The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET

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Mexican Andy : Who else is watching with no socks on?

Jeff Sartain : I do not blame the Brown fans for being pissed off.

it's true : Now I know why everybody uses plastic cups.

Tyrone Taylor : If this was a FUTBOL game in Latin America, those refs would've been dead for real.

Roe Sims : Refs are still cheating today. What's new?

RickyPro : Why you don’t sell glass bottles at sports games

Nicholas Unger : Man I would be throwing stuff too those refs were terrible and broke the rules

Owen Baird : if the browns fans were like eagles fans they would have rushed the field

drsest : This is why aliens won't talk to us.

Sean Avery : I don't blame Browns fans at all for doing that. Any fan base would have.

Ding Productions : Damn this is crazy

Von Flashover : Not enough refs were hurt

Steve Fortson : I don't think the fans were embarrassed about throwing bottles.

Vitamin Ex : If only people would do this to microtransactions in games.

Justin Johnson : Who think they should have charged the feild

Candid Tech TV : What are the chances this happens again this year the way the Browns are getting screwed? I give it a 60%

Wills Long Big Dong : Who else watching in 1989?

Jarrell Mckeithen : The NFL and college football has lost all credibility. The WWF is more real than this

Blake S : I love the AOL backdrop at the presser.

SYN : 100% the refs fault

spelunkerd : Who thought glass bottles (as opposed to cans) for alcohol in a stadium was a good idea.

Butters Mclovin : what did they expect would happened they bamboozled the city with that call...

Atomic TV : Should of rushed the field

KIM IL SUNG : U never saw Albanians getting attacked during a Serbian football game

Squiggy Wigginz : There should be more of this in football and maybe people would watch! I was at the Cincinnati vs. Cleveland game last weekend, and even though I'm a Cincinnati Bengal fan, and the game was in Cincinnati, 90% of the fans were from Cleveland and very passionate about the game. More fans need to be like Cleveland browns fans.

Gadget Inspector : I remember this game. I couldn't believe it and never saw that before. How do you go back and review a play that happened before another play? The refs were screwing the Browns all year....kind of like this year. After this game the stadium only served beer in plastic bottles.

Sam Gadoury : Their lucky this wasn’t in Phili

Hope Torres : People will understand no one got hurt (guy splits his head open)🙄

KipIngram : HOLY COW - the owner saying "Everyone controlled themselves..." What universe was he IN? That was an utter disgrace. I really hate seeing situations like that - it just shows us what a thin veneer "civilization" has on us. Apparently we're just one step away from behaving like savages. It is a GAME. I think the fans had huge reason to be upset, but the sort of behavior displayed there on the ground was NOT the right way to express it. I'm amazed it's taken me 17 years to see this. :-)

EntreproJodie Love : Irrational out of control cave people

Steel Penguin : I'm not even a Browns fan but this pissed me off

R Trivanovic : If I was the coach I would not have taken my team back onto the field.

Lubuzz Deawesome : Everyone who threw a bottle into that field that day should be ashamed of themselves. Yeah the refs were not following basic rules, but at this time I guess it was confusing to see the play to the full consent. Those people are doing their jobs. What if someone threw bottles at you at your job?

Vincent Quattro : lol my dad was at the game

wrexx : If the refs allow another play after the one in question, it’s over. Regardless if the call can be overturned. Absurd.

Tylersaurand : A game so badly handled it's crushed Cleveland's postseason hopes for the rest of the century.

Jordan Jones : Who else is watching when it’s exactly 17 years from today

ryan Gabriel : Who else wishes the refs got knocked out cold by bottles

Pete Hilerio : I don't blame the fans

dirkbonesteel : At the time Cleveland probably had the best home fan base in the country. Not kidding it was legendary.

RobinHoodUKIP : as someone british that loves watching the nfl, this is mild compared to what we see in europe all the time.

Josephiroth : As a Pittsburgh fan, I would expect nothing less from Cleveland.

tiberius1701 : If what had been done to the Browns by the officials had occurred at a soccer match in any country in the so-called civilized world, people would have been killed. Until the National Touch Football League hires PROFESSIONAL officials this sort of thing will go on. BTW, Modell should have been allowed to take the name with them. The new franchise should have been called the Cleveland Bulldogs which would have been a tip of the hat to the original Canton Bulldogs and as an aside would make the woof-woofing make sense.

Ryan Bazzi : NFL version of malice at the palace

The King of Nerds : Don't blame them, that was a bullshit call! Through grenades next time!👍

LaldoFiasco7 : Shows how fucked up the system is the fact i never heard of this game because it was the official and owners fault but the fans weren’t right at all either tho

Lazersharkmasta : If you put the OW fan base into a football game and another mercy nerf happens

Jaeden Vaccaro : I wonder if that was the game where the Browns lineman got hit in the face with a flag?????

The King of Nerds : 7:15 Haha, America online!😏

fuk tard : I should’ve known the Browns had something to do with this...