Buzz and the Dandelions

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ProblemsofaBookNerd : This video is the happiest video in the universe. It could fix like any bad day.

8386charlie : What a cute little family you have Tom!!

LoseitlikeLauren : Those teeth!! <3

Megan Gill : Buzz and the Dandelions sounds like a pretty cool band name

Grace McLeod : 557 people dont have a heart, honestly this is the cutest thing ever!

Crazy-British-chick : His laugh is so precious❤️

Curl Gurl : This one video always makes me smile no matter what 😍😂

MEERAH DZ : HOW CAN SOMEONE DISLIKE THIS LITTLE ANGLE!!!!! I Don't imagine this kind of person exists !

Melissa Mclauchlan : Buzz looks like he loves his life :)

Kay T. : Who would actually dislike this? I mean, isn't this the cutest thing ever?

Eleanor Rosemary : His laugh is so amazing - how could a little baby bring so much joy to over nine million people? What a little inspiration<3

TitaniumPerseus : Is it normal to be uncontrollably laughing? :P

Macey Gloria : Who are the 441 people who have no soul

Sophie Baker : Why is this so funny. Tom couldn't help laughing hysterically. If I only I was this happy all of the time!!

Heather Vs The World : if I'm ever sad I need to watch this 😂❤

EdwardoDaVinci UK : 450 people have no hearts

Chelsea Arthur : I watch this whenever I need a little cheering up. Never fails.

excellent becca : his little toothy grin x3

Jack Young : I can't stop laughing along with Buzz! the sweetest video on Youtube! Thanks for the post Tom!

echoesofwar : I dunno if he's laughing at the dandelions or the blowing sound. lol This is soooooooo adorable

AmyC 99 : Wish I could like this more than once.

thetardisisblue1110 : I think this cured my anxiety :')

Charlotte Faulkes : His laugh is the cutest thing ever. Feeling sad? Watch this.

Blue Food : who else laugh and smile through out the whole video? I did.

dean : this video just popped randomly into my mind after not seeing this for a long time and damn this makes me so happy ! i love this

Camila Morales : Tom be like: my kid is funkin hilarious

Poppy Graham : This video still makes me so happy

Keshaw Gajadin : I'll keep this one around for therapy reasons, in case I'm angry or fucking pissed at someone. But seriously, oh my god. This is soooooo cute.

devchelle2 : LOL like father, like son.

Rachel Lee : So this is where it's from

jciftci : I watched this in one of my Primary school classes because my teacher loved the name Buzz from toy story!

oxoxosteph : Instantly boosts your mood when hearing that laugh!

Yasmin Goncalves : This is honestly one of my favorite videos on the internet of all time, definitely in my top 3! 😻😭❤️❤️❤️

actually pete wentz : Whenever I feel sad I just watch this video 😂😂😂😂😂☺️

denise van wijk : Vote for him for Celeb Dad Of The Year <3

Ece Okur : Whenever Im having a bad day, I watch this video and every time, I finish this with a huge smile😄 what a lovely video💙

ManiacEntity : Adorable level: Buzz

Lauren McDougall : Even the lil high five at the end was so adorable oh my god.

Ksenija Šiljić : I have a feeling this will be your third video that goes viral.

Meruert Bestybay : The guy looks exactly like Marcus butler!!!!!

jzjxjdsn jshsidjcj : he is a so cool dad

ayooshayla : this makes me so happy oh my god

Nathalia Melo : You're the best dad ever I simply can't handle this

PointlessBlog : this is too cute! x

D Hertsens : I watch this video every time on shitty monday mornings when I need something to make me happy. The part at 1:02 where Buzz looks away then turn back to the camera and bursts out laughing cracks me up every time.

Jordan Chavez : Guys I’ve done it I’ve found the most pure video on YouTube

Melina Pektas : dear lord this channel is gonna be my death.. I have really high expectations about marriage and being a parent and jesus I just want an husband like that I love you so much omg!! also the other guys of McBusted of course haha -that's kinda because of Busted to be honest.

fleur wheeler : Buzz's laugh makes my soul smile 💛

HK Lim : they look soooooo happy!! make me happy too <33