New & Improved 3D Printed Mousetrap Invented By a Youtube Viewer From Sweden. Mousetrap Monday.

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Crack The Puzzle : Improvise Adapt Overcome Double Flip

lito dan : stepping up the game with that double flip ..

Justin Y. : The future is now

Philip Murray : Double mouse flip. My life is now complete.

TripleThreatRC : A classic "Double Flip" perfectly executed. You should get Markus on Skype and have a public chat. It's nice to watch the collaboration grow. Hopefully you can make him famous and he can become the Global Mousetrap Manufacturing King! Great job on the video as usual Shawn, thumbs up!

ME VIDEOS : Warning ⚠️ double flip alert 🚨

Mr SS : Lmbo "double flip"

Jeff Wang : You should release a line of MTM shirts that say "Give It A Little Flip" or "Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Moles, Voles, and Gophers" on the back.

TheLastThingWeNeed : D-d-d-double flip.

Luis Javier Tudela Ghersi : Lmao little flip Is the past, double flip Is the future 😎

UHA : Cracked it! The teeth were an obvious improvement, but the new way of setting it is really clever.

Trying To Make : beautiful mouse trap.

asterpw : Big fan of these 3D printed traps. Thanks Marcus!

meetcarter : Double kill double flip=1 like

Everfree Brumby : How about a trap that throws the mouse to a hungry snake 🐍

Mr. White : >Touches the dead rats >releases live rats back into the wild >Explains how traps work >Makes traps Possibly the most badass youtuber

Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa : Can you do more rat traps pls

F : A double flip

EZ's Boys : What a great trap!

SUnnYY13 : Double flip!!!!!😎

Ethan Jones : Who else thought the thumbnail looked like a bubble machine?


Alpha Que : Hey, you should do mosquito and fly traps since its summer and they seem be real bothersome

Mohamed .Kanoo : Love the Swedish/Ikea color scheme.

kingofhorror123456 : How to kill Duos in Fortnite

Bekah TheDonut : I hate people who get traps that kill the mouse slowly. I’d rather have a humane trap, but don’t torture the mouse! I’m glad you never really use traps that torture the mice!

JustSatori : noice

MZPS : omg Double Flip mah

young dark vader : Nice improvements Markus looks great

AirsoftingPanda : I need a PENTAFLIP at some point in my life.

s1dek1ck CS:GO : Hey man! You should set up all your traps at once a night in the barn. I think that i speak of the behalf of your viewers when i say this could be really awesome to watch. Thanks!

patrick kimbrell : Is it just me or does his audio sound different?? I'd say it sounds better Shawn 👌

Jovan A. : One of the best traps I have seen!

Craig Mooring : Kudos to Marcus, master mouse masher. I see the bruise under your thumbnail has almost grown out,

addison santos : "Give it a little flip" is like your version of "let's get this out on to a tray... Nice!"

Jesse D. Shellum/U.S. Army : Love the vids dude. Idk why I find them entertaining but I do. Earned yourself a subscription

Clive Thomas : Double flip 😎😎

John Greco : DOUBLE FLIP

Ohcheeseballsvic : -Give it a flip- *Double Flip*

James Denny : Next improvement for these traps: design them so that single units can be clipped/interlocked together for making multi hole units.

Clay Soggyfries : I know I'm not the only one that sees those traps as huge pencil sharpeners

me me : Every comment is double flip

BiFFaR : Now you're just spoiling us with the double. Excellent. ; D

BigBrotherMateyka : I'm so glad that you actually post Mousetrap Monday videos kicking off on Thursday at midnight EST. And yes, these are vast improvements of his earlier prototypes.

Phoenix forever : 6th im life is happy Ahhhh 1 like for likeing rat traps

Tom Lamb : I GIVE YOU A DOUBLE THUMBS UP , ---------------- NICE TRAP.

Tupacabra : hundreds of different traps and this guy STILL has a rodent problem.

Dalton Watson : I would love to see a flap in the back that levers a pin holding the snare down ...when the flap is pushed or stepped on it could release the trap... If set up right it could be as simple as hold the snares down and turn the trap upside down with would let the the flaps dangle levering the pins in position to hold the snares and setup is complete

BarackBananabama : Two votes for Shawn at the voting booth.

Wolfie_games ! : HELLO