Buzz and the Dandelions

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Megan Gill : Buzz and the Dandelions sounds like a pretty cool band name

ProblemsofaBookNerd : This video is the happiest video in the universe. It could fix like any bad day.

8386charlie : What a cute little family you have Tom!!

Grace McLeod : 557 people dont have a heart, honestly this is the cutest thing ever!

PointlessBlog : this is too cute! x

Curl Gurl : This one video always makes me smile no matter what 😍😂

MEERAH DZ : HOW CAN SOMEONE DISLIKE THIS LITTLE ANGLE!!!!! I Don't imagine this kind of person exists !

Melissa Mclauchlan : Buzz looks like he loves his life :)

teacska1 : This baby and his laugh is the cutest thing I've ever seen! He could/should be used for therapy when someone feels down.....:)

Emily Canham : This is the cutest thing ever! Buzz has the most adorable laugh!!

missShoshoo : Is it me or Tom just looks like Marcus butler ?

Eleanor Rosemary : His laugh is so amazing - how could a little baby bring so much joy to over nine million people? What a little inspiration<3

TitaniumPerseus : Is it normal to be uncontrollably laughing? :P

Macey Gloria : Who are the 441 people who have no soul

Crazy-British-chick : His laugh is so precious❤️

Sophie Baker : Why is this so funny. Tom couldn't help laughing hysterically. If I only I was this happy all of the time!!

EdwardoDaVinci UK : 450 people have no hearts

Heather Vs The World : if I'm ever sad I need to watch this 😂❤

Chelsea Arthur : I watch this whenever I need a little cheering up. Never fails.

Kay T. : Who would actually dislike this? I mean, isn't this the cutest thing ever?

excellent becca : his little toothy grin x3

agent 4 the inkling : This is terrible, just cos you're rich and famous we should all now go out and buy dandelions for our kids????? Consumerism at its best Tom, well done mate.

Jack Young : I can't stop laughing along with Buzz! the sweetest video on Youtube! Thanks for the post Tom!

AmyC 99 : Wish I could like this more than once.

thetardisisblue1110 : I think this cured my anxiety :')

Charlotte Faulkes : His laugh is the cutest thing ever. Feeling sad? Watch this.

devchelle2 : LOL like father, like son.

dean : this video just popped randomly into my mind after not seeing this for a long time and damn this makes me so happy ! i love this

Blue Food : who else laugh and smile through out the whole video? I did.

echoesofwar : I dunno if he's laughing at the dandelions or the blowing sound. lol This is soooooooo adorable

Camila Morales : Tom be like: my kid is funkin hilarious

Poppy Graham : This video still makes me so happy

Rachel Lee : So this is where it's from

jciftci : I watched this in one of my Primary school classes because my teacher loved the name Buzz from toy story!

Yasmin Goncalves : This is honestly one of my favorite videos on the internet of all time, definitely in my top 3! 😻😭❤️❤️❤️

actually pete wentz : Whenever I feel sad I just watch this video 😂😂😂😂😂☺️

Keshaw Gajadin : I'll keep this one around for therapy reasons, in case I'm angry or fucking pissed at someone. But seriously, oh my god. This is soooooo cute.

oxoxosteph : Instantly boosts your mood when hearing that laugh!

denise van wijk : Vote for him for Celeb Dad Of The Year <3

Kathleen Kelly : Whenever Im having a bad day, I watch this video and every time, I finish this with a huge smile😄 what a lovely video💙

Ksenija Šiljić : I have a feeling this will be your third video that goes viral.

kimdontcare244 : having a really shit day, then i come across this video *_* cuteness overload

ManiacEntity : Adorable level: Buzz

Meruert Bestybay : The guy looks exactly like Marcus butler!!!!!

jzjxjdsn jshsidjcj : he is a so cool dad

Sam G. : This is very easily the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Nathalia Melo : You're the best dad ever I simply can't handle this

Lauren McDougall : Even the lil high five at the end was so adorable oh my god.

D Hertsens : I watch this video every time on shitty monday mornings when I need something to make me happy. The part at 1:02 where Buzz looks away then turn back to the camera and bursts out laughing cracks me up every time.