Dave Matthews Band Live from Camden 6/16/18

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Join Dave Matthews Band for a free live stream in celebration of their new album, Come Tomorrow, on Saturday, June 16th at BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ at 8PM ET. Again And Again | 18:54 One Sweet World | 23:11 Seven | 30:11 Do You Remember | 35:22 Crush | 40:40 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) | 58:50 Don't Drink the Water | 1:08:15 #41 | 1:16:21 Come Tomorrow | 1:31:45 Lie in Our Graves | 1:38:50 Steady as We Go | 1:52:20 Can't Stop | 1:56:40 Lying in the Hands of God | 2:02:34 (American Baby Intro) | 2:11:25 The Idea of You | 2:14:32 Stand Up (For It) | 2:20:11 Come On Come On | 2:27:04 Why I Am | 2:34:36 The Best of What's Around | 2:39:25 Ants Marching | 2:46:08 Digging a Ditch | 3:05:57 Pantala Naga Pampa | 3:11:38 Rapunzel | 3:12:18

Comments from Youtube

Kevin Koller : Setlist: 1 - Again & Again 18:52 2 - One Sweet World 23:08 3 - Seven 29:50 4 - Do You Remember 34:18 5 - Crush 40:29 6 - Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) 58:50 7 - Don't Drink the Water 1:05:00 8 - #41 1:16:20 9 - Come Tomorrow 1:31:40 10 - Lie in Our Graves 1:38:50 11 - Steady As We Go 1:52:25 12 - Can't Stop 1:56:38 13 - Lying in the Hands of God 2:02:30 14 - The Idea of You 2:14:30 15 - Stand Up (For It) 2:20:08 16 - Come On Come On 2:26:50 17 - Why I Am 2:34:25 18 - The Best of What's Around 2:39:24 19 - Ants Marching 2:45:53 20 - Digging a Ditch 3:04:10 21 - Pantala Naga Ramps 3:11:35 22 - Rapunzel 3:12:16

Giovanni Scott : Carter Beauford is arguably the best drummer living. Him, Vinnie Paul, and Mike Portnoy are my top 3 drummers of all time. I love my jazz drummers, but you can’t beat those 3.

Michael Peters : @Dave Matthews Band could we get a proper re-upload without all of the dropouts during the first 4 songs? Really a shame, especially with one of them being Again and Again!

Josh Martin : Streaming on my xbone and it's been flawless so far. Great energy and set list so far.

Beth H : So happy that you live streamed this show! Please do a European tour. I moved from the US to England and I really miss DMB concerts.

TEFFT PATTERN : get decent headphones/speakers to hear Stefan just go off and perform surgery on the bass in Digging a Ditch... doing runs crawling all over it... thats nectar

Eric Kees : Great show and stream. Did miss Boyd!! He adds so much emotion and energy.

Kevin Hughes : Camden 18. Center rail both nights. Unforgettable bliss!!!!!!!!!!! My boy gave Carter the Eagles Jersey

Illa' Quation : Crush ain't the same without BT...sad

Nikki Bedell : Streamed on my iPhone 7plus and the picture was excellent! Sad to not see Boyd there, but loved the new addition. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see you in Indy😁

Jeff Cox : Still the very very best band today! unreal!!!!!!! thanks for posting this!

ryankon518 : Never thought that American Baby Intro would melt my face off... And two step just is beyond words anytime they play it.

Brian B : Stream was glitchy / laggy. Really kind of a bummer, was looking forward to hearing the new songs live before seeing them next week.

Nina Silverman : Reliving the experience on New Year’s Eve 👏🎉☮️

K. R. : Thanks for this guys! <3 Because a lot of us can't attend concerts anymore - because we're kid poor :) Rock on! Peace......

Jazzy_84 : I was at this amazing show!! Crush and #41 are my faves. 💙

Linda K : Thank you DMB! Wasn’t able to make the Camden show this year, so I was thrilled to stream it live on my big screen. LOVE YOU GUYS BIG! 😎

Michael Lazorchak : What a treat! Thanks so much, DMB!

AeroPR : 2:54:44 That Ants drop was unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel G : Once the feed cleared up and I was able to watch it, the show was great. Weird not to hear Boyd at first but loved Buddy as the new addition! Thankful I got to see it and that I took the time to watch! Thanks for doing this.

Luisa Araujo : I'm portuguese and it was outstanding to saw this show from 1 o'clock to 4:30... So THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! LOVE YOU ALL.

Kevin Parker : Thank you for sharing. Greatest. Band. Ever. To. Exist!

SaltyoldDog : Great Show!! I'm going to the west palm beach show on the 27th, can't wait!

John Nally : Any time, any place, all day, every day: DMB

Matt Duczeminski : Amazing. Loved the whole show, when Pantala Naga Rampa hit for the finale I lost it

Becky Esworthy : We were at this show and it was fantastic. The new songs have really grown on me and I like them a lot. The band's energy was great, moods were positive, and you could tell they were so into it. That said, the violin was GREATLY missed. What I wouldn't give to lose the electric guitar and bring Boyd and Leroi back.

Carter Watson : They made my favorite song “Lie in our graves” twenty times more beautiful live omg just when I thought that song could get anymore amazing

Absolute Productions : Lying In the Hands of God w/ outro best part of the night! Awesome show, energy there was nuts!

Options Specialist : See you in Los Angeles in September.

Zac Grimaldo : THANKS DMB for this! I had tickets for the show in Dallas and got booked out of town for work last minute and couldn't go. :( This was my DMB concert for this year... thank you again! #warehouse

Brian Mendelsohn : Loving the aerial view of CB. So stoked to hear the family this way!!

Jon Morrison : Haven't kept up with the band in about 10 years...found 'Come On Come On on Spotify...and i'm like...Wow! They're BACK! ...Good Stuff!!

David DeVoe : was there. don’t drink the water got a metal facelift and it sounds DERTY.

Richard Soares : No Boyd ! Big eyed fish wont be the same !

Tim Kadlec : Wonderful show. Watched from Detroit. My girl watched from Cleveland. Father's Day Eve couldn't be better. Happy for those in Camden who could be there. This family is stoked to get together for a concert--not soon enough.

Krystal Medeiros : Great show, thank you for streaming it!

formersec : Once the stream was fixed, this was one awesome show.

José Teles Andrade : Only Dave Matthews Band sounds good in streaming

guitarstuffs123 : I love Jeff's use of that delay pedal on the start of Crush!

Sean Richardson : Rashawn's solo in Crush is gold. The man's a genius.

Judy Reitz : Damn....Wish I woulda been there!!!

David Gambone : Beginning of come tomorrow in the intro is that a backing track? The 2nd time he plays the intro when the drums come in another acoustic guitar sounds faster than his. I didn’t think they ever used backing tracks :(

jvc113 : I LOVE "THE IDEA OF YOU!"

Blayne Cooper : Thank you guys for this. Hope you come back to the UK soon!

Drew Ostaszewski : Do you Remember reminds me of the old Dave riffs and lyrics it’s a special song

JCooper10315 : why would you give this a thumbs down?! its a great set and its DMB!

SHEL : Amazing and fantastic! Thank you for streaming it!!!

Quinn Fullmer : The idea of you is by far the best song Dave plays!

Paola Pérez : I just love this!!!!! I hope to be able to see you guys live sometime! You are amazing! Greetings from the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