Voyager 2's 11 billion mile journey at a human scale

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Richard Bagg : Miles are gross. I love how there's so much hate for the frankly daft imperial measurements used here. Give both in future perhaps?

doni zetta : Just metric system in my country don't understand here

zoomksa1212 : can you start using the metric system ,,,

Beadoll : I don't know what feet is, would be cooler if u ad metres

seasong : Please use real units like the other 95% of the world

James Royce-Dawson : Inches and miles? Use real measurements. You're talking about science here

Chris koningen : Retarded Units

ShowbizMinotaur : This is a dislike that I did not want to give this video but it deserved it. Us the metric system next time you're talking about space and science please.

shawn li : At least put some metric conversions on screen?

Claus Bertels : Too bad *nobody* except US citizens can understand this video.


LiamE69 : "Over a quarter of a million miles" ... "239,000 miles" Erm.

The Swedish Girl : metrics pls

Lord Orio : at least use both, imperial and metri systems togeder, so everibody can understand scales easaly

Aleverette S : Ugh, why don't use metrics system.

Chiel Fernhout : Use the metric system.. it's science.

Rodrigo Bragança : why are you using imperial units? this is supposed to be "scientific".

Driz M : Let's legalize all drugs so Americans finally learn the metric system.

Davide Renda : We get it, you're an American company, but you talk about science and ypu have an international audience, so please, if you don't want to completely switch to metric, which is understandable, at least use both units if measurements!

RememberYAD : Voy - *ager*

Dennis Wang : And maybe, just maybe, America will finally convert to the metric system

コイノ/ Koino : why miles though :(

Joe Cubed : Inches and miles? come on vox

Hugh tyson : Dislike cause you didn't use the metric system which literally almost the whole world except America uses.

fahoudey : Funny that NASA use metric in there measurement, then they have to convert it to an 18th century measurement for a country that still think a 3 barelycorn stacked lengthwise "an accurate unit of length"

3a9lani : Very bad representation , and Please use the Metric system

Lucas Soné : Complicated for no reason

X Designer : may I take your videos to translate them to arabic and upload them again ??

bengutsell : Miles and feet mean nothing to the rest of the World. Add or update your presentation Vox. ffs

Michael : American company, American probe, American YouTube channel, American measurement system... Deal with it

Geo_krit : Literally 95% of comments are about people talking about the fact the video doesn't have the metric system. Also 95% of dislikes are from the same people.

Amit Bisht : The perfect example of average American retardedness : *Refuses to use metric system* *uses imperial units like foot/feet * *officially defines a foot as 0.3048 meters* *refuses to use metric system directly*

Deri Jericho : Another self-centered, narcisstic Imperial System. meh!

DarkKnight2121 : These things are slow as hell get faster ones please

Priyam : How did it Felt when the Voyagers passed Uranus?

Juhku : Well where is Voyager 1 ?

Chronicles Master : 1977 is the year my dad was born


Tulak Hord : Well what if it needs repairs then what?

Perry Quaiattini : Lol, NASA means to deceive in Hebrew.. get on the flat earth

kitcapsio : As an American, idk why we still use the stupid imperial system. It doesn't even make sense and it just makes everything hard and overly complicated

Moritz L : It's very cringy to watch a scientific video that refuses to use the metric system.

Michael Spohn : Thanks to the WMG, the other video with the 116 images is not available in Germany :-(

Daniel Sadjadi : non-retarded units please.

Fabien Dolan : The video link at the end is blocked in the uk

Gabe Bafia : I image some mega advanced civilisation is searching for other life then to find Voyager. They wouldnt understand everything but would have eerie fimiliarity due to some truly universal norms. So the aliens decide to track the origin of the probe using math and stuff and find our solar system. They send a ship to go visit or investigate the humans. They find a ruined solar system, they find Mars and Earth both covered in ruins and left with little life but, when searching for more information on the humans they find something that truly incredible... They with a flash see that these humans were the precursor to their post modern society, they find the one thing that links they mysterious humans to them, dank memes

Harith Hatta : how can NASA still receive signal and data from the voyager when its like really really really really far from the earth?

mokalhor : How about next time you choose an island large enough so you don't need to take a stupid ferry?

Publix_ Juan : i was ready to laugh when Uranus came around. But he pronounced it right ._.

Omit-everything : Foobaw