1-12-19 police chase ( NO SOUND) family encourages suspect to surrender

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Bingo Brian : Thank you all for the nice compliments. It really does mean a lot and Remember I just do this for the fun of it, I do not get paid for my videos since they are not monetized. Again Thank you all very much I really appreciate it

firemanjim324 : Thanks again BINGO BRIAN! You da man!!!

David Wolf : Just another example of your typical LA area moron running around loose... until he wasn't.

Kirk Chase : how can this guy see??? he obviously can

Kirk Chase : why do hoods come up onto windshield did the manuf not realize this could happen???

Michael Iwamoto : How is the guy seeing through the hood? He isn't even driving it Ace Ventura style.

Kirk Chase : oh i see hes ..or she..has a gap

Kirk Chase : i added my own sound.......da dah da da da dahhhhhhh....trumpets...duh da daaaaaa ...uh uh uh da dahhhh

TISH KerrVille : Holy shit !!!!!

darrell kirk : NO SOUND NO WATCH

Lauri Lee : I'm trying to figure out how this ding dong is seeing where he is going!! There is a small gap under the hood but he can't possibly see the signal lights!!

Barrettfloyd82 : On the one hand it's a shame not to have sound, but on the other hand when you do have sound all you hear is news anchors blathering on. So I guess it comes out even.