Akon: Got $1 Billion Chinese Credit Line & Gave Electricity to 80 Million Africans

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djvlad : One of the most important interviews I've ever done. It's pathetic how little media coverage this has gotten.

Shawn Stay Vibin : Real role model right there 💯✊🏾

Michael Flavel : Hey mayweather...this what u supposed to be doin wit yo cash...champ☝️🏽

ShinaGloe : While All these rappers are icing out there neck and crashing Porsches akons giving electricity to millions, great man.

Sheppie Het : I was thinking about comparing Akon to other Blacks in entertainment but on 2nd thoughts nah......He's in a league of his own.

Kay Flip : Akon is going down in history - smart guy.

My Daddy : I wanna slap that ni**a on the right

Brian Scott : even as a white person i dont see how this hasnt gotten more attention. this man is doing a good thing.

Laini T. McNeal : The creativity & intelligence of black men always makes me proud.

PBD Records : This video deserves a billion views people, let's start sharing.

masterxeon1001 : damn akon. Thats one hell of an accomplishment. Literally brought a country into the 21st century.

Young-mike Vevo : Exactly what I'm trynna to do for Haiti 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹.

Saad Belachemi : I guess Black Panther is real

SunsetSheen : This interview would’ve been so much better without dude on the right there. Just go home n take a nap fam.. Even still, you get a sense of how smart and good of a dude Akon is.

marc16066 : OK so you borrowing 1 billion from the chinese means cash, that was, a much needed advancement but what was the tradeoff? what did you give up? Who's paying it back? What did you barter? how much of Africa is truly still owned by Africans. This was an investment made by the Chinese which they collect even by force....The more you take the more you owe.....

Andrew Martinez : May God bless Akons soul

Brenden James Martel : Is the dude next to him falling alseep, lol.

Colt Allan : Love Akon!!!!!!!!

th3c0r3 FGO : I respect Akon's opinion in terms of Black Americans coming to Africa but I think it's a bit generalized. What he should have probably said was certain parts of Africa. Even if we come to Africa, many of us will still be seen as American and be treated in that manner. The fact remains: many descendants of Africans who were brought here through enslavement were in fact sold to America and Europe by other Africans. The easy thing to do would be to leave and find better opportunities, true, but that would ignore the black people who were enslaved and built this country into the powerful capitalist society it became. The descendants of slaves that built this country deserve the spoils of everything they were put under tyranny to create(I feel this as a 1st generation American). That fight is a hard one but I can understand it greatly based on the history and the treatment of its now native black people.

Jean-Paul Smith : I'm disappointed more brothers with money aren't building up Africa like Akon is saying. He is putting people up on Game. Notice the capital G.

King Anthony : Yeah right they got a small $25 USD solar panel that will power one 60 watt light bulb only in exchange Akon got land for each solar panel from those village people which the Chinese now own. 1 billion in yen is like less than 10 million US dollars. Basically Akon helped the Chinese take land in Africa for the resources!!! REALLY DIG DEEP INTO THIS RESEARCH IT!!! LOOK IT TO CHINA TAKING AFRICA'S RESOURCES AND JOBS!!! THIS WAS THE START OF IT!!! #STAYWOKE

Dylan Douglas : The guy on the left is giving me a strange vibe. Makes me uncomfortable watching. Akon is an inspiration

Yusuf Ibrahim : Always remember this. Africans sold other Africans into slavery. Along with arabs and jews. Those Africans who were brought here were not ignorant or unskilled. They were brought here and were textile makers,bricklayers and carpenters. Now remove 25% or more of your population and imagine HOW many geniuses you lost due to false pride and power. Point being until Africa makes up in honest terms about what they did to use Africa will always depend on others. Look at all the inventions my descendants have done with having to tow the line of slavery,Jim Crow segregation and the neocon movement. STILL WE RISE. But most Africans look down on us. At least most african men do. So we may be the prodigal son. But the father welcomed him back and sacrificed the fattest calf to welcome his son home. GET 2 IT AFRICA. SOME OF US WANT 2 COME HOME.

Biblically Supreme : Bill Gates of Africa. Salute Akon.

