Spraying Soybeans and Digging

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Northern farmer : I'm suprised you dont wear gloves when handling the nozzles

Cousins Outdoors : Omg your daughter is so cute

Wright farms Hoffman : A true grain farmer explains things a lot better about spraying for all the tree huggers out there ,

Korbin Arrington : I'm 15 and wear over ankle socks all year long. People say I look like a 30 year old dad. I feel ya.

TericNoah : How can you thumbs down a farming video? Egocentric nihilists!?

Jacob Wandless : who doesn't wear long socks with tennis-shoes and shorts? I know i do

Dustin Hruzek : "You guys ok?" LMAO

thedonleroy : You sure had a beautiful co-pilot with you. I really like that you include your family in your videos. Thanks for all the great videos.

Powerfl Farm : Thanks Zach for your efforts on teaching people we are not out here to harm them

Collin Williams : Zack when you dropped. The camera I hit my head so not ok

ReolSPro : 27000 views since yesterday? taking over no1 position with farming on YT

Brian Schroeder : maybe a little WD Specialist on those squeaky shanks LOL

Nintendo Ryan : Probably better buy a new tripod there Zach lol

centsless fabrication : No I'm not okay you will hear from my attorney for the head trama.

Ryan Mac : I wear the same thing while spraying, haters gonna hate.

djwheels66 : Mmmoisture.... 😂😂😂😂😂

raffy1ca : Your channel is my favourite farming channel! Content, editing and information is perfect! I appreciate the time you take to make and edit these videos! Keep em coming! Cheers from Saskatchewan!

Seth Burgess : Has any one ever here a kid say I am bord in a cab of a tractor. I never have and I never herd of that every happening.😀

Aaron Jarvenpa : Your Daughter is a cute. She is a lot like my boy as soon as a tractor starts up he's there lol . Keep up the good videos coming 👍 .

johndeereman65279 : No I am not ok, I think hit my head on that fall. Lol

Kyle McLeod : How are your radishes that you spread on your field?

tilapiastew : First, gloves and goggles when your mixing chemicals, please don't set a bad example even with relatively harmless chemicals. All chemicals should be treated with respect. Second is a video series idea, pick a field for next year and bring us all along on farming that piece of land. You could get dozens of videos by letting us see your decision making process on a particular field. Thanks, great video.

Hoserfishing : Do some research on using low water volumes when spraying. I custom applied for over 30 yrs and experimented with alot of different methods of application. Low water volumes is where it's at for almost everything. In fact I had farmers giving me exclusive first dibs on very large farms as they did their scouting and decided after several yrs to use my machine as much as possible. 2.6 gals imperial measurement/acre down to 1.3 gpa. You do have to reduce your chemical by a fair bit as it is much more effective with top quality nozzles and low water volumes. Australia pioneered alot of this technology. They have the largest farms in the World and not alot of water.

Bill The Tractor Man : No shame with the socks! I do it too. I even wear my Redwing boots, long socks, and shorts. Comfort and function is all I care about! Great video again!

Malakie Usn : I do like your philosishy on chemical use.. I can tell you though, the one corporate farm we have in my area here in Wisconsin, they don't give a shit. I have video that I need to upload but they are dumping on one of their fields that actually butts up to our yard.. They leased it this year for use (former owner passed away in January). Former owner was extremely careful especially with the area butted up to our home and yard.. The corporate people don't care and that was really proven a few days ago.. I need to get the video uploaded, keep forgetting.. That video shows what I mean as they pretty much sprayed half our place via crop dusting. Part of the yard is dead and one of our gardens that butts up to the field they leased. Have contact local authorities about it especially since flying directly over our house at less than 200 feet is illegal period. Odd that the moment I moved into the open with my camera, the pilot shifted spraying to the other end of the field and never approached again our end, cutting off his flight path a good 100-150 yards before the line between field and lawn. This company seems to think they are in charge and even own the roads.. Can't tell you how many times they force people off the road because the drivers are too damn lazy to fold their gear for road travel. If it were a short distance, a 100 yards or so between fields they were moving, not that big a deal but that is not the case. And their gear is so big it is actually extending into BOTH side of the road ditches, tractors have 4 tires all around size stuff... Love farming but these huge companies buying up everything and being run no longer as a family business, are becoming a real pain in the ass.

Shawn Cooper : That last comment 😂😂😂😂😂

Chase : Amazing how much technology and automation is present in farming.

Rexter : You tried to murder camera

Matej : Greetings from Croatia👋🇭🇷 You are amazing!👍

PRANAY PARAB : How many acres of land you own

Tom Lee : Be careful with concentrate or not youth is invincible that's how I remember anyway

Big Joker4 : How many times do you have to spray a field?

Jeff - Linda Wells : Nice job explaining why, what and all. Your daughter is about the sweetest little thing. Keep doing it Man.

Flavius Marian : ,,you guys ok,, :)))))))) when the camera fell

Kaleb Mitchell : 15 th like 2nd comment

Mikey Ball 56 : Your daughter has good manners

brandon waldron : good job man keep up the good work

DFB1990 : I really like your videos it seems I am asking myself questions and you answer all of them in your videos before I get to the end! Keep up the good work from a fellow MN viewer!

Kevin Rasmussen : Those computers are amazing!

Samuel Smith : Did you go to Tom vavra's retirement auction

Deutschehordenelite : sweet

Jason Norris : Ouch!!!!! Careful hahaha

Collin Williams : Corn in Ohio about five foot six inches

Dan Krogstad : Not to be a safety Sally, but you should really be wearing gloves, and long pants when spraying. You have a family and chemicals and nothing to mess around with. Yes I know, chemicals are a lot safer than the ones your dad and my dad used, but please be careful because our time on this earth is so short, and our lives are worth living. By the way, I farmed for 20 years 30 miles north of Moorhead so I do know a thing or two about farming. Keep up the great videos and I wish you a successful season. Dan

arnie chavero : Do u own the farm or do u work for someone

Cousins Outdoors : Wow i love your channel and i just subbed yesterday

nashguy207 : Zach thanks for taking use with you. I'M a little familiar with spraying we do it on turf. I'M guessing you use pond water for your spraying correct? The products you use do they require so many hours after spraying before irrigation or rain for them to work? I know the little screens you were talking about and missing one of them it will affect how the tip sprays when the screen is missing I use T Jet brand but they are all pretty much the same I'M guessing you use the same color screen on all your applications depending on the rate we will sometimes use different colored screens and spray tips of course I'M sure you change tips depending on how much product your spraying per acre. Do you ever use adjuvants, surfactants or stickers when you are spraying. Ila sure is getting big and beautiful she is adorable. No comment on your fashion. LOL Have a great day. God Bless!!!

saleen367 : Once again a great video. I continue to learn more about farming in today's world because of you. Imagine going your whole life thinking that there was never anything more awesome than a JD4630. I watched your video and got stressed out over the fact I think you're having to steer that sprayer to avoid running over the beans. LOL

Ian Nichol : We have a small air line and gun connected to the 4830 compressor tank to blow out nozzles, works better than blowing on it.

Charlie Gonzales : That's allot of weeds in one area. Yr daughter is very adorable. I've never cn a sprayer with duals. I enjoy yr vids. Helps pass my time at work. Keep it up. 👍👍👍