Two masters duel to the last play in the Asian board game Carrom

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Men's Quarter Final in ICF Cup Delhi 2015, Sandeep was leading 24-20, Chamil's Break and unlucky's last coin to win the 2nd Set with a White Slam, followed by an impressive Sandeep keeping his nerves till the end...Fabulous


Omkar Hivrale : Ek gotti jaane ke liye 100 bar marna padta hai aur idhar to ......😂😂😂

Adarsh Verma : Main to sochta tha peeche nahi maar sakte foul hota hai

Anas siddiqui : meri to sali hole me jake bahar kud jati he

Karan Chotaliya : Me at 11:00 pm : I'm gonna sleep early tonight Also me at 3:00 AM : watching carrom tournament on youtube

Amar Sanakal : Fantastic game by both of them. A treat for all lovers of the game.

Akshay Khatri : I just replayed 27 times for what happened at 2:27, Wow what an angle making and timed decision Pure Genius♠️

SK Kamruddin : Carrom match mei v LIC wale pohuch gaye.

Adil Khan : true legend yaar he can fumble due to pressure but he didnt makes even single shot under pressure and he won salute bro

Wolfen : Me: I’m so tired... imma go to bed now. Youtube: yeah, but have you seen this?

DJ DIDA : I love playing this game but this is a whole different level. Tactical accuracy under this much pressure is just extra ordinary.

kalingeshwaran. k : Thalaiva vera level 🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎

jayant kumar soren : Sala aisa Cutting wala ekk bhi shot pura match m lag jae to hmm usi m khud ko pro samjhne lagte h 😂😂 aisa cutting hm Nokia caroom game m Marte h 😃

Kenneth Delacruz : I remember playing this game on my Nokia 1202

gopal Singh : Wow..mind blowing, superb legend players

Mehrab Zzaman : 1st one: I got it baby 2nd one: no you don''s clear 😎 1st one:great job mate Me: ffuuuuuuuuuckkk🤪😵🤤

Md. Kamrul Hasan : Excellent accuracy, I can play a bit but those players are more than cool.

Shankar Devendar : Bro nice finish bro me appka fan o kaya

The Other Side : *Never heard of this game before. Seems like Snooker without a cue. Just hands. And no balls instead flat pieces.*

syed sihab : Unbelievable. Both r equally strong ..l

Fred Britto : are they like .... carrom-snipers

Pratik Phate : First guy is unlucky Otherwise second one didn't get chance even to play

Layek_Entertainment : Now that's what you call a finish in a single visit... Too good..

Benimadhab Sarangi : Wow Every situation can handle

Dilshan Diaz : Srilanka ❤❤

Mohamad Anas : If i play this with my friend it would take about 30 minutes to finish😭

TTmusicRohan : Hats off!!!

Đức Nguyễn Việt : OK so this was the game I played, scratch that, messed around with on Nokia phone.

mohamed hassan : Wow oooh my god what a players😯

Vrinda W : Superb! Both of them played well.. All the best for further matches.

Shakeel Sony : Bhai aise Maza nhi AATA ke 2 turns main game khatam

Sayooj sv : I will play like this if there are 100 holes in this board💪

Krishanu Majumder : I would need a board surrounded by drain like pocket to reach Such level.

PONASANAPALLI .T. V. A SRINIVAS : Amazing players,, great opponents, all the best

Saksham Paudel : u guys played so amazingly

srinivasaraju kanchanapalli : Wowww😍 Best match I've ever seen till date

Quagmire : I love this game, greetings from California to all people from INDIA

Tater Messar : 2:27 that's where the game turns 😎

Alphonsa parayil George : You say who is the best i am confused

seshacharyulu nanduri : simply outstanding. congratulations to both especially to sandeep for being cool tll the last coin.

god mode : Even if this whole world is surrounded by black holes I can't play like this man Unbelievable!


Vino Rajendren : Thought first 1,great finish by 2nd 1

The Graduates : How often do people win in one turn?

Be A Man : In just one turn?really?

Sean Haggard : Woah I've never seen this game before. I want one in my living room.

Jackson The Bully : I used to play this game with my family back in the day. And now I’ve realized that we all sucked! 🤣😅 Although, I was the best. 😏 My fingers throbbed every time they hit. 😬😩

வீரை சு ப இளங்கோ பிள்ளை : 2:44 was the turning point in the game. Excellent shot that conveniently realigned the remaining coins lead to the easy finish.

Agent 47 : if u notice one coin went by luck and he apologized..nevertheless still amazing finish

Monty Kumar : I am win you are looser man pagal don't