Dave Matthews Band Live from Camden 6/16/18

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Carr896 : Timestamps: Again And Again 18:52 (Delayed opening) One Sweet World 23:11 (Delayed opening) Seven 30:11 Do You Remember 35:22 Crush 40:40 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) 58:50 Don't Drink the Water: Intro 1:05:01 Start 1:08:15 #41 1:16:21 Come Tomorrow 1:31:45 Lie in Our Graves 1:38:50 Steady as We Go 1:52:20 Can't Stop 1:56:40 Lying in the Hands of God 2:02:34 (American Baby Intro interpolation) 2:11:25 The Idea of You 2:14:32 Stand Up (For It) 2:20:11 Come On Come On 2:27:04 Why I Am 2:34:36 The Best of What's Around 2:39:25 Ants Marching 2:46:08 Encore Digging a Ditch 3:05:57 Pantala Naga Pampa 3:11:38 Rapunzel 3:12:18

Kevin Koller : Setlist: 1 - Again & Again 18:52 2 - One Sweet World 23:08 3 - Seven 29:50 4 - Do You Remember 34:18 5 - Crush 40:29 6 - Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) 58:50 7 - Don't Drink the Water 1:05:00 8 - #41 1:16:20 9 - Come Tomorrow 1:31:40 10 - Lie in Our Graves 1:38:50 11 - Steady As We Go 1:52:25 12 - Can't Stop 1:56:38 13 - Lying in the Hands of God 2:02:30 14 - The Idea of You 2:14:30 15 - Stand Up (For It) 2:20:08 16 - Come On Come On 2:26:50 17 - Why I Am 2:34:25 18 - The Best of What's Around 2:39:24 19 - Ants Marching 2:45:53 20 - Digging a Ditch 3:04:10 21 - Pantala Naga Ramps 3:11:35 22 - Rapunzel 3:12:16

Giovanni Scott : Carter Beauford is arguably the best drummer living. Him, Vinnie Paul, and Mike Portnoy are my top 3 drummers of all time. I love my jazz drummers, but you can’t beat those 3.

Michael Peters : @Dave Matthews Band could we get a proper re-upload without all of the dropouts during the first 4 songs? Really a shame, especially with one of them being Again and Again!

TEFFT PATTERN : get decent headphones/speakers to hear Stefan just go off and perform surgery on the bass in Digging a Ditch... doing runs crawling all over it... thats nectar

Beth H : So happy that you live streamed this show! Please do a European tour. I moved from the US to England and I really miss DMB concerts.

dawn guyman : Anyone else missing Boyd?

Michael Lazorchak : What a treat! Thanks so much, DMB!

Josh Martin : Streaming on my xbone and it's been flawless so far. Great energy and set list so far.

Options Specialist : See you in Los Angeles in September.

Drew Ostaszewski : 164 and counting are trolls knowing full well this is a concert why even tune in. Go watch the Kardashian’s. I can’t stand those morons who claim Dave’s music is easy and not complicated they don’t use electronics each song, are extremely hard. Tim Reynolds would give Hendrix a for run for his money. People are upset because DMB created a niche and got rich. While others were suing Napster he saw already saw the future so why not dominate. And he did. So people got pissed. Sorry my friends he created good music filled arenas, and sold merchandise, every band now does it, but Dave owns his most of his label and his extremely cheap tour allows him to be worth 300 million. Good for him. For being first and most of all the best band in the land. Do you really think he wanted Eagles to win, glad, because in Philly but Eagles need to give him a #41 jersey with Darby name on it or even number #36. But if Dave doesn’t make the Hall of Fame I’ll be extremely disappointed. Pearl Jam was good but they had three good albums Dave is a pure musician he sounds better live. Taylor Swift uses a voice synthesizer. Don’t get me started on rap. Great Hooks stolen from others.

Gabrielle Giroux LeBoeuf : Steady A We Go!, My Wedding Song. If you want to play night 2 SPAC wont be upset. Coming in for my show #78 from Atlanta. Lived in Upstate Ny My Whole life. Ps love the new album Here on Out and That Girl Is You!

Puppy Paws : So cute carter gave that little boy drum sticks

Josh Martin : Waiting anxiously in Cincinnati, OH. Saw them at Riverbend 6/7.

