Halo 3: ODST We Are ODST

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Tobsesan : Why cant we just get a whole spinoff series about ODST? I mean its a nobrainer to make a story about a team of ODST and theire try to defend the outer colonies against the covenant.

ScorpionMK11 : If they ever make a proper halo movie it should be based around odst's

Matt Daly : Don't let the title fool you this is actually a recruiting video for the United States Space Force - Orbital Drop Shock Troopers division

poiuytrewq11422 : Could you imagine a Battlefield-Halo game? ODSTs as a class, along with medics, marines, and Snipers. And Spartans could be special units found in field. And it would be Insurrectionist vs UNSC. Man, that'd be awesome.

Davide Ghirelli : this live action is simply epic..they should do more movies like this and less movies like transformers

Jose Fuego : While I hate what Halo has become in recent years, their live-action promo's from the halo 3-reach era were fucking spectacular.

Mr. Andrew : Wow, who would of thought Jaime Lannister was an ODST

Hot Communist A-10 Warthog : translation of the Welsh song, "We cheat Death from his rightful victory. No one can defeat us we are glad to plunge feet first into hell in the knowledge that we will rise"

Yosh Carrillo : when halo used to inspire valour and honor.

Trigger Happy : I know Halo is an American game series, hell I myself am American but it would be pretty awesome if they made a full movie around these Hungarian ODSTs to really show that the UNSC spans across all Earth and colonial languages. It could be primarily in Hungarian with English subtitles. Occasionally you'd have some English speaking troops mixed in where some Hungarian troops might speak English to them and some English speaking troops may know Hungarian. This helps show the human Covenant war in an even more desperate light indicating that ALL of humanity is at risk. It's kind of what I liked about Halo CE. How in CE you had all sorts of troops with different accents all fighting alongside each other. You could also show some of the darker conflicts revolving around ODSTs versus other humans, Insurrectionists. Maybe show the toll it takes on the squad. They not only have to fight alien monsters but their own kind as well. Maybe even expand a little on a scene from Forward Unto Dawn where Insurrectionist forces and UNSC are forced to fight side by side against the Covenant. A lot of Insurrectionists thought the Covenant was just UNSC propaganda until they saw it for themselves. Ugh, there are just so many good stories that you could tell with Halo and you don't even need the Spartans as main characters.

Marcus Antonius : If you want to see how far Halo has fallen compare this trailer to the weapon skins trailers for Halo 5

Stryder : Halo... I miss the majestic days of glory this series had

Trav Pearman : People say spartans never die. ODST's don't die either... they just go one circle deeper

Noble Slayer : Spartans never die And are missing in action ODSTs never die either They just go one circle deeper into hell

CannonFodder : at 1:44 you can hear han solo's blaster

h : Trump: I want a space force Me: *instantly thinks of this commercial* sign me up!

EkhidnaSkiz : Gotta love the little attention to detail at the end. The soldier we have been following so far on his story has a cracked, scarred, dirty, splintered, burnt helmet (the armor is too) symbolizing he is a veteran of a hundred battles, then we shift to who is likely a new recruit and see his polish, intact helmet and now we know he is in for hell.

Joel Valdez : I went to MEPS to join the Army and this guy was telling me that Halo basically led him to service. He's getting the ODST tatted, as well as chief holding Kortana. It's nuts how games inspire people to do things like that. Like Creed and Par Core. For me it was Gears (and yes, I'm getting a Gears tat baby).

Jonas Hemmingsson : We cheat Death from his rightful victory. No one can defeat us we are glad to plunge feet first into hell in the knowledge that we will rise. (translation for the song of anyone cares) helljumper helljumper where you been? feet first into hell and back again. When I die please bury me deep! place my MA5 down by my feet! don't cry for me don't shed no tears! just pack my box with PT gear! cuz one early morning bout zero-five! The ground will rumble, there'll be lightining in the sky! don't you worry, don't come undone! it's just my ghost on a PT run! We are ODST

USGuerilla : Man these space force recruiting ads are getting serious.

Madarame Madara : Only Death Stop Them. ODST

Starscape Studios : I used to like the Spartans the most, since they were the strongest and seemed invincible. But I now have found a love for the ODST. Them not being invincible-like makes them even better.

