Akon: Got $1 Billion Chinese Credit Line & Gave Electricity to 80 Million Africans

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djvlad : One of the most important interviews I've ever done. It's pathetic how little media coverage this has gotten.

Margarete Rougier : that guy is distracting. why is he there?

Margarete Rougier : Nobel Prize for Akon

mookeychase0907 : These are the people we need to glorify....salute Akon

Polo Bands : Akon is the real Black Panther!!! Here to right the wrong and make the people strong!!!!

Kay Flip : Akon is going down in history - smart guy.

My Daddy : I wanna slap that ni**a on the right

Weirdbot : I hope people know that what Akon has done and still doing might be one of the GREATEST humanitarian works in history. He has done more than ALL those phony charities combined!

Sheppie Het : I was thinking about comparing Akon to other Blacks in entertainment but on 2nd thoughts nah......He's in a league of his own.

Justice 4All : Kaddafi was trying to unite Africa & Create the #UnitedStatesOfAfrica & Hillary killed him because Gold Dinar would outweigh the American Dollar.. Look it up... #AfricaMustWakeUp

masterxeon1001 : damn akon. Thats one hell of an accomplishment. Literally brought a country into the 21st century.

Michael Flavel : Hey mayweather...this what u supposed to be doin wit yo cash...champ☝️🏽

MrPernell27 : Third world poverty is not an accident. It’s an intentional occurrence so that certain people can make the money and rob them of their countries natural resources.

Brian Scott : even as a white person i dont see how this hasnt gotten more attention. this man is doing a good thing.

Carlos Perez : Akon is deep like the space in the universe. Melanin.

Andrew Martinez : May God bless Akons soul

iLoveWeekendz : While All these rappers are icing out there neck and crashing Porsches akons giving electricity to millions, great man.

Lateef Merrit : Shame on vlad for not removing the gentleman next to Akon 🙄

Samuel Peeters : I don't trust the Chinese, they buying up land, starting companies, BUT NOT EMPLOYING AFRICANS. That's new wave colonisation. But oh well, we'll see what happens.

bv : Why is dude on the side acting like we inconveniencing him?

STPDCSH : why yall got dude on camera falling asleep lol

Brenden James Martel : Is the dude next to him falling alseep, lol.

Young-mike Vevo : Exactly what I'm trynna to do for Haiti 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹.

The Gypsy King : Man needs to sleep 🛏

Colt Allan : Love Akon!!!!!!!!

Rigo A. : Akon a legend 🙌🏼but homeboy next to him popped a xan before the interview 😂

Ra Tehuti : Don't be fooled. I think akon has a heart of gold, but China has been raping and bleeding Africa dry through cheap/free labor since they stepped foot on the continent. They basically own Africa in cahoots with America, Russia, and the likes. While the indeginous African barely owns nada! They even benefit secretly in the range of human trafficking. So giving a billion for someone to began a project in Africa is sort of stil them still securing their capitalistic rule in Africa. Not to mention lights aren't free, so if these people already couldn't afford meager means, how can they afford to keep lights on? Ongoing debt on the backs of the impoverished and years of wealth for China. Once again the blacks get screwed...Alot of us don't think though and get fooled by stuff like this.

NoFace US : Basically while china's buying up africa and stealing what they can Akon's building the infrastructure to make it possible and turn Africa into a brand new and gigantic consumer market for china to expand into. The Chinese overlords with their african consumers. Consumer nations are fare weaker than those that produce. Africa will become a chinese quasi colony.

Conor Dyer : Well done Akon you just sold Africa to China for some lightbulbs.

RICHARDFLORES2100 : This is not a good man... This is a normal man. A simple human being. This is what god intended for us to be. He is doing what is right. We can all learn from this human being!

DGMT : Akon and Kevin Hart sound quite similar.

Shawn Stay Vibin : Real role model right there 💯✊🏾

Fab : This is the kind of things that need a nobel prize.

Dylan Douglas : The guy on the left is giving me a strange vibe. Makes me uncomfortable watching. Akon is an inspiration

BIHM III : #Akon please continue on your #truepath Be brave, walk carefully and stay aware...

Duke : So Chinese credit so its being built and installed by Chinese and they own it.

M M : So China just gave away all those solar plates or not? If so then who paid the 1 Billion

RODERIC Trone the only perfect human : the dude on the side ready to go home and sleep

Biblically Supreme : Bill Gates of Africa. Salute Akon.

marcanthony lopez : Akon is legendray man!! Way to stand up for you people !

Compton ChuckZ : Wish more celebrities did the same thing

Bobby michel : Wakanda Forever🙌🙌

TazeMeBro McCleskey : Y'all acting like you couldn't hear Akon with dude sitting there.

Malc : something about Akon reminds me of Pusha T hahaha

Saul Gland : He’s s prophet of change

Gasper Nyiti : What's up with that dude nxt to Akon, is he hungry?, didn't get much sleep? or !!!!

phuck : Everyone worrying about the dude on the right obviously a ADD baby.

Keith R : The gave Obama a nobel peace price for nothing.... But can't even give this man a head nod? Damn shame.

JazzBerry Beret : What Did the Chinese get in return?

Jean-Paul Smith : I'm disappointed more brothers with money aren't building up Africa like Akon is saying. He is putting people up on Game. Notice the capital G.