School of Rock w/drums

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Ethan Hughes : What is the point in this.

Lane Clapp : You don’t know the man? In the White House? David Dockery? He’s the man.

Kristina Schiano : That was so badass!

Elvis Gordillo : Do the scene when the teacher is forming the band lmao

JustinOhio : So amazing and underrated.

Merlin Adam Siervo : O

Pajama Shaman : another perfect clip for you to do would be the first time he sings "the legend of the rent"

Jason Hoffman : i live for 00:42 to 00:44 it is the reason for my entire existance

Tyler Moore : This is what I needed in my life

Connor Clang : O

Eetu Peltola : I LOVE YOU!!!!

Seab The Doggo : *O*

Spaceman Octopus : O

Gryff : You should make follow-ups to these videos with just the isolated drum track, I'd love to hear what they sound like on their own

aqualane1 : It takes a god damn musical genius to hear rhythm in people’s speech patterns. If I ever become famous this would be my drummer of choice.

Noah Stone : David you’re an absolute genius man keep it up!

Andres Torres : O

Mark Arandjus : *O*

xRGTMx : O

Drummer101 : So many O's........ *O*

bannanapancake : You and Dwayne..”MONO NEON” have to be related... no joke! Very cool;)

Tom Dabek : O

zevvay : O

Rhys Flint : Please do a reviewbrah clip.

Joe Proulx : I request Steamed Hams with drums. Please!

sam hyde fanbasee : Are there any drummers in the house?

TheLegendaryAnimeAvatar : Please do Steamed Hams please

Seventh King : This is smart as fk!

Benny The Space Core : Can you do any Tenacious D stuff?


Brian Ishiba : O

TerraformTrent : *o*

Doodle-Jack : For what it’s worth, I subbed and showed two friends. Great stuff!

Yoan Pantchev : I have never seen so many "O"s in my entire life

Timothy Park : What’s the point of this vid

Ben Zazycki : Saucy

Jalen Williams : Can you please do more with Cory Henry??? I'd greatly appreciated that!!! And keep up the Great work

steezy : X

Lil_A_20 2.0 : I’m paying more attention to “but guess what? OOOHHH NO.” Than I am to O

Jaiden Wardle : O

Big Iron : O

Angelo Karakasis Jr. : O

johnbazy : Dude how are you so good.

Free Man : O

Adam Nealon : O

Creative Mind Tea : O

Nathan Kauma : O

xSteamPunk : O

Caleb Levesque : O

Matt Ñe : O