Trendall : 48:58 The lick

Daniel G : Once the feed cleared up and I was able to watch it, the show was great. Weird not to hear Boyd at first but loved Buddy as the new addition! Thankful I got to see it and that I took the time to watch! Thanks for doing this.

Patrick Williams : I was at this show. Easily the best DMB show I’ve ever been to.

Eric Kutcher : Not a fan of the organ. Probably my least favorite instrument by far. If he had just stuck with piano I would be ok but the church organ just doesn't fit. Missing the violin sound. Don't even care if it's Boyd. Just the sound fits these sounds.

K. R. : Thanks for this guys! <3 Because a lot of us can't attend concerts anymore - because we're kid poor :) Rock on! Peace......

Nikki Bedell : Streamed on my iPhone 7plus and the picture was excellent! Sad to not see Boyd there, but loved the new addition. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see you in Indy😁

Becky Esworthy : We were at this show and it was fantastic. The new songs have really grown on me and I like them a lot. The band's energy was great, moods were positive, and you could tell they were so into it. That said, the violin was GREATLY missed. What I wouldn't give to lose the electric guitar and bring Boyd and Leroi back.

Luisa Araujo : I'm portuguese and it was outstanding to saw this show from 1 o'clock to 4:30... So THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! LOVE YOU ALL.

Brian B : Stream was glitchy / laggy. Really kind of a bummer, was looking forward to hearing the new songs live before seeing them next week.

Jeff Cox : Still the very very best band today! unreal!!!!!!! thanks for posting this!

Brett : 31:42

Mathias Haddoxx : One of the greatest versions of #41 ever.

Richard Soares : No Boyd ! Big eyed fish wont be the same !

Eric Kees : Great show and stream. Did miss Boyd!! He adds so much emotion and energy.

Illa' Quation : Rashawn solos are making up for the loss of Boyd

AeroPR : 2:54:44 That Ants drop was unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luisa Araujo : Hi! They made a Live Streaming and you are complaining?! Whf??? Only at the begging there's a little issues, that's normal...

SaltyoldDog : Great Show!! I'm going to the west palm beach show on the 27th, can't wait!

Illa' Quation : Crush ain't the same without BT...sad

SHEL : Amazing and fantastic! Thank you for streaming it!!!

stackleft : man they are really missing the violin. steady as we go was just painful

Davis Lingner : New live trax?

Brian Darcy : Stream is trash on my smart TV, iPad, and iPhone. Was really excited for this...

Susan Legel : Why is it skipping?

guitarstuffs123 : Beautiful show and stream. Set fell off a cliff as the show went on, but great energy!

aaron bishop : so awesome except for the editing which ruins the whole thing! Glitched out. WTF ?!?!

Trendall : Buddy Strong is a great player. If he stops doing the synth strings, and cuts out all the religious shit, he'll fit really well.

Larry : What's all the skips and misses about? The songs keep jumping..................

Mat Guerra : I love listening to these live streams with headphones. There is so much sweet beauty going on behind the instruments. DMB must have some of the best engineers in the game! There is so much camera action but I would love to put a couple of cameras on the engineers while they're at it to show what an amazing team effort this is! Thanks for doing these for those of us who can't be there, we kinda feel like part of it and will rewatch over and over!

John Nally : Any time, any place, all day, every day: DMB

Kathie Myrenaes : I bought this new cd at Target today, after wondering why Amazon was not shipping it for months.  Very weird.  Read reviews, and it will either be great or awful.  I don't understand what is going on with Dave and his band mates.  Money, of course, at the root of all evil.

Drew Ostaszewski : The album was well received by every non-biased critic give them a break after all the tragically unjust situation that certainly weren’t typical. Dave and the band, could have folded, yes I saying it (Kurt) instead he took his pain and made magic. It is a miracle they are still standing up. God bless their unique music

guitarstuffs123 : I love Jeff's use of that delay pedal on the start of Crush!

Jake Werkmeister : Envelope filter on the trumpet solo during 41? Interesting.

Regina Rizzo : It was a fun dMb weekend ... as usual when they play Philly/Camden! DaVE always so generous after show ~ annoyed with the freaks on parade that nearly trampled him underfoot ... physically & verbally. God LoVE him - he is just a delightful & sexy huMAN!!! 😘💋

breakfree41 : I mean come on. Is come on come on not a good tune? Love rashawns solo at the end, wish that was part of the studio album