Dick Proenneke in Alaska Silence and Solitude

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John Green : All you have to do is read some of these comments, and you will understand why someone would choose solitude...people are bizarre.

I Am : This never gets old! Amazing man who has inspired me to appreciate the finer things in life. The hell with cities, crowds, and money sharks.

Erik Va dee-Vee chee : Best survivalist of all time. He made that life look easy. Hard worker too.

Jameson Cross : No women in sight. What a utopia.

Super Kyle : This guy builds a better cabin with hand tools than I could with a shed full of power tools

damiansdroid : When white man lives like us Native Americans, living with the land and at peace with Gods creation no war. Praise the Lord

Gordon Greenwood : Most people fear silence as it brings them closer to there real true self..a stranger.

RobPolson : He hired a bear to be the camara-man. Yogi did some amazing work, for having no opposable thumbs.

Randy Smith : This guy was quite the craftsman. I met I think on the Parkstrip in Anchorage once. He was residing in the Pioneers Home at the time and sitting in the fresh air. We started talking about 16mm movie cameras some how and he mentioned he use to film some and made a movie. It would have been nice to have seen it then and know that he was the one that made did this project at that time. We would have talked more. I know I had this feeling of him longing to be in the bush. Good luck to sir wherever you are now. 🌲🌲

Soul Journ : This is a mans, man.

Nekoja7 Freeride Motocross : not solitude , in reality its the peace

Pastor Paul D : A man who truly loved and appreciated Gods creation.

Diego Ezeith : His real name is Richard Louis Proenneke born on May 4, 1916 and die April 20, 2003

marc black : Dear God up above, just how I wish to live till my time to end, a life style as this..

rokmole : how life should be

Great White North Overland : Should see about getting it on Apple movies and or Netflix. I ordered my DVD's but would love to see it more available. Such great history

IWroteThis : Bob Proenneke, the first YouTuber.

Lamont Cranston : Love this documentary! This man’s life/adventure at twin lakes is absolutely amazing.

T Hyslop : Must have killed him to have to have left that country because it was getting too much for him because of his age. Wasn't he like 83 yrs old when left?

Scott Allen : One of the original MGTOW. Him and Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond.

R Cherry : Sounds like Ronald Reagan narating

Michael Mann : Seemingly humble man

The Truth : A sober hunter Thompson

Ken Bush : this is one tough old man rip one tough dude

blake the snake : If only all human lived like THIS. The world would be a better place. Respect for the land and taking only what's needed to sustain us. The way native peoples lived. Modern man is really out of touch. It's quite tragic..we have lost our way. The rat race. RIP Mr proenneke

Danny Perez : Its going to be another 500 years before we see another man like this..

Michelle Castaneda : I would love to do this. I so love Alaska.

Gun Tech. : This was better! Your previous videos were extremely over-compressed and incorrectly de-interlaced, so that you couldn't see a thing. You have still a bit to go for 2018 quality. Even though most of the footage is from 1965-1990 or so, you can prevent further video degradation by Youtube by scaling up the video to 1440p and the bitrate to 16000. If you don't know what this means, maybe someone you trust could help you? It's not a difficult operation really, but it can take some time if you have a slow computer or Internet connection.

Pete Harrison : Alaska is the place live in the world

Bob Winzenburg : I've seen Alone in the Wilderness many times, but I didn't see that great beach. Nice. RIP Dick. Just an old Iowa farm boy.

ManufacturedLack : He was an admirable man, but i fear that the challenge of living alone pales in comparison to the obstacles in peacefully coexisting with other people.

Todd Vanhorn Vanhorn : truly a great man....

Amancio Fabricante : I hope they will preserve the house he built & everything on it..it's amazing

melvin-g-melvinson : but hows the wifi?

Moriarty Vivaldi : This was a great one. I feel like I’ve never got to see the inside of his cabin clearly, wish there was some clear footage of life inside the cabin in the evening or morning. Did he drink?

Dan McBride : all you SURVIVOR fans take note and reality show fans too. Duck you are the MAN!

Mike B : No beard!?!

Chuck Feazell Sr. : A Carpenter and Navy, this man knew allot of skills and his experiences show us that most of us, and certainly myself, can do allot more than what we do.

stateniland : those who can do.. those who cannot complain.

NJtuber88 : Wow I wish I could do this....but with my skill set and physical conditioning I'd hurt myself just making plans to even visit Alaska.

barb ryll : Really enjoyed this video. Gorgeous cabin!!

jackgoldman1 : Dick almost got EATEN by a bear. Not good.

Garundi P. McGrundy : He never had a cold? Did he ever have the "sniffles"?

lfyoung : The caliber of a persons soul is measured by the company they keep. This man was surrounded by all manner of animals who called him friend. He was a man of true warm hearted purity in and out.

americanalltheway Redneck : i dont think i could live that way alone

E30 M3 : This documentary states he has never been sick, not even a cold. An internet search shows he had rheumatic fever while in the Navy. He was given a medical discharge from service.

Tibor Janik : Marvelous.

frfrpr : I bought the dvd, thank God that this music wasn't used

Mike Gustafson : 😎 Have enjoyed the DVDs over the years after first seeing one broadcast as a special on the PBS station from Duluth MN! Great story, interesting guy, nice legacy! 👍🤙

montanadoctor : Dick respected wildlife and nature. These are wonderful videos.