Turtle | It can run FAST.

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We were cheated by turtle. It can run fast. #NinjaTurtle

Comments from Youtube

DeogratiusJR vlogs : I want my money back... School is useless

A Drum Tsukumogami : Sonic The Turtle

The F0x : *top ten secrets the government is hiding from you*

Dagan Ward : I half expected him to just go flying through the wall or something

[GAMING on AMD] : 0:06 - *Me at the first hour of exam* 0:33 - *Me in the last 5 minutes*

grim reaper : He is probably the usain bolt of tortoise

pathan boys : Don't underestimate the speed of a common turtle.....😀😀🐢🐢😁😁

Higor Ghunter • 64 years ago : Poor turtle. Hope he didn't had a heart attack...

Gaveen Premadasa : Hare: Runs fast and lives for 15 years Tortoise: goes sloooow and lives for a jaw-dropping 400 years!! *Lesson learned! Don't run(NEVER!)*

CharLatteGirl : My life is a lie..

Lilith Twilight : You can clearly see it’s not sped up because the girl/ boy is still going at her/his pace in the background

Granny's sister : 3.2k jealous turtles disliked this video

boosted kid productions : Ninja turtles before they were famous

Ayush Bhardwaj : Plot twist- it was the hare disguised as a turtle to proove that he wasn't careless that day

games@glance : All this time, we have been lied to.. Or maybe they are just too lazy to move fast


Rahul Vivek : Turtle here teaches us another lesson: No matter how fast life comes at you, don't fall

Drei Gamer : Thats Why Mr.Hare Didn't Win The Race! Mr.Turtle Worked Out!

Star Light : NEVER underestimate the potential of a turtle. 🐢

5,000 Subs Without Any Videos : We've underestimated the power of the turtle

Rishi Prince : Animal Abuse where are you all vegans😂😂

SixSuicideSheep : Turtle used like 0.01% of its power

Paiman Namazi : I've heard people shell out a lot of money to watch them race. But it's seasonal, so it's slow in the off-season. And in some places it's illegal to race them. Some of these owners stick their neck out every time they put on a show.

SuperDuperBoy/SDB : We have been lied to.... Tought that Turtles are slow our whole lives, it feels great to learn the truth.

Clorox milkshake : FAKE! the turtle is a paid actor

ShAdOwMaN : He's training for a rematch.

Aldrin Española : *Am I the only one who looks for* _"the turtle is a paid actor"_ *comments?*

Amar Hashmi : Turbo the Movie *Turtle Edition*

Aldo Zulfikar : *_Secretly this turtle sign for the olympic_*

Fl Manoj Gupta4425 : Where is the rabbit now? The game is on

Sid Shades : LMAO the comment section 👆👇 😂😂

Justin X. : Female turtle : *Babe Im home* Turtle : *yey ?* Female turtle : *ALONE* !!! : .....

España Reborn : Why is nobody caring about the turtle's health?

Justin X. : *DONATELLO is that you* !!????

Jake Jacoby : *W O W F A S T T U R T L E*

kennethlingad : my whole life is a joke

Super Fan : He's using speed hacks

Mr. Dude : Was he running in the 90s?

मीणा साब : When ur gf is home alone !!! 😂

Hermann Fegelein The master of antics : *Animal planet wants to know your location*

Zayn Khan : omggggggg so cuteeee now I can die peasfully while laughing hahahaaaaa😂😂

Rupam Dey : Well Play this video in 2x speed the tortoise will run faster....lol😂:):):)

300 subscribers without any videos : *world.exe has stopped working*

The BoRbZ : raw TURTLE POWER!! 1 Horse Power < 1 🐢 power

Mya Swanno : They secretly cut out the part where the turtle flies off the treadmill

David Firestone : This turtle's on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

1000subs challenge : Well here it is.The tortoise who beat the hare.

Advait Gore : It is us who underestimate our true potential in life. Put yourself in challenging situations to unlock it. You are awesome.

XIETY SB : Legend says he flew off the treadmill into a brick wall It only hit him for 9 so it's fine My life is just sad