Sadhguru in conversation with Erik Solheim

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Sadhguru has chosen to speak about his campaign with the Executive Director of UN Environment, Erik Solheim, at the 2017 Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Bonn, Germany—the world’s largest gathering on sustainable land use.

Comments from Youtube

bhawesh tiwari : Sadhguru talks shows the power of clarity of thoughts and that to every problem there is a solution it is just we need to have intent and will to find the solution. Everything he says is so sharp and sensible.

Yasamin Mustamandi : Thanks Sadhguru for being what you are, our planet needs you, hopefully our countries follow your instructions as well to protect themselves.

Atisha Rathore : Sadhguru is a highly enlightened being. He is so conscious of "a life". Thats why trying in everyway possible to conserve our rivers. He knows for a fact if rivers deplete our lives will deplete.

Hicham FILALI ZEHRI : The planet needs everybody and anybody who can save it.

Sandeep Das : His words gives me hope!

Theroux deluc : how can he get all that knowledge? He connects everything with simple and complex concurrent

nav _ : He is so much valuable to world

Divye kapoor : This is the best thing I have ever seen anyone talk about nature, agriculture, economy and Government and all in sync with each other. Great insights Didn't knew Vietnam was once struggling with agriculture.

Meline Fudi : Uplifting People and Protecting Our Planet. Thanks Sadguru... aka saviour 🙏🏻

Nagarajan Ramachandran : Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev is undisputably the greatest man in the world today. Long live Sadguru.

Joshua Evans : This is good....

Raj Kumar : What Sadhguru is doing to India and to world is amazing, and I am very grateful to what he has done to me personally.Now all the people are turning towards him. And I hope we all continue to live better and happy.

amita prabhakar : His knowledge is immense.I pray that he has a long life to influence change in India.

Arun Ramakani : Excellent

MrTroposphere : Jesus said: By their fruit you know them. No ulterior motive apart from the wellbeing of all. Bless, Sadhguru, stay true to absolute truth for all of us.

Alkrizz : Follow agriculture as stated in the book One Straw Revolution. No fertilizer,no plowing,no chemicals,no machines,zero farming.

Jay Choudhury : Sadhguru is a man of immense clarity, vision and knowledge. Alas we had a men of similar character as our Agriculture minister...

venkatesh narla : I would like add one thing HERE.. about tree if your registering bland or home with tree, we need bare the registration cost for tree.. so people are not willing to pay and they are removing ....

Kartikay sharma : Nice

Madhu Sas : The interviewer is onto the point. I appreciate. Thanks.

mihir : Wonderful!!

RINCHHEN SHERPA : Sadhguru is always so inspiring. But those 8haters though 😒 some people will dislike just about anyone.

videosaala : "Indhiya"..... I like how Erik Solheim pronounces India!

Madhu Sas : Sadhguru I am with you for fpo.

MA NI : where about one-fifth of world's population live in just 2.4% of earth's land surface, there is going to be some serious inevitable adverse consequences....

SKT : Not just a brilliant and dedicated man, but also a great and very engaging communicator. Unfortunately, India is a chaotic democracy with so many lazy useless idiots in politics.

Madhu Sas : Sadhguru plz don’t cross your legs. Please.

Ketan Joshi : What you do for preserving planted trees, for watering it, etc. What is the ratio of planting trees and grown tress.

Subhasri Sutar : nice👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Sundeep Kumar : Sadguru frst time sat differently

Love Music : i hope they do break the record:)

Paritosh Pandey : The sofa is wobbly

Yashwanth : Great, just great sadguru ji.

edf edf : Srilanka government sucks anyone who ever they are and tamil people suffer from the majority

Alkrizz : Oorali song...Nammalere Kashtappedum

Vineet Mishra : Sadhuguru!!!! 🕉 🕉️ 🕉️ 🕉️ 🕉️

RZAJW : Oh my god that scandinavian accent

Vivek Pal : ratta mar ke aya hai interviewer

ulaganathan pandian : Is it all organized by event management group - a part of promoting Yoga , the business of Jaggi Vasudev ?

Suresh : I really wish to see Sadhguru as our prime minister. I'll vote any party which anounces Sadhguru as their prime minister candidate.

Nice Guy : Between 7:28 - 7:32 he says, "we planted over 32 million trees". Well it might be true on the paper, but if one comes to Tamil Nadu (TN) for a visit, he/she will be surprised that this statement is not true. If it is true, the monsoon pattern in TN would have changed drastically. One can check this on the internet and see if there is any change in the monsoon pattern over the last few years in TN. Between 29:29 - 29:33, he says outsource irrigation through corporation. Outsourcing irrigation through corporation, means the corporate companies will have all the rights on the water bodies such as rivers, lakes, ponds, etc and only if the corporate wants to give you water, it'll give and it'll give only at a price it dictates, which can never be a good idea. We all know how the corporate companies work when it comes to their profits. Having said that do not believe anything and everything you hear/read. Just apply your intelligence before believing.

deoman99 : sadhguru bluffs..most indians rich or poor never consumed enough fruit..he has no proof of anything he just keeps on blabbering..

Madhu Sas : Sadhguru plz help us before Kanakapura. People are polluting water in the name of sand mining. I can provide the proof.