Voyager 2's 11 billion mile journey at a human scale

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RememberYAD : Voy - *ager*

PlayTheMind : Still hasn't reached the extent of mankind's ego.

Deri Jericho : Another self-centered, narcisstic Imperial System. meh!

Gemini Apollo : This comment section: 99% Complaining abt metric system 1% others


REAl REAction : **Vox is Democratic PROPAGANDA**

tonykee : INCHES ??? WTF IS THAT? How about cm?? *Thumbs down the whole video*

Holland1994D : Miles? Inches? Dislike.

3a9lani : Very bad representation , and Please use the Metric system

Lucas Soné : Complicated for no reason

X Designer : may I take your videos to translate them to arabic and upload them again ??

Tadeo D'Oria : Gee, thanks for using a measurement unit most of the world can't understand... At least put metric units in text only while editing the video, how hard is it to google the unit conversions? Also, given that you had to travel to Governors Island, why not just travel to a place where you can be accurate in your travel distance instead of having to take the ferry and all those distractions? I usually love your videos, but this was just poorly idealized and poorly executed...

Jake Doogily : Lmao are the people at NASA sirius about taking like 300 years to get to a star?

Craig Kenny : Everyone giving out about the metric system but honestly I just think it was a terrible representation of the scale.there are so many better ways to visualize this...👎

Dé-Vonté Hunte : So NASA can get pictures from a satellite that's billions of miles away and I can't get Wi-Fi from the other room?

kyle khan : so Voyager 2 is just somewhere in space? does it sing Happy birthday to itself too?

Justin Hopkins : Metric system complainers. Stop being lazy and either translate the numbers, or go to Wikipedia and look up the voyager numbers yourself. It's really not a big deal.

Paradox : Metric, dammit!


chunkydonkey : lol so many foreigner triggered because vox didnt include the metric system

LuappleSnapples : What was unclear is which distance you went by for the total distance of voyager. Was the the curvy path that you took or the straight line distance that you showed at the end? Cool concept, poor execution

Grant Chapman : I honestly don't understand why people dislike completely normal and innocent videos like these. It just makes absolutely no sense. Like do they just feel like being different or something?

コイノ/ Koino : why miles though :(

Tameka Flynn : Vox is an american channel run by a american media corporation publishing a video in american english for its majority american audience. In what world does it make sense to use the metric system?

Matthew C : It's funny how people are arguing about the fact that miles and inches are used when the whole point of the video is to show that it's impossible for humans to understand this great distance. ... 11 billion miles vs. 17.7 billion kilometers... what's the difference? Our minds can't even comprehend the distance. They showed the cameras really close to represent the distance between the Earth and moon then really far apart to represent Voyager II's distance from Earth. I think everyone can understand that.

TheNeonWhiteOne : USE METRIC

Niteachilles : It's not used at a human scale... It's used at an American scale, which does not represent all humans

Chiel Fernhout : Use the metric system.. it's science.

Masquerola : Comments: 50% "use metric", 50% actual comments.

Rob The Fandom Menace : The gold disks are not diverse enough. Aliens will think we were a species of bigots. smh

Ian Johnson : To all the simpletons who watched the video, but decided to complain about the measurement system used ... Here it is in a way you can grasp and comprehend .... VOYAGER 2 IS VERY VERY FAR AWAY. .... there that simple enough for you??????

fahoudey : Funny that NASA use metric in there measurement, then they have to convert it to an 18th century measurement for a country that still think a 3 barelycorn stacked lengthwise "an accurate unit of length"

Kaleb Hobson-Garcia : It's funny how 99% of the comments are just people complaining about the use of the imperial system instead of the metric system

It's Me : Ok, I know there is a lot of problems about the Units they used, but people in high school they teaches different types of units, so I prefer International Metric System, but I can do the conversions too. Take it as science/math problem you need to solve, 1 mi = 1.6 Km. And is incredible how far that machine has gone.

The Batman : First satellite to pass uranus.

Ecstatic Reindeer : Are there reindeer on the moon? Every reindeer needs a friend.

Ariq Rashid : Don't waste your time scrolling down, 99% of the comments are these: "Stupid channel talking about science but not metric system" Thank me later

Daniel Sadjadi : non-retarded units please.

Lord Orio : at least use both, imperial and metri systems togeder, so everibody can understand scales easaly

Spyro : Whilst I prefer the metric system, can still understand Imperial easily enough. Idk what all theses idiots are complaining about 😂

Alberto Barajas : Meanwhile some of you are complaining about not getting the video, these men put the time and effort of getting off their beds, and not having a phone facing above them waiting to smack their faces flat on from ignorant judgement. Read a damn astronomy book instead of youtubing everything kids

Salokin : Woah, this is some stoner science. Neat

Trey Stephens : I can forget seeing the feedback on this one.

Mihir Jog : 1:46-1:52 😏😏😏

Hannes : The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see IS BLOCKED IS UR COUNTRY FFFFFF

Rupinder Khakh : Honestly, you just made the comprehension more complicated for no apparent reason.

Georg Plaz : some centuries from now we'll be so embarrassed of all the things we put on this disk. like the facebook pictures you uploaded when you were 12

Stachenscarfen : Wanted to find out what images NASA wants the aliens to see but the video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in my country on copyright grounds.

Ripper 8 : "Yurnus"

Kridy Brody Shockey : Did you know that a asteroid is next to Jupiter