Great Wight - Not Black Enough | 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Submission

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Deutschland, mein Vaterland : This was very well done. Great job, everyone!

Jay : This is freaking beautiful.

Nued : talented !

JB P : Terrific job, stole my vote from Hobo Johnson. Best of luck!

Drederik Westlock : words can't describe how awesome this is

Hunna The Bum : nice man. I like the feeling

TLooP : NICE tone! Subscribed and following! best of luck TLooP

Pablo Kolache : Powerful, best of luck ❤️🏆

Precious Parker : Ya'll killed it!

Jaser Colin : This is beautiful. Thank you.

weakstateofmind : Strong BTMI vibes, so good

Aargg : Great song. I like it

avantijazz : Loved it. Reminded me of the heady mix of hilarity and anger and in something like Billy Bragg's Great Leap Forward.

Canaan Whitston : phenomenal stuff <3

A Day Without Love : my dudes <3

Christopher Salyers : #TINYDESKCONTEST

Radicaldreamers : 😻

Chris Leaning : Found on Reddit r/FolkPunk Great song, and great video!

Brittany : a bit humorous yet very heartfelt. i liked this a lot

Tyson Tallman : I just typed in punk zines and this site called brought me to Germany 1991 and now this.

Lord of the universe 13 : really........!!!!!!

Critix tv : The Chris Gerhard Show brought us here! 👌🏾

Chrissie Caldwell : My new theme song. Thanks Great Wight!!!

Sagge Ytits : THis needs more views.

pimpsicle305 : lol that was awesome

Adam Clark : i keep listening to this. it's so good.

Lin Hart : Looking forward to seeing you in Solingen! <3

righyan bear : Ewww blapipo