Nike Commercial Cage Match (Full Version)

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jay white : Boss this, so many memories from around the time this was out

Ugur Derven : Today, every Footballer make’s his own thing... thank you fuc# social Media.. 😅


Lucas Mendonça : Os cara é fodão

ammara talib : Sounds like cercei husband king from games of thrones

Rafal P : It was players😀

D Wr : I would not want to face rudd in this competition he could finish a ball into a needle hole.

Yishai Ben-Yonatan : Edgar Davids @1:40 - what a move.

Paul McHendry : ronaldinho's foot work @1:11

David : Anyone else here because of NepentheZ? :D

Dillinna Ogbuka : Brazil

komlanamouzouvi9 : Can anyone name all the players in this add??

Union Française : Justin Bieber - Baby

Daniel Grant : i miss the early 2000s. cant imagine messi and philip lahm playing in a cage with no rules against totti and roberto carlos.


uberjens : I know this commercial was made before the 2006 world cup, but it's almost like their teasing Roberto Carlos :P

Kennychiwa : Where's Nicolas ?

Deniz İnce : what is song?

Yesr : shit you must be a fukkin dinosaur

Laurence Edmonds : What skill

Steve Cavendish : And, of course, Barca beats Real Madrid in the end.

ProMaTTi : Dziękuje Panie że wychowałem sie w tych czasach dla Piłki Nożnej!!!!!!

coolboyz345 : No I meant there was a guy named Seol (referring to Seol Ki Hyeon) in the group with Ronaldinho and Denilson. I was asking if anyone actually SAW him in the video. I know who Nakata is and he's a great player.

THEHOLYKIIDD : Thats Nakata of Japan, one of their best players, if you dont remember him ur propably too young

Malam4rco : a little less conversation - elvis vs jxl

Malam4rco : Totti, Nakata, Henry...

Lau Brghd : SEOL !!!

ratona ratona : hey y ned the name of the sountrack os elvis????? please

SuperHarimaKun : best part 1:17xD

Max Wolverine : Eric is the only soccer boss! "The loosers go off, bye!" ^^

coolboyz345 : Did anyone even see the Korean guy?

Axel Alexson : Am I the only one of does this strangely remind me of sports class in Gimnasium?

Kothunter : @CarlosDiasPT Elvis vs JXL - A little Less Conversation is the name of the song ^_^

Raynaga : What's the song name?

He Man : now, nike should think to make henry scoring by hand haha

Vedad Ramulić : Cantona makes everything better


Khadar Huss : Who is Seol??

Sérgio Filipe : @weeweeman86 yes it is... King Eric :b

jr86 : como que nakata sobra en esa final

Mc Vay : Davids is a like a predator. Football version. Haha

Vesi V : @weeweeman86 Yep, the one and only :)

Kim Ng : Winner goes home? LOL!

tuttobene2002 : does anyone know where i can get these shirts and vests in this video

AndreaaaNS : @weeweeman86 yea

EvilBeneathMySkin : Awsome! didnt watch this in a years

damastermind26 : i actually have this ball, it looks wicked

Jbozec : Yes Thierry Henry!!!!


solgontol : mi amor Tottiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :=)