Dick Proenneke in Alaska Silence and Solitude
The Greatest Man to Ever Live Alone in the Woods Dick Proenneke

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www.DickProenneke.com - There were 4 one hour videos produced on Dick Proennekes life up at Twin Lakes. "Alaska Silence & Solitude" is the follow up to "Alone in the Wilderness", filmed about 20 years later. Bob Swerer and Bob Swerer Sr. visit Dick Proenneke at his famous cabin on Twin Lakes where wildlife is still abundant and the scenery is spectacular. Bob Swerer has taken the best footage from Dick's films and he has created 4 videos about Dick, "Alone in the Wilderness", "Alone in the Wilderness part 2", "Alaska, Silence and Solitude" and "The Frozen North". You can purchase all of them in DVD format from the www.DickProenneke.com website.


SAR TRACKING : Proenneke is still a legend up here in AK .My grandfather and great uncle used to travel to Twin Lakes by mule . They brought along coffee - tea - sugar - flour - cornmeal and other goods for Mr. Proenneke .

John Green : All you have to do is read some of these comments, and you will understand why someone would choose solitude...people are bizarre.

Super Kyle : This guy builds a better cabin with hand tools than I could with a shed full of power tools

Gordon Greenwood : Most people fear silence as it brings them closer to there real true self..a stranger.

Erik Va dee-Vee chee : Best survivalist of all time. He made that life look easy. Hard worker too.

roccomole anti sjw feminazi : how life should be

Soul Journ : This is a mans, man.

Russ : Sounds like Ronald Reagan narating

General Malaise : Bob Proenneke, the first YouTuber.

stateniland : those who can do.. those who cannot complain.

Pastor Paul D : A man who truly loved and appreciated Gods creation.

Diego Ezeith : His real name is Richard Louis Proenneke born on May 4, 1916 and die April 20, 2003

Bob W : I've seen Alone in the Wilderness many times, but I didn't see that great beach. Nice. RIP Dick. Just an old Iowa farm boy.

annamal pete : Just watching this brings me closer to the peace and solitude of nature. Thank you Dick for this escape for a small time.

Roy Poteete : I like the way he made his door hinges. Very nice woodworking

Lamont Cranston : Love this documentary! This man’s life/adventure at twin lakes is absolutely amazing.

T Hyslop : To walk out your front door every day and to live, breath and exist in that space, that wilderness WOW!

S2 Turbine : I was just thinking about Mr Proenneke today, and then this shows up in my feed.

EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary) : If only Chris McCanless had learned outside survival skills like this man.

thangquocnguyenmdp : The title “Alone in the wilderness” is not corrected, because there is not alone. If it was me, I would named it “Away from the civilization”

Great White North Overland : Should see about getting it on Apple movies and or Netflix. I ordered my DVD's but would love to see it more available. Such great history

HightyRoss Supermoto Vlog : not solitude , in reality its the peace

marc black : Dear God up above, just how I wish to live till my time to end, a life style as this..

Andrew Leathers : this is the perfect MGTOW life. :)

Amancio Fabricante : I hope they will preserve the house he built & everything on it..it's amazing

Danny Perez : Its going to be another 500 years before we see another man like this..

aspacepig : So much for toxic masculinity, heh?

Chuck Feazell Sr. : A Carpenter and Navy, this man knew allot of skills and his experiences show us that most of us, and certainly myself, can do allot more than what we do.

Tommy .Gibbons : This wonderful man was never alone.

montanadoctor : Dick respected wildlife and nature. These are wonderful videos.

Dan McBride : all you SURVIVOR fans take note and reality show fans too. Duck you are the MAN!

lfyoung : The caliber of a persons soul is measured by the company they keep. This man was surrounded by all manner of animals who called him friend. He was a man of true warm hearted purity in and out.

Mike Gustafson : 😎 Have enjoyed the DVDs over the years after first seeing one broadcast as a special on the PBS station from Duluth MN! Great story, interesting guy, nice legacy! 👍🤙

Sirius Lee : Used to watch this series every year when it would come on PBS just love it this man was amazing so talented ! And with only hand tool's . Incredible .a rough but beautiful life .

Michelle Castaneda : I would love to do this. I so love Alaska.

Shelly Rae : A real man. No man-bun, not perpetually clutching a Starbucks latte. And birds eat from his hand 💗 Lived his life with dignity on his own terms. What a man.

ylekiote99999 : Probably the most satisfied and fulfilling life ever lived.

j j : I would rather live like this. People and cell phones piss me off.

J K : DP is the most manly man there ever was. I am a useless loser by comparison. And so are you.

William Winder : I would liked to have met him before he passed into legend

Arlen Manders : 👍No liberals or cops around👍im going.

Randy Smith : This guy was quite the craftsman. I met I think on the Parkstrip in Anchorage once. He was residing in the Pioneers Home at the time and sitting in the fresh air. We started talking about 16mm movie cameras some how and he mentioned he use to film some and made a movie. It would have been nice to have seen it then and know that he was the one that made did this project at that time. We would have talked more. I know I had this feeling of him longing to be in the bush. Good luck to sir wherever you are now. 🌲🌲

mursalarabia : Thank you very much for uploading this.

Roaming Gnome : I’ve watched this video a bunch of times and just noticed that the narrator sounds a bit like Ronald Regan.

Edward South : The way we all lived at one time. In a mutual respect with the land that must sustain us.

J Rand : I bought the DVD's second hand some years ago on our equivalent to your Craigslist, and I still watch them from time to time - he was an impressive man.

Jim Timber : Hardly alone with all those birds on his arm! Wonderful

barb ryll : Really enjoyed this video. Gorgeous cabin!!

camo hawk : wish i could do what he did.