British people are weird

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"Will you move your clothes" says Margot "Yeah I will" replies Andy "Then we can have some soup" says Margot "I need to do something though" says Andy "What?" queries Margot


Hella : and they say white people have no culture

TacTundra : English people at their finest

Cruz 100 : Perfect men don't exi—

Doug Dimmadome : so my journey begins. 3410 more videos to watch. Wish me luck!

Magical Lunar Star : my new ringtone

CallmeCram : come to brazil !!!!!


A bird-like idiot : Music at it's finest.The youth from today should listen to more music like this.

Junkie : Can't. Stop. Watching. Over. And. Over. Again. ... Help.

Long Testicles : Top 10 anime intro songs

fuckJuly : did margot ever happen to find an answer to her question?

Xenith ツ : how it feels to chew 5 gums

Kyle Quinn : New Gorillaz album lit

Elissa : This.....This is aRT!

MintiiTea Cosplay : Damon albarn in an nutshell.

alZiiHardstylez : I N E E D T O D O S O M E T H I N G T H O U G H

rosyenchanted : is this the grown up version of kazoo kid? i mean he's got the bowl cut and everything XD

R1CKSH4W : Family: "You need to get your life together!" Me:

The Peribooty : "I only listen to real music."

Madden A : what kind of keyboard?

a to the g to the u to the std : My mom made the mistake of giving me the aux cord

Crandigo : "I need to do something." "what." *this video*

Rosie Posie : This was the recommendation after a Hamilton song........ WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY ABOUT MY TASTE IN MUSIC?!?!?

Mc 44 : big artist

Malvo : friend: hey have you heard the new kendrick album Me: nah i only listen to real music

Yes Good : fokin masterpie

speedycube64 : Once more is a delicious breakfast.

Zeal Iskander : I'm going to post a comment on every single video from that playlist. This is comment 5/3415. Now, if I spend 1 min per video, I can finish that in a bit less than 2 days. Sadly I'm spending way more than 1 min per video....

Fircyk Kieubaska : MASTER OF THE FLUTE !!


pigeonface : i think this is my favorite video of all time

Jake Prewitt : Exactly just how I envisioned England

Null : This is probably the best video in the playlist so far, every other one has kinda been eh I need more ironic memes

idk what name should I put here lol : Mozart is proud of you

Lüdwig The Dragon : Funny how his other vids have only slightly breaking 1k while this has 300k+. Can we get more of this

svennerick : "Top 10 Technical Death Metal Bands".

xXShadow Slayer505Xx : Hey! You made it this far How'd that coffee that i gave you work? It wasn't enough? Here have some more *You got more "Coffee"* Well see you near the end, buddy

Jason Day : This new Bo Burnham special looks sweet.

Sempy : Instant regret clicking this playlist (Memes)

pandahammer77 : wtf??

Van Le : oh Andyyyyyyy

BeautifulTomato A : Funny, realy funny. XD

oqueestoufazendo aqui : OMG SOOOO CUTE!! :D

Heisenberg : ADDICTIVE.

emmaa2007 : Andrew Fucking Knowles! Yaaaass!! Ledgend :P i was in absolute hysterics at this... i had tears of laughter streaming down my face... ( seriously)

emmaa2007 : yeah, kyte anthem :D

Kyle Maxwell : i fucking love this vid

alechiba : totally agree :D

Aurora : Where the eff is he nowadays? :(