Spraying Soybeans and Digging
Farmer talking about why he and other farmers usually use as little pesticides as possible

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Spraying Soybeans and Digging. I spent most of the afternoon running the sprayer and preparing a corner for some soybean planting after the neighbors had their broken tile repaired. Order Merchandise here: https://www.mnmillennialfarmer.com/ Get my sunglasses (and other cool stuff) here: https://www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AHEV3SQ5P6YU2COTRLLDZEF2KBFQ/W464BJJLJY8I I am a 5th generation family farmer from West-Central Minnesota. The recent interest in food, combined with a large amount of 'misinformation' has driven me to start this channel. I hope to be someone people can relate to and trust when they question how their food is grown and raised. I also hope to become a 'smarter' farmer through my experiences with this channel. I strongly believe we must have an open mind and a willingness to learn about others, or we cannot move forward as one. My goal is to build the connection between farmers and consumers by facilitating a collaborative conversation amongst everyone. I do this by sharing my day-to-day farming experiences, my opinions on certain topics, and occasionally visiting other farms and businesses to help better understand other farming and business practices. There is no limit to where this channel may go, so please join me!! "peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein


Korbin Arrington : I'm 15 and wear over ankle socks all year long. People say I look like a 30 year old dad. I feel ya.

Dustin Hruzek : "You guys ok?" LMAO

thedonleroy : You sure had a beautiful co-pilot with you. I really like that you include your family in your videos. Thanks for all the great videos.

Nintendo Ryan : Probably better buy a new tripod there Zach lol

TericNoah : How can you thumbs down a farming video? Egocentric nihilists!?

Collin Williams : Zack when you dropped. The camera I hit my head so not ok

Brian Schroeder : maybe a little WD Specialist on those squeaky shanks LOL

centsless fabrication : No I'm not okay you will hear from my attorney for the head trama.

Aaron Jarvenpa : Your Daughter is a cute. She is a lot like my boy as soon as a tractor starts up he's there lol . Keep up the good videos coming πŸ‘ .

Brody Foulk : My mom said that I got a concussion from when you dropped the camera

Wright farms Hoffman : A true grain farmer explains things a lot better about spraying for all the tree huggers out there ,

Ryan Mac : I wear the same thing while spraying, haters gonna hate.

Steamfan71 : Man if you had Morning Glory,Johnson grass,Chinese Latern,Coffee weed and Red weed you could complete the collection.

Jonathan B : Spraying round up then walking into the fields, and also changing the nozzle without protection ouch... I encourage you to research the cost those products have on all life, especially your own touching it like that... Be safe!

raffy1ca : Your channel is my favourite farming channel! Content, editing and information is perfect! I appreciate the time you take to make and edit these videos! Keep em coming! Cheers from Saskatchewan!

Jacob Wandless : who doesn't wear long socks with tennis-shoes and shorts? I know i do

Hoserfishing : Do some research on using low water volumes when spraying. I custom applied for over 30 yrs and experimented with alot of different methods of application. Low water volumes is where it's at for almost everything. In fact I had farmers giving me exclusive first dibs on very large farms as they did their scouting and decided after several yrs to use my machine as much as possible. 2.6 gals imperial measurement/acre down to 1.3 gpa. You do have to reduce your chemical by a fair bit as it is much more effective with top quality nozzles and low water volumes. Australia pioneered alot of this technology. They have the largest farms in the World and not alot of water.

TwoHappyChildrenFarm : Great videos. Red tip strainers saved me many times. Seems like generics gum up more than the name brands.

djwheels66 : Mmmoisture.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

DFB1990 : I really like your videos it seems I am asking myself questions and you answer all of them in your videos before I get to the end! Keep up the good work from a fellow MN viewer!

Jeffrey McGill : I wished I could be a farmer .

Powerfl Farm : Thanks Zach for your efforts on teaching people we are not out here to harm them

ReolSPro : 27000 views since yesterday? taking over no1 position with farming on YT

johndeereman65279 : No I am not ok, I think hit my head on that fall. Lol

Peter Millet : I like the way you explain everything your doing its nice for just the average person.Thank you.I very much enjoy your videos.and ilea is beautiful.

Bill The Tractor Man : No shame with the socks! I do it too. I even wear my Redwing boots, long socks, and shorts. Comfort and function is all I care about! Great video again!

brandon waldron : good job man keep up the good work

Matej : Greetings from CroatiaπŸ‘‹πŸ‡­πŸ‡· You are amazing!πŸ‘

Jason Lee : We run duals on our 4730 sprayer also Zac up until aphid spraying time there easy to take off and on and as you stated cheaper than big floater tires

Mikey Ball 56 : Your daughter has good manners

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Northern farmer : I'm suprised you dont wear gloves when handling the nozzles

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Richard Radawetz : Chemical resistant gloves. Really careless with chemicals

Pietro Lesca : I'm so impressed how big machinery you use and how much technology there's in it. I'm saying that because in my farm everything looks so small compared to your's. Our sprayer is only 12 m wide carried by a 100 hp tractor, matched with a rudimental gps sistem. But let's be honest, it does the job and that's enough for us, because here in italy we don't have such huge land extentions and it would be very difficult to handle such big machines. Anyway, great video as always. Keep on going like this Zach.

Dennis and Helen : Great video, thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family have a great 4th

Joseph Shiflett : I enjoy watching your videos because I always ride with my grandpa

Ben Drinkin : Lucky! The only highboy we have is a jd 6100. Which was an improvement over our 6000 that the standard shift between your legs.

Carlos Ortiz : I like your channel alot more than how farms work because you says hilarious things

TheCrewChief : LoLz at the long socks with tennis shoes and shorts. Although I had not noticed that until you said something about it.

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