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Jake Rg : the guy got his ass handed to him

All my subscribers are cunts : rekt.

vincent : Was that a new asshole a saw tear open?

Arlandah Goinkhoser : He should have ended with another "that's your opinion"

Joseph : this is a tv show, you all know that, right?

D C : Damn all these guys in the comments got their feelings hurt by a woman who actually shows some balls

Lowell Mather : She was totally in the right here. He disrespected her and she was already angry with him because he was not acting professionally. I think the icing on the cake was "That's your opinion!" He acted very childish about the ruling and she clearly pointed out that showing that kind of behavior and disrespect will not get him anywhere. Whether or not you agree with the judge's ruling, you have to have to HAVE TO show them respect because if you don't you're clearly not showing any respect for the law.

intimaterevolution : He's going to cry in the car. His parents were already crying.

lilmoney1 : That was fucking epic !!

Mary Anne Sullivan : You boys like laying down the law but sure are babies about getting your peepees smacked.

Invision TM : straight savage

Mobydick : It would have been cool if she did not have to rage to get her point across.

Lola * : Is he crying at the end?

kopytek36 : Judge Milian can yell at me and put me in my place any time she wants to!

scalz420 : And making a verdict out of anger is super professional lol

williv : I need a woman like this in my life.

Sean : What arrogant little prick, glad she cut him down to size.

LiamsMusic78 : I don't know whose side I'm on. Why go to the next forum if you can just squash it in one. If there's no time say there's no time, but don't tell him to shut up and say everything you want and just watch him be belittled. If the court is supposed to be like that then I think the court system should get ready for change. Judges aren't god heads. Not demi-gods. They're people and people are wrong all the fucking time. Maybe the kid was right. God I just wish I knew more about this situation and law.

Loyalmoonie : I guess I'll remember Judge Milian's words when she's putting those entitled liberal brats (who keep calling for anti-Trump rallies/violence) in their places. Quite the gutsy bravery, your honor.

Kenny C : Need a burn clinic there kiddo?

Gamram : glad she was fired

PANGEA : They're both TV clowns.

polyprinz : he is not even an attorney, a second year law student. get smart with the judge and thats what you get!

Petrolane : "go down to the condom place??? 0:20

David King : Gotta be careful when it's that time of the month

1Smoking Lizard : @1:23; she had a nigga moment.

Gerald F : She's just emotional and disrespectful. Not a great example. She storms out the room like a toddler who got their candy taken away from. The boy was wrong but what she did was not better at all. Both of them acted childish and silly. To even think that this grown woman is a judge is concerning.

steeve cordier : this judge is wrong, she disrepect him also

Steve from Yellowstone : ugh, just throw a grenade into this bitch's mouth

goforkt : It's always disturbing to me to see how egomaniacal judges can be.

Alice Bonnet : Seems the judge had a personal vendetta for getting called out. Hope he appeals this anti white male ruling.

Phosphaze : "Right now you are embarrassing us" continues to yell and behave worse than the law student. mm k

Quasar Productions : This lady is not fit to be a judge. She calls him a baby while she acts like a child & throws a tantrum, knowing she is in total control of the situation and can't be attacked back. She says he has to respect the process, while pointing her finger and screaming at him. Thought I would edit something else in - Any reasonable judge would charge him with contempt of court, or at the very least make him aware that he has crossed the line. Going down to his level is not how a judicial official should act. I know this is televison, but it gives off a terrible impression to society of how you should expect a judge to deal with outbursts such as these. If they are being disrespectful to a judge, hold them in contempt. If anything, that would get a lot more views and be an accurate depiction of how these cases are properly+effectively handled.

Plz Feed Jinx : If a judge can be that quickly and easily offended to the point that they rule against someone regardless of the law, perhaps she is the unprofessional one. A court is clearly not her place, probably why shes not a professional judge anymore. But i guess that's why shes an entertainer and why he will probably become a lawyer.

Caleb Woods : The soft "whooo" at the end was air escaping the new hole Milian tore into that law student.

Snake Plissken : Typical Millennial.

Dufffaaa93 : These people are so unprofessional.

Lowell Mather : I would have love to see the full case and the outcome.

Guywithcrazyideas : 1:34 The dude goes whoooooooooooo

Raphael Ferrero : Judge Milian isnt only referring to him, goes to all Law Student douches who think they're all that. Hope you all got that pierced in your heads. Listen up

The Ward Law Firm : If he was in any other court he would be spending the next thirty days in jail for contempt. Judge Milian showed far more restrain than I would have.

Seer Rees : Both of them are acting like damn children.


xbe : Get rekt

Caleb Tennessee VOLS : Angry Judge Goes Crazy In Court

BellicIV : Well, that’s just like your opinion man.

waqqashanafi : he shoulda pointed out that she's probably just PMSing

Buggz 06 : I just went through this shit and Larimer County

Ryan Flores : u can tell she wanted to say "acting like a little b***h"but she used baby instead. I wished she did tho. she destroyed him. lol

maryoassyrian2007 : People don't understand this is a court show. Even if the cases are real, the judge has to make the atmosphere a little emotional for it to be entertaining. She may yell, she may laugh, and she may even cry. It's television. She needs to make it interesting. And his behavior was disrespectful and she was not having it.