Fact Check: Paleontologists Break Down All The Ways ‘Jurassic Park’ Gets Newman Wrong

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Comments from Youtube

DaleDeekes : i find it laughable that the so called “experts” never even mentioned that the correct Newman had his entire body covered in feathers.

Thebigl : Listen, you can sit there trying to tell me about “new discoveries” all day but Jurassic Park’s Newman is what I grew up with, I had toys, posters and magazines showing me THIS Newman, so called “scientists” can tell me that Newman didn’t actually have a Hawaiian shirt but when I hear “Newman” Jurassic Park Newman is what I immediately think of.

bitspacemusic : The biggest flaw is that in Jurassic Park, we see Newman out in the rain. That's ridiculous. As a US postal worker, or mailman, if you will, he just doesn't go out if it's wet.

Chad Mojito : This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I nearly choked and died laughing so hard, which would have been a sweet way to go. Absolutely amazing.

Gabriel : I can't believe all my teachers lied about Newman to me. Thanks ClickHole for setting the record straight!

Mary McGinnis : I remember being so excited to go to the Smithsonian when I was little to see the Newman exhibit. I've been absolutely obsessed with this mysterious creature ever since. I'm currently working towards a bachelor's in paleontology so that I can get the chance to study Newman professionally and uncover his secrets.

CaptainFawfulll : God I would pay an absurd amount of money to see Kramer in Jurassic Park

Superstrength Porygon : I can't believe they got so much wrong!

Captain Useless : 6121CB87935748CEA266-302212281D2D 0 1529595622882

than217 : The 17 downvotes are from the morons that still perpetuate the old Newman tropes about Newman being a mutually beneficial food sharer. Give it up already, SCIENCE HAS PROVEN THAT WRONG! Even in the mid 90s that theory was highly suspect.

konami1979 : There's a deleted scene where Jeff Goldblum gave Newman the Evil Eye before he made a birthday wish. The Criterion Collection restored it in their upcoming Blu Ray edition.

Kokonut Binks : Just wait until the anthropologists get their say in. It's now common knowledge that humans and dinosaurs didn't even coexist - humans died out _long_ before dinosaurs were around! Steven Spielberg should be ashamed of how wrong his movie really is.

Sian Hoàng : Now whenever my friends complain about raptors being not real raptors, I can show them this.

Astro : 6121CB87935748CEA266-302212281D2D 0 1529595622882

Gaspoov : Okay now I kinda wanna watch what they are parodying

Tristan King : The title was just a string of letters and numbers

Bob S : I've been saying this for years.

Jeynarl : *_Newman! We've got Newman here!!!_*

ot63 : Big if true.

Random User : This is bullshit! Scientists keep making up rumors that Newman never got people snacks when it is clearly stated in the Bible that he did!

RandomAndroidDeadpool : Wow, thank you ClickHole. This is so enlightening. They don't teach this in school.

Lmao. : Ikr so inaccurate smh

Storymaker2 : I hope Wayne Knight sees this

Victor Posa : One of clickhole’s best

Mark Zuckerberg : Uhhhhh i got the notification for this and the title is literally just numbers

yan-Deriction : 3:02 Disappointed in you clickhole, here I thought natonalgeographic. com was a real link

buddytheweim : Encroached on his feeding lmfao

Max's Kitchen : This channel does random in a good way which is very difficult so well done

Solartes : we live in a society where

demon212 : hello i would like to be a newman researcher

Vince Kozlowski Jr : The Newman scream was captured perfectly; even with limited technology in 1994.

spupid twins : How dare they

Wingo's Meme Abyss : I can’t stand how people like a film so inaccurate.

Hedvig : The screaming is sooo accurate.

kirnpu : Oh that is freaking HYSTERICAL.

Joseph Barnhurst : Jurassic Park is my favorite movie. Seinfeld is my favorite show. This video was tailor made for me.

TheMarionick : Nedry is Newman?? How the f did I never know that ?!

213213yoyo : They spelt "National Geographic" wrong in the url at the end.

Ph.D&D : Typo on the ending screen. "Natonalgeographic", come on, folks.

tpsu129 : Jurassic Park came out in 1993, ​not 1994.

omnitrix1992 : Jurassic Park was released in 1993 not 1994.

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : I'd love to see the Dilophosaurus have it's own sitcom.

Commander Rotal : Imagine clicking this video having never watched an episode of Seinfeld. I was very confused.

Comrade Irelandball : Dude, what was up with the original title???

Miles Estrada : 2:30 YES!

Mac Darf : This is the best parody of those types of videos I've ever seen.

Spencer Dewberry : I'm 0:38 seconds in and I have already felt boredom, confusion, and excitement.

jmalmsten : The fact that none of these "paleontologists" adress Newman as "Nnnnewman!" makes me doubt their credibility...

MegavidÆos : This is a new high for this channel. Congratulations.