Why every social media site is a dumpster fire

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にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Uploaded 1 minutes ago, 9 view, 8 like 4 dislike Sigh, at least watch the video first even just little bit geez

JotTheMan : Calls All Social Medias Dumpster Fires, Plugs their Twitter and Facebook in the description

Tom Mass : In a complete unexpected twist; Americans managed to ruin something potentially great through their excessive profit seeking.

5KYM0L3CUL3 : Only vine can save us now

Devin Cory : What's the worst is when you subscribe to a bunch of skeptic channels and then the internet decides you are an angry anti-feminist. I'm not anywhere near angry enough to anti anything. Being constantly bombarded with extreme hate videos just made me depressed. How was I supposed to know that the guy who debunks Kickstarter pseudo-science also likes to take the piss on prominent feminist speakers, or the guy who talks about music I like is also a guy who goes guns blazing psycho if you get him on the topic of politics? I didn't know and I didn't care until I was trapped in the wrong echo chamber thinking about how much I wanted to kill myself. Sorry, I got a little emotional, it was a really intense time for me.

Siddharth Panigrahi : Never had I expected that the things which were initially designed to bring people together is actually pushing them farther. I miss those good old NOKIA and it's "Connecting People" days.

Ó Cúin : Background music is a bit too loud

N. Altman : This video is unusually self-aware, but it came across as tone deaf because all examples of echo chambers in action were Republicans maligning Democrats. I assume this video intends to suggest echo chambers exist on all sides of the political spectrum, but the many demonstrations and examples given in this video don't appear to support this. Perhaps this is just an oversight. However, given further thought; as a YouTube video from a mainstream or institutional content provider (Vox), tone deafness is a critical mistake. Institutional media (which arguably includes Vox) is on balance more closely aligned with Democrats and frequently maligns Republicans (naturally, whether readers agree with this statement will depend on the extent that they are insulated by an echo chamber, the very topic of this video - but I'll be the first to say that empirical research in this area is lacking). Moreover if today's news from the Hill is credible, it may indeed be that YouTube algorithms are not ambivalent to one's political views. If that's true, then the echo chambers are not equal by design and the examples in this video are to some degree inappropriate. In any case, YouTube algorithms aside, my point is that open mindedness tends to fall flat when there's any semblance of partisan subterfuge. (Caveat, this comment assumes this video was intended to be unbiased.)

Politics : Social media is cancer now. Let's just admit it, folks. The honeymoon is over. The masses have adopted social media and turned it into a shitshow where fake news is everywhere. Everyone is shouting and no one can be heard. Once the masses of society adopt something, you know it's time to go.

RaKuu : Just take anything you read with a pinch of salt. No single media outlet is exempt from bias.

Napoleon I Bonaparte : The only place that isn’t a dumpster fire is *PornHub*

KYYC edits : I like how he uses examples of red and blue and his shirt is both red and blue

Juil : "The problem is me!" Has Vox become self aware? *Exclusively shows conservative bias. Why do I even hope?

King Naga : Social Media hasn't increased the spread of racism, it's merely allowed what's left to coordinate better and be louder. They are still a dying breed all the same.

Melvin Coutrier : I blame reality tv for reshaping our generations minds to shift more towards drama than intelligent, and dignified debates.

Ioannis Morakis : Remember when our parents used to tell us not to believe everything we read online, now we have to tell them that

RandomdudeZ9 : Says youtube is a literal dumpster fire Posts it on youtube

Callan Whitney : People need to do a better job of seeing the other side of the fence and avoiding the bad apples. Most people that are bad apples on social media desperately desire ATTENTION. The public needs to get better at not giving in to this emotional and polarizing content and actually think for themselves. If people just evaluated what the hell they're actually retweeting or sharing before they actually do so then we wouldn't have this problem. Sure it's the fault of the social media companies, but it's also the fault of US.

