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Amar Sanakal : Fantastic game by both of them. A treat for all lovers of the game.

Anas siddiqui : meri to sali hole me jake bahar kud jati he

Adil Khan : true legend yaar he can fumble due to pressure but he didnt makes even single shot under pressure and he won salute bro

Agent 47 : if u notice one coin went by luck and he apologized..nevertheless still amazing finish

The Graduates : How often do people win in one turn?

Jitumani Medhi India : Excellent.....loved it..

rakesh kumar : superb

TTmusicRohan : Hats off!!!

seshacharyulu nanduri : simply outstanding. congratulations to both especially to sandeep for being cool tll the last coin.

Abu Geo : unbelievable

Saksham Paudel : u guys played so amazingly

SM Arman : Wow superb yaar 👌👌

jeet satamkar Jeet_1599 : ultra legends

Ron : was impressed at the break lol

Shakir Muhammad : masha Allah

Dhananjay Vishwakarma : 😱😱😱😱😱

Viji G : true he will be super carrom master

Sayed Fardeen : Ek. Numbers manas

Jay Karekar : @Sandeep Deorukhkar great champion. True example for "never to crack under pressure "

shreyas Jadhav : Black team

Skyy B : Wow 😱

Azad Panigrahi : bestest match i ever seen ... its totaly awesome ...

Veer Routh : Ek no . Guru

PRAMOD ACADEMY : awesome match..

Mohd Nauman : Champ

Sofian bin hassan Hi hassan : Tidak mencabar.. Carrom perempuan

Big SL : Super

Jahangir Kabir : Carrom also very enjoyable indoor game but one make stress,if any hand play very well another hand nothing to do,,.,,,, other hand can not make no obstacle,personally i fell worried but this very pleasurable game. I am so much amused to watching their skill.

Djobo Kuwali : Yo this game is one of drama and suspense seriously

Dinesh R : Always look for a possibility, this game truly shows...

Chandrakala Kamble : Nice

smahendiran prabha : What a match

Rashmiranjan Behera : Fabulous

Pradip Sarkar : Your fifth shoot was excellent , great game

Prashant Dighe : its more about physics and math.

abhijeet malhotra : Who won left player or right one?

abhijeet malhotra : Kaun jeeta left wala ya right wala?

Jai Sharma : Nice play...

Papu Hussain : waw what a game

AJ Creation : Classic bro kya khle aap.... Osm, fab

Zamal Malik : Best player

Mahe Don : Super thala

Saroj Pramanik : Really good player.

sowrav b r : One wolf remain and the sheeps are never safe,,,

smahendiran prabha : Awesome

Varma GR : What a game plan legends

anwar khan : Wah bai wah

Deep Jyoti Saikia : Grwat finish

Imran Malik : Classic

nawal dutta : Yes