Fact Check: Paleontologists Break Down All The Ways ‘Jurassic Park’ Gets Newman Wrong

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Chad Mojito : This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I nearly choked and died laughing so hard, which would have been a sweet way to go. Absolutely amazing.

Justin Y. : Yeah they also left out the fact that he's an alien

E. Keough : This is the quality education school doesn't give you.

DaleDeekes : i find it laughable that the so called “experts” never even mentioned that the correct Newman had his entire body covered in feathers.

Thebigl : Listen, you can sit there trying to tell me about “new discoveries” all day but Jurassic Park’s Newman is what I grew up with, I had toys, posters and magazines showing me THIS Newman, so called “scientists” can tell me that Newman didn’t actually have a Hawaiian shirt but when I hear “Newman” Jurassic Park Newman is what I immediately think of.

than217 : The 17 downvotes are from the morons that still perpetuate the old Newman tropes about Newman being a mutually beneficial food sharer. Give it up already, SCIENCE HAS PROVEN THAT WRONG! Even in the mid 90s that theory was highly suspect.

Gabriel : I can't believe all my teachers lied about Newman to me. Thanks ClickHole for setting the record straight!

Mary McGinnis : I remember being so excited to go to the Smithsonian when I was little to see the Newman exhibit. I've been absolutely obsessed with this mysterious creature ever since. I'm currently working towards a bachelor's in paleontology so that I can get the chance to study Newman professionally and uncover his secrets.

bitspacemusic : The biggest flaw is that in Jurassic Park, we see Newman out in the rain. That's ridiculous. As a US postal worker, or mailman, if you will, he just doesn't go out if it's wet.

CaptainFawfulll : God I would pay an absurd amount of money to see Kramer in Jurassic Park

Superstrength Porygon : I can't believe they got so much wrong!

Sian Hoàng : Now whenever my friends complain about raptors being not real raptors, I can show them this.

konami1979 : There's a deleted scene where Jeff Goldblum gave Newman the Evil Eye before he made a birthday wish. The Criterion Collection restored it in their upcoming Blu Ray edition.

Kokonut Binks : Just wait until the anthropologists get their say in. It's now common knowledge that humans and dinosaurs didn't even coexist - humans died out _long_ before dinosaurs were around! Steven Spielberg should be ashamed of how wrong his movie really is.

Great Names For Great People : That yellow rectangle in the corner was just too fucking much for me to handle, I literally fell out of my chair. Why was it so funny?

Darth Tyrannus : I drink the tears of people who want feathered dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

Gaspoov : Okay now I kinda wanna watch what they are parodying

Tristan _ : The title was just a string of letters and numbers

Solartes : we live in a society where

Bort Flong : The concept that Newmans/Newmen had feathers, were warm blooded, etc., is no more valid than the assumption 50 years ago that Newmens were as scaly and dumb as a cold-blooded Seth from Kenny Rogers' Roasters.

Axel Foley : JP came out in 93, not 94 u SOB!

Great Names For Great People : Even these paleontologists forgot that Newman is actually part of the secret society group “legion of the Newmans” which he is the leader, founder, supporter, and lone member of.

Captain Useless : 6121CB87935748CEA266-302212281D2D 0 1529595622882

RandomAndroidDeadpool : Wow, thank you ClickHole. This is so enlightening. They don't teach this in school.

Jeynarl : *_Newman! We've got Newman here!!!_*

Tim Grungus : Cumtown

Great Names For Great People : Newman was just so unrealistic, I could only focus on all of the inaccurate things about Newman

ot63 : Big if true.

Tim Grungus : Nice

Shane Sullivan : Visually, Jurassic Park got Newman dead on. I hear they originally wanted to depict Newman with three legs a giant crab claw, but the concept artists made a few changes. Thank god they did.

Astro : 6121CB87935748CEA266-302212281D2D 0 1529595622882

critical of onions : Wow, there's some bad smell in my room cause I accidentally took the wrong kunch box and work a few weeks ago and I never threw the food out. It's Albanian food. It's just a bone in a container. Now the heat's making it worse AND I learned JP inaccurately depicts the Newman. Sigh....

Joseph Barnhurst : Jurassic Park is my favorite movie. Seinfeld is my favorite show. This video was tailor made for me.

Ethan Coley : I can’t stand how people like a film so inaccurate.

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : I'd love to see the Dilophosaurus have it's own sitcom.

C Gamifies : Newman is the hero we don't deserve, but need.

TastyXI : Not first

spupid twins : How dare they

Bob Builder : I thought what no why

demon212 : hello i would like to be a newman researcher

213213yoyo : They spelt "National Geographic" wrong in the url at the end.

Mark Zuckerberg : Uhhhhh i got the notification for this and the title is literally just numbers

yan-Deriction : 3:02 Disappointed in you clickhole, here I thought natonalgeographic. com was a real link

Max Sowerby-Findlay : This channel does random in a good way which is very difficult so well done

acid : The likes to dislikes should be reversed.

Victor Posa : One of clickhole’s best

MCP : every time a video like this comes out the people in it seem to all agree on everything which to me just makes it sound like it came out of one person. so maybe if they sometimes disagreed on certain points it would help sell it better.

鞠雨翰 : thought the title was fat cheek

E. Keough : Clickhole really loves talking about the actors in jurassic park.

joko49perez : Is it legal to use the NatGeo logo like that?