Waitress tackles customer who SLAPS her bum

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Eve Dean : Good. Now he'll think twice before touching anyone's arse again without permission.

Rashad Walker : How embarrassing! He was arrested in front of his wife and 2 kids 😂😂😂

AC Armada : He’s a POS. I’m showing this to my daughters.

Tonman57 Tonman57 : We need more women like this that whoop mens ass and have class not to let men abuse them in any way

Sam I Am : Keep your hands to yourself 🤷‍♀️ it’s not difficult.

Mr.Rogers Play House : Act like a 🐕 get treated like a 🐕...

G Reb : Also arrested in front of his wife and kids.

John Christopher Robert : Good for him, grabbing a girl on the ass is just out of line.

Solange Silverman : LOVE IT! A lesson for all, if you're thinking about doing something like this, just remember, you just never know with whom you're dealing, or what they may know. My Tai Chi teacher had a limp and gray hair and looked like easy pickings to thugs, but, boy, were they in for a surprise! So, yeah, think twice, and keep those hands to yourselves! LOL

luvbig41 : Only weak men feel the need to grope women.

terry City of Liverpool. : Good for her. You go girl. Nobody has the right to touch anyone in a personal place.

KeatonFox47 : That jerk got what he deserved

evileyez504 : Whip his ass!

QuestionEverything : This is how anyone in this situation should respond. Just saying we've had enough is clearly not getting through to these arrogant jackasses.

House of Guards : She gave that pig whiplash.

Hòlktdon Phonixxxmonkie80085rules : You grab a waman by her heart! Not her poop cutter

Pausen Think : Can't wait for the MRAs to show up and say "But-but-but he couldn't help himself! She asked for it!"

Curtis : Makes me wonder how many times he has 'gotten away' with that. He looks like an experienced groper.

Buddy Mack : He didn't SLAP her bum; he groped it. She didn't tackle the customer (nor did she body slam him); she checked him bodily. I'm glad that she dropped him, and that she yelled at him. He is lucky that he got off so easily.

garrets0 : That guy has poor impulse control. Half the guys in that pub thought of grabbing her backside, or frontside, or middleside, yet they all managed to contain their desires.

Isaac Clarke : I think I’m in love

Joshua Lopez : I had always wondered what Xena warrior princess has been up to these days

BlueBell22 : should have stomped him in the nuts.

Crazy Nature : First, I think this is hilarious and could honestly care less. The thought does cross my mind however if it was the other way around. Let's say a chick grabs a dudes ass and he choke slams her. What would be said then America?

Paul Gibbons : It's out of order. But plenty of women have done that to me.

Derp ling : Whether or not somone wears cloth or not does not permit unwanted physical exploitation. That man is lucky that he was only tossed. Hopefully this man learned a lesson he did not comprehend as a juvenile.

Arené Lomax : Question: Why is she dressed like that? Answer: July in Savannah, GA.

sly cat : Was it worth it ? Maybe.....

Al Pesimo : Not a feminist but wow that guy is an idiot.

Empire Plumbing : Good job what a creep

Edgar Ayala Cruz : Is he related to Donald Trump

breeze light : 👏👏👏👏👏

Jetthead18 : Waitressing is tough job. Look at the low lifes commenting, blaming her, like she did something wrong. He assaulted her. Men are losers.

Stop Being A Cunt : *smacks lips*

Herman Justice : 3 cheers for her rah rah. Put Some hurt on the creep

Jimmy Olsen : That's some funny stuff, lol. Glad she slammed him around.

Tigerous : If the roles was switched the guy would if went to jail

sirbrad4 : So she is working almost naked and is mad she gets groped? GTFOH.

SAMZIRRA : That was hot. I wish I had sexy woman to throttle me like that lol.

Carbon Lux : Good!! Give her a raise!!!

Franklin Delano Bluth : Thot power!!

Andrew K : Keep your hands to yourself

Angel Belau : No one should have touched her. The only question I have is where are her clothes?

Tracey Garrity : Lucky her 😂😂😂😂

blakespower : why don't we have the identity of the man? seems strange! maybe he wasn't charged?

Jeff Barris : good job

Katura Van : Anyone dress like that is not representing a real lady.

Christopher Tsipouras : at a minimum he has standing for a personal injury claim against the establishment.

Brian Mouland : Smart to do it in a crowded restaurant but in an isolated area could have got her lights punched out

J 2004 : Well done.