Korean weightlifters plate jumps

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Ultra : the legend says they are still jumping and saying "woaaa" to this day

VNL 670 : The short guy was like a cat...

PH 5555 : They was born on leg day

Tuxcz : The guy in red doesn't jump, he flies.

blanchae : This should be an Olympic sport.

Thomas Neumaier : clickbait! i thought the fat guy jumps... :(

Yuriy : why doesn't the fat dude jump?

Nilesh Darunde : People say they don't take lift or stairs they just jump whatever floor they want to go.

Earl Jay Caoile : That's impressive and all, but I hear them speaking Korean. Are you sure they are Chinese?

Emanuel Harrison : Careful or you might float away for good! haha

AIIUserNamesInvalid : WOAAAHH

ZandarKoad : You know those guys who skipped leg day at the gym? Well these guys skipped arm day.

ibraheem : at first it is as if he floats to the top. he does it so easy.

Mystic Guitar Studios : Korean, but the short guy is wearing a singlet with a Japanese flag.

Lets Read! : like a cat

Knågen : Houston, we have a problem.

Liberals Ruin America : Haha this video tricked all of you. The tallest guy there is 5ft 2

LucasVanD : they are all blessed with short femurs

Chad Johnson : damn... lil man has a huge vertical

C Smith : The guy on the left floats up just like a cat.

vladanr74 : disappointed. I was waiting for the fat guy to do it.

plnkfloydian : I’m surprised they didn’t drift into the room and break dance to the weights and then flip onto them

David Izquierdo : kim jong un Spotting like a champ

Younggyu Chun : They are Koreans

Alex Donnett : Impressive i would never risk jumping that high

Goratchthemule : Stefan Holm wants a word with you..................

joebro391 : Is the short guy Toshiki Yamamoto?

Conoraf1 : The short guy looks like a young Jackie Chan

Gordon Heaney Guitarologist and Flatulist : I thought it was going to be the fat bloke in the thumbnail

ceili : That little guy, holy shit!!!

colossal war : the fat guy got the hardest job, stacking them plates

axante : I love the "woaa"


Ильнур Гибаев : оооооо


Hai : looks like fake.. this smothness

Nikeimizhong : Its actually more about technique than the leg strength. Even a reasonably fat dude can do it, if he knows how to coordinate his body after the initial jump. Good work though.

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Akira Kush : the little guy looks like he is floating up

John Keena : OOOO!....OOOooo!...OOOOo!!....ooOOO. is that the only words he knows

Michael Zacarias Benjamin Glass : the most petite is the most graceful

Emx : Man, this was my favorite thing to do with friends in highschool. Was always dope to see that one dude just go all out and surprise people.

Jason Barker : the ladies absolutely love your jumping ability haha

PUMA Yr : Ребята молодцы) законы гравитации на них не действуют!!!)

Bioshock56 : 0.25 demon

Jacob Frame : That is impressive!

Ironsights : So they CAN fly.

Alan Buy And Sell : These guys DO NOT skip leg day.

Neith Leonhart : When I first saw the thumbnail I thought the fat one was going to jump.

rubo111 : If you are learning English and want to know the definition of "smooth", forget the dictionary. It is the guy in the red shoes.