Kyle Dunnigan - "Oh Yeah"

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SL1Ck_1 : hahaha i love this

jigglymabob : i love how only one person laughs really hard when he says "and suddenly she starts bawling"

D'Glester Hardunkichud : Where's this guy been? He's hilarious.

BostonIrishGirl : Kyle! This bit neverrrr gets old, omg, I fucking laugh out loud every time I see it! So God damn funny! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

MrRandomFraps : I was told there would be comedy. Didn't see any in this video.

Shadow 3091 : When I first saw this it was with his full set. he spaced the loops out a lot more and went way more in depth with the story so it didn't seem as gimmicky

ElektrobanK : Nicely played, sir

Barad-dûr : this guy is definitely influenced by andy kaufman

kowclubproductions : can i get the song as a ringtone?

Darian Sallings : Oh yeah!!!

Miguel H : Hilarious!

_A_J_X_ : Not as good as the one on the Comedy central website

CBiscuit : vanswers? you could end up getting money from youtube if you make videos over 10 minutes

alex_de_tampa : Love this lol. Haven't seen it in a few years but its still funny

Gormless the clown : Nice :D Mucho Enjoyo.

gail margolis : I don't think in this day and age this routine would be PC, it involves him relishing the idea of taking advantage of the sleeping person.

SuperEd86 : that was awesome.

edisonmonstera : love it

juakdee : pretty fucking funny!hahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!

davmbar : kyle is the man.

apple blossom : Haha!! Lol!! Very good.

Kyle Burlette : I absolutely love this guy...lmmfao

JammastaJ23 : this is a great bit

M : @PaulTheClaw714 i completely agree!

raumscool1 : 1:48 really funny

CaliGaming : Where's the HBO special?

whosaysimatomato21 : Awesome.

raGdOllsAM : man I saw this on comedy central and it was awesome

PaToTo : so i wal *bow-wow chicka oh yeah*

Hannah mcCormick : Oh Man Do I Love This xD

Yours Truly : 2018 and this is still hilarious, LOL, thank you

Bri Routhier : HAHAHAHAHAHA i love how he has his tongue sticking out :P hilarious i love him :) hes the besstttttt

Bri Routhier : hahahaha! LMFAO! ROFL! omfg, hes so hilarious!!!

Alex Rincon : hahaha yeah it made me laugh hearing her laugh xDDD

NotedDerk : me too dude. somebody help.

Ivo Icevski : couse she is afreid of the situation :D that's the point ...

Adammartini : was this guy on reno911

Kyle Waller : Sometimes I feel that way about pancakes too...its only natural. lmao

Sam Macdonald : does anyone know wut hes using to make those beats keep goin

Brendan A : watched this about 10 in the past few days, freaking hilarious

koolio0900 : lmao!!!!!!!!!

noah briggs : Hahahaha

chebo : LMAO I saw this yesterday too. AMAZING!

alex_de_tampa : Just checking to make sure this is still funny lol.

Rebecca Steinberg : LOL whats wrong? nothing.... cool! he looks like karl urban!

Darian Sallings : Classic 😪😂

Rebecca Melin : lol, My stomach hurts. :D You are too funny, Kyle!

Thomas Oberhauser : Saw him live at the Funny bone, fucking hilarious!

dreamdisneyhill : ...whoa.

uglyguitarguy : Actually he uses a BOSS RC-50 Loop Station. You can see it on his Comedy Central Presents special that he did.