Zectifin : Enlightened centrism

Ainan Kashif : 4chan might be the only site where being a dumpster fire is inherent within the site conduct It's beautiful

Senlove7k : IF YOU HATE VOX, STILL WATCH THIS VIDEO. It's still kinda biased but it covers a very interesting concept that everyone should consider regardless of political affiliation.

Christopher R McCallum : Liked this video. So what you are saying is that, people watching social network sites, like this one (youtube), will choose controversial, "hate" filled, information videos. That they will in turn, pass on these extremist views to others. Finally, they will avoid looking for a variety of balanced, moderate, information that gives views contrary to their own. What percentage of youtube viewers behaving this way?

Nidhi Bhargava : These platforms are exposing all sorts of facts about human race. This side too is a part of it, whether we like it or not. In offline cultures, we act in accordance, however a lot of conflict and so called 'oddness' emerges out of a lack of coherence between who we are and how we act. We can use the insights from the above video to learn more about ourselves if we can keep the judgements aside on both, the platform and the audience.

Guy The GalaXII : So in other words you're annoyed by all those CRTV ads that keep popping up on your videos?

Mateo Gurria : I would like to complement the previous video for being an actual masterpiece. I completely understand why you would disable comments, but I must complement it somehow.

Muuro : This is MySpace's time to shine and return to prominence.

Optimus JudyHopps : I don't like fake news and Russian trolls.

Erik LDM : Trump supporters just come and leave a dislike, don’t even bother on watching the video 😂😂, very defensive approach.

Daniel Walls : These products need to improve on their way they profit in the sense that they are no longer dependent from advertising. Which is hard to achieve of course. In order to keep providing service and value they needed to employ this income strategy, if not, they wouldn't be working anymore. What you see, consume, reproduce and "criticize" it's really only your decision and reflects what you care about and how you think. So easy to blame others. Just don't.

Breyonna Morgan : They took Tumblr too.

B B : It’s impossible to have civil discussions on social media. As soon as you post a civilized comment that someone don’t like, you’re immediately attacked with personal insults. It’s disgusting.

Hardcore Panda : its all about making money from gullible fans. like alex jones fan buying his hormone powders.

Victoria Pires : Thr best way to inform yourself is to read suff outside the news cycle. Read about economic history science etc. You can detect a lot of bullshit (from both sides) that way.

pokepress : I wish social media had a “I don’t necessarily agree 100% with this, but it made me think” button.

Ramsay Bolton : >Vox adds new video *>Instant Dislike* >Actually interesting video *>Suspicious undislike* >Talks about how social media can radicalize people in political terms, showing only right-wingers and Republicans, *>Instant Dislike*

Tao Dai : “Everything popular is wrong.” ― Oscar Wilde

Toast Music : Demonetized

citronm1 : This is an excellent video.

Maja L : The music in this video is too much

Diya Bhat : S N A P C H A T

Danika Fernandez : I guess the tactic of using strong, opinionated statements worked on me. I saw 'dumpster fire' and quickly clicked on the video. Oh well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tobias Nilsson : An interesting look at contemporary online tribalism, although I wish there was more acknowledgement that both left and right are equally susceptible to this phenomenon

Kioerrr : Anyone else find it ironic that there twitter account they used to explain this stuff was VERY rebuplican

Joshua Stauffer : Of course, you don't offer a solution to this problem that you have shown us. Of course, coming from y'all it would either be anti-free speech or anti-free enterprise. #laughtheatrically

Bennie the Pooh : I agree with the whole echo chamber part but all of the examples you showed after that were right-wingers like Milo, Alex Jones, Toni Lauren, etc. That implies it’s only an issue on the right, when the left greatly suffers from it as well

Domenic D : So facebook is actually bombarding you with party propaganda (from your preferred political party), and completely erasing any other political viewpoint from your feed. And then we ask ourselves why society has become so polarised ....

Austin Curran : i hate this guy

Timothy Barnes : There's always myspace........

xxwww : Yeah but Vox is literally a subversive leftwing propaganda outlet created to appeal to Millennials. Basically a worse version of Vice tbh

wilsonator501 : Oh so you use free market principles when they suit you? Huh