Margarete Rougier : Nobel Prize for Akon

Carlos Perez : Akon is deep like the space in the universe. Melanin.

Bobby michel : Wakanda Forever🙌🙌

Soulja Mandingo : Akon well done brother, you gave back to where you came from When most ppl make it they forget where they come from.. well done sir also be careful because the evil powers that be will not like this💯( protection guidance )

Anthony Joseph : Big ups to Akon, but whats up with dude beside him digging in his nails and making all of those faces? It's hard to even watch the interview with this guy in here.

Margarete Rougier : that guy is distracting. why is he there?

tonia riley : Bro fell asleep. He like.. I can't wait till this damn interview is over!!!!zzzzz

choppa holder biihhh : that's fukin Beautiful ✊🏿

Anas Martirosian : Well done AKON - But as he said its a business .... and a big one too. He will probably earn 100's of millions of $ and eventually billions. Investment 1 billion of someone else's money and the Return for him = ? Africa is a big market and will probably dwarf the USA in terms of minerals, oil and energy.

Carlos Navarro : Wow...I always wondered how he did it. I met him before this and he was a class act. Thanks Vlad!

Noble Sports Ent. : Akon, your boy is sleepy!!

Wil Burton : Dude go get a nap and a manicure while you're at it .Go Akon

Lucifero El Hooligan : This is one guy I've seen that gives back to his country in many ways, but like he said, he found out how dirty politics is when it comes down to something you think would be so simple ,like electricity. I hope he really watches himself because... and he didn't want to say this on camera, but the truth is ,,the powers-that-be ,do not want Africans to be educated. Moammar Qaddafi got rid of his nuclear programs Ambitions because we threatened him, then he wanted to change the money for oil from the petrodollar to the gold standard and make Africa rich ,as it should be because of all the resources in that continent, so he was now a threat, and this time they came up with an excuse of how he was a brutal dictator and we wanted to help his people, not mentioning that when he came into Power he vowed to house every single person in the country, since he had grown up poor and his grandmother lived in a tent. when he came to power he housed every person in the country, for free. he may have had some enemies like many people in power do ,but we didn't kill him for the way he treated his people, we killed him because we don't have the gold to back up that paper, he knew that ,and the fact that he wanted to educate and do in Africa what he did in Libya, that's what most people don't understand, all these countries: the French, the Belgians, Chinese, the Americans to name a few, are all enriching themselves through Africa While most of the people live in poverty. They lack the most basic needs that we take for granted in this country. Africa is so Rich in resources that there should be no such thing as poverty and illiteracy ,nor homelessness. because there are not that many well-educated Africans, things will continue to be the way they are, and those with real power would like to keep it that way.

onelove : man, i respect this dude so much.

Conor Dyer : Well done Akon you just sold Africa to China for some lightbulbs.

Mr SS : I pray you guarding that power plant my bro. You know those white devils dont see wanna see blacks prosper aka Black Wall Street

Quan TheProduc3r : He just confirmed everyone’s suspicion of “The Man “ ,Illuminati , Bielderberg Group Etc... @4:00 #staywoke if you know your history and things you’ll see what he’s saying about energy , oil , POLITICS , and things being way deeper then he thought ....... “things started happening around him ...” idk I’m stoned could be me

WOMANS WORTH : This is monumental!

mookeychase0907 : These are the people we need to glorify....salute Akon

Shawn Ennis : he's smart guy

Junior Shepherd : What's up with dude on the right cleaning his fingernails and sleeping while on the set.....

Compton ChuckZ : Wish more celebrities did the same thing

Ben Redmond : Timbaland looks board 😥😂😂

TazeMeBro McCleskey : Y'all acting like you couldn't hear Akon with dude sitting there.

Bootsie Collins : Electricity is a key step for an in-escapable life of perpetual debt.  "Akon" was the Chinese poster "boy" for Chinese enslavement of Africans.  10s and 10s of millions of Chinese have already been flooded across Africa ... more are coming.

Kamelody 2330 : Akon thank you for coming to Dominican republic this year to visit Omega in prison. You truly are a Real friend.