Hunter Richie : True lyrics to this song ( the politics and the life ) (Welsh) Gafflwn Dihenydd, o'r fuddugol yn wiriol sydd. Ni fydd neb yn ein Drechu, Falch ydy ni i drochu, Traed o flaen i'r Annwn, mewn y gwybodaeth fe godwn ni. (Translated into English) We cheat Death from his rightful victory. No one can defeat us. We are glad to plunge Feet first into hell in the knowledge that we will rise.

AntiShiny0 : i dont know why, but im like more the O.D.S.T than the spartans

AndrewTheGuy : The Spartans of Reach didn't need to jump into hell. They were already there.....

Pizza-Man : I wish Bungie would make more Halo games. 343 is making too many mistakes.

Jake Flores : That transition is so good from his youth to being older still in the fight

TargetiveChicken : I hope they make another ODST centered game, but I doubt 343 would take a step down from thier Fancy new "spartans" to do so

Neo587 : Can you imagine how it feels to know that thirty billions of your brothers and sisters died in a spatial conflict with a coalition of extraterrestrial species who want to wipe you out of the universe and your own galaxy during thirty five years. It's just too many to see each face, each personal story behind the numbers.

Alcatraze : When the son take the same way of his father

Cameron stain : that was insane I never saw this trailer

John Kerstetter : I love him putting the tattered flag under his armor. These adds were amazing

Kedith : I wish the ODST were a real thing. I'd enlist in a heart beat

trust pharaoh : why does this look better than game of thrones.. i still think they should do a series for tv..with chief actually in it

Elmer J Fapp : halo odst and reach will be remembered as the last great games before the demise of the franchise. if they do carry on with halo god help us all if odst becomes a target for 343

Snackiee : 0:50 Balra át dísz sortűz? Most veszem észre hogy ez magyar!LOL

nathantyuhv lizarraga : halo was a game pro's used to play. but ever since 343 halo turned into shit. who agreed

ultrajd : I've seen the short film God knows how many times. And I just realized something. If you take a really good look at the casket at the opening scene it actually looks like it's shaped like an Egyptian sarcophagus. You can see a clear rise in the area where the individuals feet would stick up. You can also see what appear to be areas where the shoulders would be and a pretty distinguishable part that looks to be the face. Also I actually really like the idea of a cemetery having instead of normal headstones Eternal Flames that's actually a pretty cool idea. one thing that I remember a lot of people talking about when this short first came out was they were asking why all of the Marines were not speaking English. And to that I respond by saying that the the UNSC encompasses dozens of planets with God knows how many cultures of people on them. Who's to say that the planet that this is taking part on isn't predominantly dominated by individuals that speak from what I saw or I should say heard was Hungarian. It shows that the human-covenant war is all-encompassing. I think the main reason the characters in The Games speak English is predominantly for the sake of convenience. finally I really want that dress uniform that the guys wear. I mean the armor is cool and all but I'd rather have that black dress uniform.


Madhyasta Budi : I have an assumption that the developer making this ODST based on the legendary historic regiment at WW2 called 101st airborne which are drop parachute from the airplane to unknown French and german territory. even though their number is limited and their supply often cut off from the main army because the distance between them, but they still give a hell to the German even thought the German outnumber them but still their experience and determination manage to hold of against the German Steel during WW2. just like this ODST, drop to a random area, attacking the covenant relentless even though covenant technology outclass them but still give them a very hard time. I love history man

George N : I'm only back here because trump is announcing about a space force and I'm low key hyped about it

FireDragon : The end is the best part

JnE3601 : im ODST not a Spartan never a Spartan

Drew Ivan : This is why the Covenant created the game 'Escape from Tarkov' - This ODST probably still terrifies them after the end of the War :P

Justin Smith : Space Force training

Kenmo lmao : is it me or am i the only one that would just get the chills everytime i watch it, i played every single halo game until halo 4 came out and ODST is my favorite of all time

Lone Knight : Master Chief will never be as appealing as a ODST Trooper... cause they are Expendable, and that makes you wanna cheer for them even more. Master Chief will just shrugg off a rocket and move on... and i will yawn as i destroy my 100th Covenant Scarab. ODST's are a good concept for a underdog story.

RC - 1138 • : Fire Fight anyone?

Bálint Cséplő : azta van benne magyar beszéd

Laurie Spoerer : Christopher Nolan or Steven Spielberg would be perfect for a halo film like this.