Kyle Dunnigan - "Oh Yeah"

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jigglymabob : i love how only one person laughs really hard when he says "and suddenly she starts bawling"

William Dirickson : Completely overlooked and extremely underrated One of my personal favorites

D'Glester Hardunkichud : Where's this guy been? He's hilarious.

SL1Ck_1 : hahaha i love this

Barad-dûr : this guy is definitely influenced by andy kaufman

socaltop10 : Dude, seduction would have been to *feed her pancakes.*

tonyajw85 : I remember seeing this on tv. I just did a search for "stand up i was like oh yea," and luckily this popped up

CBiscuit : vanswers? you could end up getting money from youtube if you make videos over 10 minutes

My logic is a force to be reckoned with. : So this is where it all began? Mate you're a class act, love from Scotland.

gail margolis : I don't think in this day and age this routine would be PC, it involves him relishing the idea of taking advantage of the sleeping person.

Shadow 3091 : When I first saw this it was with his full set. he spaced the loops out a lot more and went way more in depth with the story so it didn't seem as gimmicky

MrRandomFraps : I was told there would be comedy. Didn't see any in this video.

corey mckinney : This is a really funny bit.... Kyle Dunnigan is WAY underrated.

Alaskan Dude : Hahahahaha

MrBiggysmalls87 : This is how I differentiate you from other comedians. I say that “oh yeah” guy...then they’re like “oh yeah that guy is funny!”

*SHAZAM* : I love that maniacal laugh at 1:11because he said the chick started crying. That was the setup, not the punchline, but they really got a kick out. of it lmao

T Timeler : God damn, man...hilarious shi*

roodierivera : love it!

Brandon Zappala : So good...

john perez : All right Reggie watts take it down a notch

Kyle Burlette : I absolutely love this guy...lmmfao

Matt T : #metoo

David Blette : This is a genius use of tech for comedy.

uNkLeRaRa4 : 🤣🤣😂😂

BostonIrishGirl : Kyle! This bit neverrrr gets old, omg, I fucking laugh out loud every time I see it! So God damn funny! LOVE LOVE LOVE you!

neuemage : SKRATTAR DU FORLORAR DU! I lost!!

Cali Gaming : Where's the HBO special?

alex_de_tampa : Just checking to make sure this is still funny lol.

Yorkazuna : goods

_A_J_X_ : Not as good as the one on the Comedy central website

Yours Truly : 2018 and this is still hilarious, LOL, thank you

B E : Kyle equals the Greek definition of genius. And possibly the Roman definition but only if you enjoy bathing.

Darian Sallings : Classic 😪😂

A Morano : I like his Kardashian’s, Jenner, trump videos waaaay better!!!

Rob Kyle : Hmm. He doesn't look fat or drunk or Irish or gay. Well, maybe Irish.

matthew maloney : so funny

ElektrobanK : Nicely played, sir

Gormless the clown : Nice :D Mucho Enjoyo.

Darian Sallings : Oh yeah!!!

Miguel H : Hilarious!

kowclubproductions : can i get the song as a ringtone?

plattojack326 : Kyle has 4 different disguises. Just like Sam Westing. Kyle Carl Craig and Del.

Sabrina Wyllie : hahaha!

Notecrusher : "but that's wrong" hahahaha

alex_de_tampa : Love this lol. Haven't seen it in a few years but its still funny

ExclusiveLM : first time I see Kyle. I'm a fan of his until he sucks. I came hear after I found out he is Sarah Silverman's platonic boyfriend. 2 funny people. Well mother fuckers I'm going to bed......but if you want anything else from me just check out the video I have of Mariah Carey and her ex boyfriend Luis Miguel. It's on my front page by clicking my username. Good night youtubers, good night Kyle, good night Sarah, good night Gangnam Style guy

nezfez6 : love

sheila ross : HAhAHAH

Caleb : Dude no way! I just watched a bunch of your Craig videos, and I wanted to see the first one. So, I ended up here. Though, I watched this years ago, and I never knew that was you!

mythmaker70 : i remember seeing this a few years ago, it's still funny watching it on repeat for the fourth time, love it