Buzz and the Dandelions

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Sonhos Silenciosos : O melhor vídeo do mundo hahaha ❤

Charlotte Brown : This is still one of my favourite videos ever online

PANKAJ BHATT : Wow... Hahaha... Ths is motivation.. World is so wonderful by the smile of 3kg hanging back

Eleanor Edwards : This is so, so cute!

Toby Ober : You look like Brendon Urie.....I hope I'm not the only one thinking this.

Maverick Mantasha : That laugh! 😍

Olivia : Tom looks like Brendon Urie when he laughs omg

Appy SnowEscape : I just want to laugh like that cute child man. 😘😘😘😍 so innocent

Yağız Savcı : All i see is teddy lupin and his kid.

Rohn Bayes : it's not the dandelion

The British Vlogger : This is too cute!!!!! Buzz is so adorable x

sckinnctn : Sometimes, I just need videos like this, Thanks. Made my night.

Lucie Shaw : What a laugh!! <3

Meerkat Mia xoxo : this is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

nevhutshena vhulahani : cute....that laugh thou 👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

lily-jade bordessa : Try not to laugh it is iposible

Alekya Attanti : It's been two years and this is still the funniest thing on the internet

Beauty VS the Beast : 1:02 so cute

Sophie Ford : Re-Watching in 2017 still as cute as it was then 😍❤️

Alexis M : * That moment when you realize you're unconsciously smiling *

Marion B : This just came up in my suggestions and I've already seen it quite often. But it's still one of my favourites to watch. So cute and adorable 😍 Always gets me in a great mood!


Twinkle Flores : it sounds like a motorcycle lmao

Aishwarya aishu : Cutieeeeee

Cristina Sanchez : Best cute thing I have Ever seen

Just Zoe : I am literally crying because of cuteness

Lainey Dargan : Sooooo cute!!!! And he's such a great dad

Lily Meredith : Soo adorably cute

Dany Nip : It's so cute!!!

BugZdaBunny13 : This is my favorite video on the Internet

thuhuyen Do : OMG This is sooooo funnyyy

Sarah Gallagher : Whoever disliked this was holding their phone upside down

cheer wannabe : I now have not given up on the world Time to blow some dandelions

shadiva : This is what i signed up for

James Harris : Wow over two years since I first saw this. I hope Buzz is growing and still laughing and having fun.

Anisah Hussain : Who came back here after watching the Lego land vlog...


Liv Cocchiarella : I Love This Soo Much 😂😍❤

lily-jade bordessa : That is the cutest thing in the world

siraj S : both have the Same smile... like father like son... :)

Emma Handley : Just re watching this 😂😂😂

Vin Soriano : this is the purest thing I've ever seen. who could dislike this?

Joshua Dawson : It's so hard not to smile at this❤

LooMoo : He's grown up so much of my goodness! Xx

Wichuda Chongpakwan : so cute.

Jessie Wood : They just made SO many fairies.

Lorenza Martinez : I love so much when buzz laughed his laughs are so cute😀😀😘😘

Video for Games : Ouuuu soo cutee muah 😚😚😚😚

omgrebeca : this makes me really happy

Mike Johnson : Now I want another baby.......wait I like my sleep nevermind.