans that the game was starting again. It was absolute chaos and a wonder the Cuyahoga didn’t burn again that night. That said, flash forward 17 years and some change, and although we’ve been through so much, I am happy we have moved on from this moment, never took it to this level again, and finally have a season to genuinely look forward to. Cleveland has an intense fan base. That’s part of the magic. 2019, baby.

Oh Yeah yeah : That was the best comment made by a owner I’ve ever heard. bUT It WaSEnT wOrLd WaR 3!😂

Bullet House : I don’t even know anything about Football but this is hella entertaining, keep up the work 👍

spelunkerd : Who thought glass bottles (as opposed to cans) for alcohol in a stadium was a good idea.

J T : The NFL wanted the Rams in the Superbowel 2019

Anita Noecker : Browns fans were right to be pissed and the bad thing is the refs really haven't gotten much better.

dzign art : I watched that whole game and the BROWNS WERE ROBBED ' AGAIN'!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET !


Ding Productions : Damn this is crazy

Braize6 : They are just lucky that this was an American football game. If this was soccer, those refs would have been shanked right there on the field for pulling a stunt like that.

Jarrell Mckeithen : January 21 2019 the referees are still cheating. Saints vs Rams missed helmet to helmet and pass interference that should have gave New Orleans 1st and 10 on the goal line

Jaydon Miszewski : The refs said something they haven't said in a NFL game before, 8:12. And, how can they review a play that happened TWO PLAYS AGO! Dang, the refs are doo doo

Jim Pelletier : So the NFL hasn't changed much...

Candid Tech TV : What are the chances this happens again this year the way the Browns are getting screwed? I give it a 60%

FoughtStatue : Hey just like the Saints-Rams game. Somehow that didn’t have as much violence, and it was in New Orleans. One of my friends was there and he said that someone did throw a bottle off of a parking garage. By the way yes I am angry I live in Louisiana and was disappointed in the refs(disappointing is an understatement).

Cody does vlogs : Packers fans would have jumped the refs

Chris 12 : Shit NFL lucky this didn’t happen after that Saints Rams game

Paul H : Good or bad officiating aside, it is still just a fucking game. The families of some of the people on the field could have easily been left Fatherless that day. A full bottle thrown from above you like this can easily kill or do serious damage. Everyone who threw a bottle that day should be very ashamed of themselves. Nobody raped their loved ones or murdered their loved ones, the refs made some bad calls. Is that any reason to try to kill them?

RobinHoodUKIP : as someone british that loves watching the nfl, this is mild compared to what we see in europe all the time.

Liska Bandurske : I didn't even live in America at the time and I had heard about this.

Dj Camz : Let this had happen in a Philadelphia Eagles home game

Cole T. : If NFL referees weren't horrible, it wouldn't get this bad

Antonio the stranger Don’t read. : Imagine if Pablo Escobar liked football those referees would be dead for realz

Nick C : I love how the T.V. had the banner "Happy Holidays"

Karen Castro : GOSAINTS saints and rams should be a videowith same title

icedleader527 : 7:37 left corner fight

Make America White Again : The 2019 game.

Edmund Spang : Really makes me think about Washington and the state of our union. We are the fans. Washington is the refs and the corporations are the owners.

Steel Penguin : I'm not even a Browns fan but this pissed me off

Mcharizardcool rules : this is why aliens dont talk to us.

Sage & Onion Butter : Whats the problem. So a few guys met up for a few beers watching a ball game. Ok things got a little wild. I guess you could say they were real jerks. On the positive side at least it wasn't World War 3. Where's Gillette when you need them.

mrkremko1 : If only the refs for the rams/saints game caught some of the garbage these zebras did

Bret Viola : It’s a good thing they didn’t sell bottles in New Orleans in the NFC championship game.

Tylersaurand : A game so badly handled it's crushed Cleveland's postseason hopes for the rest of the century.

Fergus Earley : This was on the day i was born.

Tj Samson : Am I the only one who thinks that this game pretty much haunts the franchise until these days? And I don't really blame that the Browns fans did this thing. Every fans in the world want a fair & square game which doesn't exist in referees IQ. If this happened in the Philippines then fans would surely throw coins to the field or court (it died now though) and it could easily injure their heads. Yup, those bottle throwing also happened here in the Philippines. It was even banned for a while. Hahaha!

lamborginikid412 : What ref decision do you think is more disgraceful like for this game comment for Saints vs Rams NFC Championship

Ryan Robertson : Why are bottles even allowed. Heard of cups?