You Haven't Done Nothin' | Lamont Landers | Stevie Wonder cover

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Masochistic Meese : A ginger with soul I've seen everything now

SmarterEveryDay : You continue to be awesome. Thanks again for playing the party at ThinkerCon!

mtnhy : about time people found about you my guy

Blue*Diamond : I can listen at you do Stevie Wonder all day long. Ya'll are one marvelous music group. I really enjoy ya'll videos. Keep them coming.

RedHeadRedemption : Oh behalf of all gingers everywhere, thank you for showing everyone we have soul.

Edward James III : Jesus Christ! This is absolutely outstanding. If you're not on my turntable by this time next year, I'm going to be very disappointed. Awesome Funk!!

daniel blenkey : on point. real music

Burke Fahlman : Celebrating my favorite artist of all time. Takes a lot of balls to take this song on haha. GREAT job dude. I'll be showing everyone i know this channel....


Mark Holifield : Wow! Very well done.

Eugene Panshin : am I a tool, or is the sound from keyboard guys not what they seem to be playing in video?

Chowder7116 : BrockJamton?

A. Richter : Glad to see this go viral, y'all deserve it.

Joe McEvoy : Spatula boy, scrapping the barrel with that comment.... laying it on thick Lamont, never mind him, spread the good vibe news... 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍺😎

Gary Lee Keller : you guys are so good you made an old man cry. Keep on keepin' on.

Bohdi Zafa : Very milli vanilli vibe to this

Adlin Ling : Stevie Wonder would be a great judge on The Voice.

Ando : Holy shit you sound so similar to Guy Sebastian.

Manin PaperHat : This needs a lot more views.

ThePorkWizard : Good job lads, that funk was filthy.

Phil F : This just made my day.. happy holidays from a new subscriber

Ariel Domínguez : such beautyful performance. Instruments on point, so groovy and of course the voice is flawless.

Jay Meachum : I love what you guys are doing! I sure would love to be a horn player behind you guys. Love da funk! Merry Christmas, y'all!

Spazem : Oh man I was feeling this from the very first note and beat! The level of funk and soul in this so good! Amazing work guys, love how everyone got right into the song!

j m : This is awesome

fred rubble : excellent!

james Barrie : you guys are awesome

T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit. : Amazing guys! Absolutely incredible mate. We have a band here in Australia called "The Teskey brothers." Country soul band. I suggest checking out their song "pain and misery" first then go from there and see if these guys tickle your fancy. Can never have enough soul for the ears. Cheers C. August.


Slopoke : Are you at the brick tonight brotha

Jaleel Wainaina : Groovy

John House : I Love hearing young people playing 70s funk music. I grew up on that stuff, knowing there's someone else this into it in this day that's keeping it alive is just fantastic. You also make each song your own! Stevie Sly Earth Wind & Fire Brick Commodores Parliament Ohio Players they'll never die!

Pat Rick : This is amazing! I've watched it 30 times in the last week. I have to know though, what were you guys laughing about? Keep the music coming, I just downloaded your songs on Spotify.

shang bangr : CRUNCHY. I love their portraits behind them

Richie Elia : Dumpert brought me here

Alexander Landers : A fellow landers keeping the music alive! Happy jammin possible relative haha

Jeff Bergstrom : Ridiculously good! You guy's have got something here. Love it! Wish I had found you earlier.

Jacob Kaforey : That funk! You guys killed it. I did not anticipate that voice from you, Mr. Ginger, lolol. Keep up the amazing work.

Yameki : Really awesome stuff. I'd be curious to hear you cover Jarle Bernhoft's stuff from "ceramik city chronicles"

PHaZter maze : My new favorite band. You guys rock! Good vibes.

Prjndigo : I think some of the bass notes could be left implied on that song.

CFHoneyBadger : Dayum.

Kyle Hurley : So this is where all of the ginger souls went

dw : OMG that was freaking amazing!

Aaron Speck : Wowwww this is so good!

Henry Arsenault : You're about to blow up

kookedaburr a : Yo I'm from Reddit. Nice cover dawgs

King Alpha : Put this on iTunes

Jessica LeBlanc : Incredible

The1inDaShadow : Guys that was great.