The Rentals - Friends Of P. (Video)

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Sean Doyle : You can remove the vocals and replace them with different Weezer songs and it fits beautifully... And yes I know who the members are in this band because I'm old and dying.

StillAtMyMoms : That moment when you realize hipsters lived in the 90s. If only they continued to sound like this, though. Killer track.

mrhicks957 : Weezer is a cake... And Matt sharp is the flour. Weezer without Matt sharp is not weezer. Matt sharp without Weezer is just a little bland.

Gabe Suarez : Oh. This is where the good weezer sound went. Matt Sharp really IS the key to Weezer sounding as fucking amazing as they had... I thought when people were saying that, they were exaggerating and that this band just had some of the spirit. Its got 85% of the ingredients for god sake.

Zen Jon : Ahhh...sneaking MTV and sugar cereal at 11:30 at night in 5th grade...

camflex66 : Poor guy can't get his bass started.

superrok420 : Back in the 90s I was a teenager and was attracted to what I thought were weird looking chicks. Not really ugly or pretty kinda in between. Now basically I digged hipster chicks. It wasn't just the look, it was their attitude. They were funny for the most part with a dry sense of humor. Soooo my point is when I first saw this video I wanted to have a three some with them chicks...The End!

danielscissorhands : Donald Trump is friends with Pee

Brad The DC Universe Geek : I love the awkward ending of this video. Just standing there. This video was pure nineties alt-rock hipster gold.

MosriteFlyinFingers : I get a strong Pixies vibe from this.

Neville6000 : They look like your typical Soviet rock band...

Sebastian Avila : why are those girl's nerdy look turning me on...

CrandMackerel : Fun fact: After this, Russell Crowe went on to have a high profile career as an actor.

superrok420 : Soooo this is what my friends and I looked like playing Rock Band.

Sentrydown : Why everyone is saying Matt Sharp was the reason Weezer was good, like if you were completely ignoring the existence of Maladroit, EWBAITE and White.

Big Wipeouts : I just love the sound of that Moog.

Melanie Brandt : This is the whitest thing I like.

laterite : these chicks are aubrey plaza's spirit animals.

patrick's broken glute : it wasn't Matt who caused weezer's change. it was Rivers' fault. Matt wanted to be something other than "just the bass player", and the band was slowing down at the time, so he probably didn't have much incentive to stay. Rivers regretted making the raw album, so he made the exact opposite.

rogblake1 : man you guys are dumb this is one of the best non commercial tunes ever yes the one that said devoid of emotion is right it what they were shooting for its very eastern European type with clothes and there minimal movements  I guess u have to watch lady gaga if u want to see costumes and color and crappy music

Max Legate : How are people saying this is a ripoff of Weezer since Matt Sharp was in Weezer

JisINSANE3 : I love the early 1960's school text book music class look this video has.

RedYellow Blue : those are some yummy chicks

Stephanie Crawford : I remember making music videos at sleepovers to Return of the Rentals, really fun times. :) Also, Matt has always reminded me of Joel from MST3K.

Robert Merritt : I hope this is played at Donald Trump's inauguration

Solid State : So much like Weezer.

Pacific Rain : For the guys who say Matt Sharp's departure messed up Weezer, it's not that incident that almost destroyed Weezer. It's the failure of Pinkerton. The failure of Pinkerton made Rivers Cuomo think the critics want to make him write generic pop songs. If Pinkerton did well, there will be no hiatus, more Pinkerton and Blue sounding albums instead of generic pop albums.

Jason Peter's : ahhh, 1995. Before being a hipster was pretentious

James Bell jr. : The Rentals "Friends of P "                                         "

Гитаркин : Also, this is easily the greatest music video ever recorded.

bordy217 : 46 people are friends with Q

Hector Hidalgo : i prefer the weezer versión

FantometteBR : Hipster at 90s >>> Hipsters of today

Rockett Launch : Had to watch a 30 second ad to see this. First world peoblems

Bobby Baton : One of the most underrated songs in rock'n roll history. I say the most underrated is Rocket 88.

Michael Tapp : Holy shit, this song has been stuck in my head for WEEKS. Thank you for the relief!

madmadameminx : Proto-Hipsters?

Madiha A : the blonde one's a total trump advocate now lmao

bandi53 : So that's where hipsters came from... At least these hipsters have good music.

ophidic : Those girls are not "strangely" hot, just straight up hot. It's their apathetic looks And that moog. I'd tear that girl with the moog apart.

gus ondemand : that blond chick is on overhaulin'..

Brendan Black : Maya Rudolph was in this band.

SteveEdwardCooper : Decades ago, I fell asleep on the couch one night with the TV on. Woke up at three AM, watched this video, wondered what the Hell I was looking at, fell back asleep. I spent the next few months, in the pre-internet era, trying to find this again. No one knew what I was talking about and some thought I had dreamt it. Finally I saw it a second time and found out the name of the band. It was such a relief to not only figure out who they were, but to buy the album and play this for my friends so they wouldn't think I had pulled the whole thing from a weird dream.

Eric Austin : The original Hipster!!!!!

Mikey Gray : First weezer album is what made them. So yeah the later weezer crap would not have made it if it weren't for Matt sharps contributions..

Elphyrafire : so glad this song lives on via youtube

Nickandroff : Ох да, ох да, и что же ты видишь? :facepalm:

David Newton : Great song and great video!!! Love It!!!

Benjamin Tubman : new album 2014 long live the rentals

mikeywolves1 : Matt Sharp was still in Weezer when he formed the Rentals and released his album. He was in Weezer for three more years and made Pinkerton a while after this was made. Learn your chronological history before making your half baked critiques.